Being pro-life

Some people misunderstand what it means to be pro-life. Someone who is pro-life typically means they are against abortion. Liberals like to use the words pro-choice in support of a woman's so called right to kill her unborn baby. In actuality it should be called pro-death since it's the opposite of being pro-life.

The Bible is clear on the facts that GOD knit us in our mothers womb. Meaning life begins at conception. Abortion is murder plain and simple. And killing a baby should never be called a choice. Now can a person be pro-life and support the death penalty? Some call it a contradictory to being  pro-life.

Some may ask, "How can you say your pro-life and support a death penalty"? The answer to that is that there is a difference in supporting the death penalty and being against abortion. When someone is sentenced to death in a court of law they did something to deserve/warrant a death sentence. An unborn baby however did nothing to deserve being aborted.

The difference is innocence and guilt. So a pro-life supporter can also support justice for victims by also supporting the death penalty. Don't let the confused people out there throw you off your belief pattern.

Think before you speak and you'll always stay a step above those who are quick to speak and slow to think.

Thanks for reading and God bless you.
TWAU team~


A must see message

CLICK HERE and watch the information video the government doesn't want people to see.


Big disappointment

When Mitt Romney lost his bid for the White House it was a huge disappointment to the Christians and conservatives in America. In this next four years we can expect Obama to raise taxes. You can expect him to spend even more trillions of dollars we don't have.

If you thought he was bad in his first term, wait until you see an Obama who isn't worried about re-election. I expect he'll attack the rights of gun owners. In a further attempt to unarm the American population he'll attack the 2nd amendment rights of Americans.

He'll advocate wicked things, and put into play wicked things. His goal: One world global government. He's not acting alone either. He has much help. Until Americans wake up, and put the conservatives back in power. The old America we once knew is dead.

Obamacare won't help anything either. It will cause people to pay more in taxes and cause doctors to quit or retire. It won't be pretty.


It's a culture problem

Many people are asking what happened? How did Obama a guy with such failed policies get re-elected? He advocates sin such as homosexuality and murder by way of abortion. He is constantly spending our nation into oblivion. He supports a one world government. He's a socialist. The list goes on and on.

I would like to explain what is happening and why this terrible president one re-election. It's a culture problem. The culture is changing. People don't hold to the same values they use to. Sadly, people are rejecting God and his laws more and more every day. We live in a culture that accepts homosexuality as ok. But it's far from ok. We live in a culture that thinks killing an unborn baby, but a baby non the less is a CHOICE.

People in our nation and world are becoming more wicked. The growing amounts of wicked people are out-numbering the Christians and good people in the world. In a nut-shell that is what is happening. Until there is a foundational recovery on the gospel of Christ we can look forward to an even more wicked culture. With a even more wicked agenda and belief pattern.

Lou <><


UFO's and what some call paranormal activity.

Ok let me explain something to you all. And I really hope this information helps people to better understand what they call paranormal activity and UFO sightings. The first thing you need to know is that when people die they either go straight to Heaven or straight to Hell. They never linger around like some think.

So when people think they are being visited by dead relatives or friends, what they are actually being visited by are demons/fallen angels. They are very deceptive so they may try to fool people into thinking they are dead relatives etc.

Paranormal activity and ghost sightings are all demonic activity. Spirits that reveal themselves to people are demons. They may seem friendly or act as if they wish to help you, again they are very deceptive. People who seem to have ESP or special gifts/powers are usually under the influence of demons whether they realise it or not.

Many unexplainable UFO sightings are actually demons or what the Bible calls watchers. They are not alien life, unless you call demons aliens. In Biblical times the demons use to abduct human women and mate with them. Many of the abductions today are what I believe to be a continuation of those abductions. Alien life in the sense that other beings inhabit our universe is false.

Advice if you have been in contact with demons: Pray, accept Christ as your saviour. Command the demons to leave you alone in the name of Jesus Christ.