UFO's and what some call paranormal activity.

Ok let me explain something to you all. And I really hope this information helps people to better understand what they call paranormal activity and UFO sightings. The first thing you need to know is that when people die they either go straight to Heaven or straight to Hell. They never linger around like some think.

So when people think they are being visited by dead relatives or friends, what they are actually being visited by are demons/fallen angels. They are very deceptive so they may try to fool people into thinking they are dead relatives etc.

Paranormal activity and ghost sightings are all demonic activity. Spirits that reveal themselves to people are demons. They may seem friendly or act as if they wish to help you, again they are very deceptive. People who seem to have ESP or special gifts/powers are usually under the influence of demons whether they realise it or not.

Many unexplainable UFO sightings are actually demons or what the Bible calls watchers. They are not alien life, unless you call demons aliens. In Biblical times the demons use to abduct human women and mate with them. Many of the abductions today are what I believe to be a continuation of those abductions. Alien life in the sense that other beings inhabit our universe is false.

Advice if you have been in contact with demons: Pray, accept Christ as your saviour. Command the demons to leave you alone in the name of Jesus Christ.

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