Supreme court to rule on same sex marriage

The supreme court is set to rule on a couple issues. They will either defend or strike down the prop 8 (California) ban on same sex marriages. As well as the DOMA case. The Obama camp is asking the high court to find the Defense of marriage act (DOMA) unconstitutional.

We ask that you'll join us in prayer that the Supreme Court will defend GOD's design of marriage. As Christians we all know that homosexuality is a sin and that those who practice it will not inherit the Kingdom of God. It is written in The Holy Bible.

Some may ask what's wrong with a male loving a male or a female loving a female. And the answer to that is nothing. Because homosexuality has nothing to do with love, homosexuality is a sex act. A perversion. An abomination.

Some examples of male on male relations that involve loving are, A Father loves his son. A brother loves his brother and vice-versa with women. Men and women also love same sex genders as dear friends. The loving is fine, it's the perverse sex acts that are unnatural that put people in danger of hell. When the male perversely desires to insert his penis into the other males rectum is when the sin takes place and the soul is in danger of hell fire.

Our corrupt society/culture is indoctrinated into believing being gay is ok. It's a lack of education and respect for GOD's Holy Word that blind people in this area. Some may repent and change their ways when they know the truth. But sadly many will be thrown into the lake of fire forever more. Prayers are needed. If you have any questions feel free to email us at:  spellra209@yahoo.com

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Supreme court to rule on DOMA

The supreme court is suppose to rule on the DOMA case soon. Please keep it in your prayers that they rule to defend Gods design of marriage. (One man and one woman).

The proponents of gay marriage are like a cancer that never stops. They seek wicked things in the dark. Pray without ceasing my friends. Prayers can move mountains.

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To those who think GOD isn't real

It is written that you have proof of God's existence through what has been made. The creation and all it's designed functions. It's such indisputable proof that in the book of Romans it states that those who do not believe are without excuse. I believe that God is real by faith, but also by the proof that I see all around us. People can choose to be willfully blind to his existence. But must be prepared to accept the consequences of that thinking pattern. But on the day you stand before him and claim you had no proof he was real, his book that states "without excuse" will come into play. Good luck to you.


Michelle Obama

It appears that Michelle Obama is more focused on appearing on talk shows and being a celebrity than she is being the presidents wife. And her hubby seems preoccupied with golf and vacations than being the president. Oh don't get me wrong, he puts in his time at pushing his evil agenda.


Some recent news headlines!

Wow, Why is Holder even still in his job? He should have been fired long ago!

We could have told you that.lol

It appears porky is thinking he can become president. This fat slob is nothing more than an under cover liberal.

Sen. Rand Paul ends his attempt to block confirmation of Obama's nominee to lead the CIA over concerns about Obama's authority to kill Americans with drones after 12 hours and 52 minutes.

This FLA. lawmaker needs to be bitch slapped and then removed from office.

WWE entertainer Bill Moody played the creepy manager Paul Bearer who announced pro wrestler The Undertaker and managed several other WWE stars including Rick Rude and Mankind has died. Fans are anticipating that he'll be inducted into the WWE hall of fame this year. RIP Mr. Moody.