Obama is politicizing another shooting incident.

Every time we have a shooting happen Obama is quick to push gun control.

 Before the victims bodies are even cold, this piece of crap usurper is claiming we need tougher gun control laws to prevent things like this from happening.

 Well, Obama is a damn idiot and I'll tell you why. Every shooting that we have had, where innocent people were killed by a nut-job has happened in a so called gun free zone. So, you see how well the anti-gun laws work ? THEY DON'T!

Liberals have a big problem with our 2nd amendment. They don't want citizens armed. You can't enslave or bully a nation of armed citizens. So they want everyone unarmed, period. If you look at statistics they will show you places that have gun restriction laws have the highest crime rates and shooting incidents. That's because nut jobs on multi-medications don't want to face anyone who is armed, they want victims who are all helpless.

If you look at statistics for places where guns are all over the place, like open carry states etc. Crime is very low. Guns are not the problem. Guns are tools, just like any inanimate object it can be used for good or evil. So evil people are the problem and liberals have an issue identifying evil.

So, how can liberals be so stupid that they don't see that gun laws don't stop evil people from killing?
Well, let me tell you something, many good people out there who identify as liberals are just uninformed and don't see the big correct picture. But the liberals who work in Washington and make laws etc. They aren't so ignorant. They know that gun laws do nothing except disarm the good citizens, but that is their agenda. They don't care about mass shootings or deaths.

Their agenda is about disarming everyone and having a population with no guns and no self defense. A population that is unarmed is easy to control and to dominate. Which is why our 2nd amendment rights must be defended forever. And defended aggressively.

Lou Buren <><


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Mike Huckabee praises Ky. county clerk Kim Davis

2016 presidential candidate Mike Huckabee thanking Ky county clerk Kim Davis.
We want Kim Davis to know that  we here at TWAU stand behind her and will support her with prayer. Thank you Kim! The SCOTUS cannot make or change laws! They don't have that authority.


Is there a reason to celebrate the 4th of July anymore?

Over 200 years ago we shook off the chains of tyranny, and started our own nation. One of the main things we escaped from was judicial tyranny. We celebrate the 4th of July as independence day. In celebration of breaking free of that tyranny. But is there a reason to celebrate it anymore? It seems our court system is becoming like those we suffered with 200 years ago, the SCOTUS recently attempted to make a law. Which it clearly has no constitutional authority to do. We need a powerful president in office like Mike Huckabee who will right the many wrongs Obama and his SCOTUS have inflicted on our nation.

I stand with governor Huckabee, soon to be president Huckabee. But more importantly I stand with GOD.


Supreme Courts recent rulings

The Supreme liberal court has been on a abuse of power binge lately. But the funny thing is they are abusing power that they don't have. But oddly enough, no one seems to see that. They recently ruled on subsidies for Obamcare and the gay marriage issue.

As presidential candidate governor Mike Huckabee has stated: The Supreme Court is only one of three equal branches. Not the supreme being. They can't make or change laws. They can't legislate from the bench. That's simple 9th grade civics. But apparently nobody knows 9th grade civics.

The judicial tyranny America is experiencing is similar to the tyranny we broke free from over 200 years ago by divine call. We really need a man like Mike Huckabee to be elected president. He stated he would fight for term limits on these liberal judges. And help fight judicial tyranny.


Hulk Hogan

The suspect in the Charleston church massacre

I wanted to point out a couple things about the incident in Charleston. For one, the shooter 21 year old Dylann Roof was on mind altering medications. I'm not saying the drugs caused him to go out and kill people. But anti-depressants do take away a person's ability to care. They take away inhibitions when your thinking about doing something. So, you can see why they do make a difference. We pray for the victims families and friends.

The second thing I wanted to mention is that the shooting took place in a gun-free zone. Most mass-shootings do. So, as you can see gun control laws do not stop crimes like this from happening. So, if gun free zones don't work why do liberals keep pushing the gun grabbing agenda? Because they don't care about stopping crimes like this. They will however capitalize on them, and use them to tout their agenda's! They push gun control because they want everyone disarmed including the good citizens.

A population is easy to control when it's unarmed. Our founding fathers set the 2nd amendment in place for a reason. To defend our life, liberty and property. And to fight a corrupt tyrannical government should it ever become that way. Is it that way now? What do you think?


Katelyn Jenner

It's all over the news, you can't turn on the TV without seeing something about Bruce Jenner changing his appearance to look like a woman. The media wants to make him out to be brave and a hero of some kind. When in actuality Bruce isn't a hero and he isn't brave. He's scared and confused and obviously suffering some type of identity crisis.

The above video shows just one example of trauma that can cause people to be confused on their sexuality and identity. Some girls may think they want to be a boy if other boy's don't find them attractive or show interest in them. Molestation sometimes plays a part in this issue.

GOD's design is clear, he doesn't make mistakes. If you were born a male, then GOD wants you to be you. Homosexuality is an activity of sex with the same gender (A sin). Homosexuality is NOT an identity as the secular media of today would have you believe.

Please join us in prayer as we pray for Bruce, that he receives Jesus and has his eyes opened. As well as all others who are confused with their identity/sexuality.


Interesting FaceBook post I saw

I was looking at Facebook this morning and saw that a lady had posted something along the lines of people should just let people do what they want and be what they want as long as they aren't hurting anyone else. She said she didn't know what god people followed but her god would see it that way.

Well, after reading her comments, I decided to touch on that with a post of my own here on TWAU web site and to her inbox on FB.

People absolutely do have the right to decide how they want to live their lives, they are free to choose to follow GODS rules or to disobey them. However, option 2 comes with consequences. The next thing I wanted to touch on was she stated she had her own god. There is only one true GOD and he sets the standards of what's right and wrong. We don't just get to imagine up a god that fits our own idea's of what we think is right and wrong. That's creating a false god and it's called  IDOLATRY.

And the reason we Christians tell others about the gospel of Jesus Christ is because we are commanded to do so, and because we care for the eternal salvation of others. We fight against things like abortion and the homosexual agenda because those things are contrary to GOD's Word and design for life. We have kid's and want them to grow up in a culture that has laws that are in accordance to GOD's laws.

And we here at TWAU-BLOG will always strive for that future...
GOD BLESS you all, and thanks for reading...


DDO.COM My adventures with the MMO game

Hello friends,

Lou Buren here, I have been playing DDO for about 3 years now. And it's an endless enjoyable hobby. For other players I play on the Khyber server. If your a player yourself I'd love to hear from you in the comment section below. My main character's name is SpellRa, she is the leader of my guild (League Of The Elite).  #DDO #Spellra


Mike Huckabee - Johnston, IA Meet and Greet

Governor Mike Huckabee does a meet "N" Greet at a supporter owned gun range.



I just read an article on YAHOO NEWS calling those who stand against gay marriage bigots! My response is below...

Bigotry?  I don't think so. Homosexuality is a sin. Bottom line. GOD says it's wrong, so it's wrong. Gays claim to have been born that way. Incorrect, baby's are not born wanting to have sex with anything. Sure, you may have sinful desires to have sex with the same gender. Just as I may have desires to have sex with multiple women out of wed-lock. I could argue that I was born that way. The fact is we all have sinful desires and we choose to either give into them, or to live by God's rules. But under no circumstances is sin considered equal rights.

The next thing you know, the pedophiles will be demanding equality because they can't help it, they claim they are born that way as well. Equality right? 

I'm so sick of the media, talk show hosts, TV shows, news articles trying to make it seem like homosexuality is OK. It's a sin, that will cause people to end up in hell if they die unrepented. I get it, some people have friends and family who live gay lifestyles. You love them, don't want to make them upset or have them stop talking to you or the family. But listen, I'd much rather my son be angry at me, then for me to stand by knowing his soul is in danger of hell fire.

If we truly love our family, we care about their eternal salvation do we not? I do. It's time to stop the madness and get back to GOD and his laws. Homosexuality isn't an identity, it's simply an activity.

The attacks are rolling in

On May 5th 2015 governor Mike Huckabee announced his candidacy for president of the United States. Since his big announcement, the attacks have been rolling in from the left and right. Fake conservatives like A. Coulter and R. Limbaugh often attack Huckabee because he's too Christian for their liking.

But fear not friends, because the reason they hate him and attack him so harshly is because they fear him. And he's a threat to their idea's and agendas. Mike Huckabee has a huge shot at winning in 2016. He's a proven leader with experience in governing. He stands on Biblical morals and Christian beliefs.

Huckabee came close to winning the White House in 2008 as a virtual unknown. So this time around I'm assuming he'll win for sure because he's very well known now. And to know Mike is to love him.
He's just that likable of a guy. If you love America and I think you do. You need to vote Huckabee.

If you love your kids, and I think you do. You need to vote Huckabee. If you love GOD, and I think you do. Vote Huckabee.


The BIG announcement

It'll be May 5th in a few days. I for one can't wait to hear Mike Huckabee announce that he's running for president. He'll make the announcement from his home town Hope Arkansas. Friends, we need Huckabee in the White house for so many reasons it's not even funny.

Some people who have read my postings have called me racist, Well just so you all know I'm not racist. Before Obama was president I was pushing for Herman Cain before he dropped out of the race. I'm just so over Obama's lies and wicked policies. And I think my fellow Americans agree with me. Liberal, conservative, Republican, or Democrat I think we all agree Obama has failed horribly.

In 2008 he started out saying he was a Christian and that marriage should only be a man and a woman, now he's advocating the sin of homosexuality. He's involved in so many scandals his head should be spinning. He refuses to secure our border, he's friend's with dictators and terrorists. He's obviously not Christians. He's Muslim.

If you love your kids, and I think you do. Vote Huckabee in 2016. If you love your country and GOD, and I think you do:  VOTE Huckabee in 2016.




Baltimore being destroyed


Just like in Ferguson, idiots are acting like street terrorists again in Baltimore. You can blame the media who are ultimately working for the likes of Obama, Sharpton, and Holder. These main race baiters have an agenda. To divide people in America and to cause such civil unrest that martial law will be declared. My personal opinion is that's Obama's plan to stay in power longer than he is supposed to.

Those in positions of power should immediately authorize their law enforcement to shoot rioters on sight. Anyone looting or destroying property should be shot down on sight. Only then will these thugs and unemployed losers figure out that this behavior will not be tolerated. It's just a shame to think that all of this crap started because a couple criminal thugs who were shot happened to be black. 

There is a fine line between protesting and being a terrorist. If the cops don't put these idiots down for acting like fools then the people will have no choice but to do it for them. 2nd amendment baby!

The above image shows that these so called protesters are obviously well educated. Full of class. And probably came from good loving homes. (SARCASM)



In a pitiful attempt to defend Islam Obama has made headlines with this quote:

Obama: 'People have committed terrible deeds in the name of Christ'

The difference is over the years people have twisted and perverted the word of Christ and yes, even done evil deeds. But the message of Christ has always been one that is just and righteous. Islam however, has always been an evil false religion of hate and murder. A doctrine of demons.

There is no comparison in the two. One is a true relationship with Christ and the other is Islam.
America would do well to impeach this terrorist sympathizer immediately.


Jefferson's Rebels: Obama File: Going On The 'Free Stuff' Binge Again

Jefferson's Rebels: Obama File: Going On The 'Free Stuff' Binge Again: Keith Koffler , White House Dossier : The White House today announced that President Obama wants to make the first two years of comm...

One of the tactic's Obama likes to use in drawing more support is giving away "FREE" things. However, we all know nothing is free. Someone has to pay for it. People like you and me who work for a living.

This is why the support liberals have, is typically from the free loading lazy population of America. It's pretty sad, right?


Mike Huckabee considers running for president in 2016

As you may or may not know Governor Mike Huckabee recently ended his show on Fox News to explore options for running for president in 2016. This news has lit up the web as people speculate as to whether or not he'll run. We here at TWAU-BLOG believe he will. Why would someone walk away from a great paying job unless they had plans to run? Huckabee says he'll make the official announcement late spring.

We are very excited about this, because we believe Mike Huckabee to be the one we need to get America back on track. To reverse and repair some of the wicked deeds the liberals have inflicted on our great nation. A constitutional amendment on marriage making it between one man and one woman.

Securing our borders to protect from not only illegal immigrants but from terrorists walking right into our country. Enacting the FairTax which will bring jobs back to America and energize the economy. Repealing Obamacare is a big one. As it's a form of social slavery, forcing people to buy something they may not want.

Mike Huckabee is a natural leader, who stands on Biblical morals and standards. There have been some misconceptions and out right lies put out there that he supports Common Core education. Mike has publicly made it clear that he does not support Common Core, nor has he ever.

If you want our country back, if you want your kids to grow up in a nation that loves and respects GOD. It's Huckabee you want to support for president. If you don't like the idea of an America that caters to sin such as homosexuality then it's Huckabee you want to support for president.

If you want to help Mike win the White-House you can do so in many ways:

1.  Donate to his campaign

2. Spread good messages about him on social media

3. Volunteer to work for his campaign

4. Tell others about him and convince them to vote for Mike