America has become obsessed with sexual sin

When you look online at news sites, many are clearly obsessed with the idea of men poking each other from behind and women doing whatever it is they do in a lesbian situation. It's really disgusting. God has indeed given people over to their sin as prophesied.

Image of front page of YAHOO NEWS...


Is global chaos the work of demons in our world?

Is global chaos the work of demons in our world?

The Bible is clear that we do not fight against flesh and blood. Our battle is with the spiritual realm. The watchers, the fallen angels, demons! Ever notice how when someone flips out and has an episode that is related to them being on mind altering drugs, that they usually start ranting about something demonic or about Satan?

Drugs, especially mind altering drugs like anti-depressants and Ambien open you up to spiritual attack by demons. When you are not in complete control of your mental faculties, your wide open to an attack. Satan wanders like a lion looking to devour you. If you open your mind up and leave it vulnerable, guess what...? He WILL strike!

Failed parenting and ignorance of GOD's Word also play a part in our cultures downward spiral. If we ever want to get back on track and back into God's good graces, we need to pray for mercy and renounce this evil lifestyle we have embraced.


‘Impeach Obama’ campaign moves mainstream

‘Impeach Obama’ campaign moves mainstream

Obama has never been legally the president. We all know he's an usurper who is not legally able to be president due to not being a natural born citizen. Aside from that reason to remove him, he's a liar, a divider of people. And extremely racist. Some call him the anti-Christ, some call him a Muslim. Whatever he is, I can assure of what he is not... He's no American!


Botched executions

This is a picture of Stephanie Neiman. She was raped multiple times for 6 hours. Beaten. Shot in the head with a shotgun. Watched killer dig her grave. Then buried while still alive. She was just, 19 murdered one month after her HS graduation an only child. Her murderer was Clayton Lockett. You know Clayton Lockett, his execution was extended and extra 43 minutes in Oklahoma. The poor man suffered, ahhhh. Wish it would have lasted 6 hours. How many of you have seen Stephanie's picture? Or knew the story? But we all know about poor Clayton Lockett thanks to the media whom I don't think mentioned her all day. RIP Stephanie justice has been done for you...There are people thinking of you today.

Here is the statement from her parents:

God blessed us with our precious daughter, Stephanie for 19 years. Stephanie loved children.

She worked in Vacation Bible School and always helped with our Church nativity scenes. She was the joy of our life. We are thankful this day has finally arrived and justice will finally be served.

Susie and Steve Neiman, 4-29-14


Lou Buren of TWAU BLOG:  And liberals worry about so called botched executions. As long as the murderers die, it don't matter how, or how long it took. It's strange how so many people can look at things with the wrong perspective. Innocence deserves no harm, but guilt and evil doing deserves punishment. If people are so caring of the murderer's feelings and well being, then how about a point blank shot to the head? Quick and painless. I'd be on board with that. But I'd also be on board with a slow agonizing death. 

Liberals are perfect examples of end day prophecies. People will view good as evil, and evil as good. They will call bitter sweet, and sweet bitter. What an ass backwards world we live in. A fallen world.


Taking Probiotics to lose weight?

Please pardon the foul language, but other than that this guy has some informative news on pro-biotics and weight loss.