Message to victims of gun violence

We are sorry for your loss, but guns are not to blame. Evil people are to blame. With all due respect and sympathy for your loss you need to pull your head from your ass and understand and realize that guns can be used for good and evil. And no amount of gun laws will ever stop criminals and bad people from obtaining guns. So don't expect laws to be passed that will only limit good people from having guns. It's common sense. And we as Americans have a right to own arms.

You hear idiotic morons on TV like Obama and his wife talking hogwash about gun control. They may try to sound like they give a damn about people being killed but they don't. They know that gun control laws will in no way stop or even slow killings by evil people. They simply seek to use the deaths of people to push their wicked agenda of disarming American citizens. Obama will do all he can in his final term to reach his evil goals, because he knows the GOP have the white-house next.

My fellow Americans, we can survive this tyranny. We can make sure our constitution survives. And we can do that by making sure the GOP takes the house/senate/white-house after this usurper makes his exit. If you want to know how to help in this fight for our rights you can support Huckpac.com with any donations you can afford.


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