Tea Party Favorite Takes Lead in Delaware Senate Primary

Tea Party favorite Christine O'Donnell has opened up a strong lead over Rep. Mike Castle in the high-stakes Republican primary for an open Delaware Senate seat.

With 47 percent of precincts reporting, O'Donnell is leading Castle 55-45 percent.

Though the party establishment in Delaware is solidly behind Castle, O'Donnell has enjoyed big-name endorsements from former Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin and South Carolina Sen. Jim DeMint. She was at one point considered a long shot, but her candidacy got renewed attention after conservative Joe Miller beat Alaska Sen. Lisa Murkowski in their state's GOP Senate primary last month.


Americans are taking a stand against socialism! With every tea party victory we get a step closer to kicking the likes of Obama in the teeth. And kicking him and his cronies to the curb.

A republican take-over in 2010, and A Mike Huckabee win in 2012 will sound off loud and clear to Muslims,Atheists, and everyone else that America has always been, Is now, and Always will be JUST A CHRISTIAN NATION.

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