Transgenders etc....

I was watching an episode of Ricki Lake this morning and they had a couple transgenders on the show. (Promoting sinful lifestyles). One of them was talking about cutting herself and getting the sex change operation etc. And I thought HOW VERY SAD, that people sometimes grow up so mislead that they are depressed and confused and at times travel down the path of sin. All they ever really needed was loving parents that trained them up in the way they should go, and apparently they never got that. I do condemn shows like Ricki that endorse and promote perverse idea's like homosexuality/transgenders etc. These confused and lost souls should not be hated, but prayed for. Because their salvation is in jeopardy.

Please join us in praying that some how these people see the light.


Obama: 'Our nation is in debt to the people of Boston'

Obama: 'Our nation is in debt to the people of Boston'

Before Obama worries about the people of Boston, he should be focusing on the fact our nation is in debt!


The FDA in the business of social control

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A huge problem in America is doctors prescribing mind altering medications. basically handing them out to patients like they were candy. Along with that problem is people willfully taking larger doses of what is prescribed to them. Some people figure if one is good then two must be better. This is a very dangerous practice. Drugs like Ambien and anti-depressants like Zoloft and Effexor etc. Are all mind altering medications that screw up your brains chemistry. Doctors are not even 100% sure what it does. They don't know what the long term effects are to tampering with chemicals to the brain.

Personally I have observed family members who take things like Ambien, and anti-depressants and have noticed huge changes in their behavior. The actions and the the things they say have become very strange. And often I hear them express to me that they just don't feel like themselves. That's a correct statement, because when you are under the influence of strong medications such as these you are NOT yourself. Your emotions become clouded and suppressed. You stop caring about important things in your life. If you were feeling depressed and sad, sure the drugs may suppress that, but it also suppress the positive things about your personality.

If your taking a mind altering medication, I suggest you get off of them. But do not do it cold turkey that could be very dangerous to you. Speak with your doctor and tell them you want to be removed from the medication. They will have to ween you off slowly. Be yourself, not the clouded version of yourself.



'TRAIN WRECK': Top Dem Voices Concerns Over ObamaCare Rollout

Ohhhh so now the top democrats are deciding that they are concerned about Obamacare?! The GOP tried telling them what would happen, about the coming doctor shortages etc. But no, the liberals didn't want to listen. They just knew this Obamacare plan would be great. Now all of a sudden they want to voice concerns? Give me a break!!

Obama's plan to push gun control got shot down, and he is lashing out. At least that's how the media is putting it. I say "Well good, Obama can go lash out at a monkeys ass"! He's an idiot and frankly we don't give a damn if he's upset!


Message to victims of gun violence

We are sorry for your loss, but guns are not to blame. Evil people are to blame. With all due respect and sympathy for your loss you need to pull your head from your ass and understand and realize that guns can be used for good and evil. And no amount of gun laws will ever stop criminals and bad people from obtaining guns. So don't expect laws to be passed that will only limit good people from having guns. It's common sense. And we as Americans have a right to own arms.

You hear idiotic morons on TV like Obama and his wife talking hogwash about gun control. They may try to sound like they give a damn about people being killed but they don't. They know that gun control laws will in no way stop or even slow killings by evil people. They simply seek to use the deaths of people to push their wicked agenda of disarming American citizens. Obama will do all he can in his final term to reach his evil goals, because he knows the GOP have the white-house next.

My fellow Americans, we can survive this tyranny. We can make sure our constitution survives. And we can do that by making sure the GOP takes the house/senate/white-house after this usurper makes his exit. If you want to know how to help in this fight for our rights you can support Huckpac.com with any donations you can afford.



Why same sex marriage is wrong

Many ask what is so wrong with same sex marriages? Well there is a very simple answer to that question. GOD forbids that type of lifestyle. In fact it's written in his Holy Word (The BIBLE) that those who live that kind of life will not inherit GOD's kingdom. So if you know someone or are related to someone who chooses that type of lifestyle we hope you'll care enough for their salvation to not stop loving them but to not accept their lifestyle.

Because after all,  isn't their eternal salvation the most important thing? I understand that many people have dear friends and family that live gay lives, but that doesn't mean we must accept sexual sin ourselves. Many people have criminals in their family but that doesn't mean you must accept crime. Below are some facts about homosexuality that may help you keep a clear mind on the issue:

1. Living a gay lifestyle is 100% a CHOICE. 

2. Homosexuality is an activity, not an identity.

3. There is nothing wrong with men loving men e.i.: Father loving son, brother loving brother. It's the perverse desire and act of same gender sex that is sexual sin.

4. The only kind of sex that GOD permits is between one man and one woman who are married. All other sex is sin and will cause people to be banned from GOD's kingdom.


Conn. caves to liberal pressure

Connecticut lawmakers announce bipartisan deal on laws proposed after the Newtown massacre to create what they call some of toughest gun laws in the country, including a ban on new high-capacity ammunition magazines.

People are so blind now a days, the wicked liberals don't have to disarm us,  the people have gotten so stupid they are disarming themselves. Gun laws do absolutely nothing to curb gun violence. It's evil minds that kill not guns. Fight to hold onto your 2nd amendment rights or they will vanish.