Obama releases birth certificate, proves himself not qualified to be president!


The "Certificate of Live Birth" document released by the White House today, if authentic, assures Americans that their president was born in Hawaii as he has said, according to two participants in a lawsuit who challenged the president's tenure in the Oval Office.

But they say it also proves he's ineligible under the Constitution's requirements to be president.


So, assuming the birth certificate that Obama released is the real one, and we have our doubts on that. It still proves he isn't constitutionally qualified to be in office. His dad was not American.

People will take this to court, but in years past, the courts choose to protect the illegal occupancy of Obama in the white house.

I urge the American people to fight for the removal of Obama! He is not an American! He needs to go! Support Mike Huckabee for president in 2012!



Donald Trump on Obama

It is very interesting that the supreme court and all courts for that matter don't want to listen to the Obama birth certificate issue. All of us know he isn't an American. He isn't qualified to be president. He's an idiot that got voted in because stupid voters wanted to see a first black president. But they completely disregarded the fact he is a socialistic communist. Trump is a very intelligent guy.

Huckabee on spending cuts

I agree with Mike Huckabee that 1% cut across the board would be ok. And I would even be ok with a Huckabee/Trump ticket in 2012.

One thing we don't agree with Huckabee on is his stance on labor unions and state workers. Labor unions such as SEIU and CCPOA are essential for state employees to get a fair shake in working conditions.

State employees make up almost all of the middle class in America. They pay most of the taxes and provide critical services for states. So even though we here at TWAU support republicans, on state levels we support democrats.



While millions of outraged Americans protest what they see as a lawless and power-mad Obama administration, many wonder how much clout individuals can really have in reining in a wildly out-of-control government.

But suppose, in addition to citizens with little power beyond their vote, those standing up to the federal government were named Virginia, Texas, Arizona, Utah, Wyoming, New Hampshire, Tennessee, Montana, Maine, South Dakota – and many more?

Incredibly, though under-reported by the establishment press, that's exactly what is happening right now, as the April issue of Whistleblower documents in-depth, in "STATES OF REBELLION: How legislators and governors nationwide are openly challenging a rogue president."


It's true, the liberal media wants no part of reporting the truth. The truth is Obama is in trouble. Many states are creating legislation right now that would disallow him to run again without showing proof of his birth place. We all know what that means. He won't be able to run. And better yet, he'll go down in history books as a farse. The illegal usurper who tried to destroy America's freedom.

Email/WRITE/Call your law makers and governors, tell them all that you don't want any part of ObamaCare, and that you want them to fight it all the way!

And donate and spread the word about Mike Huckabee! We must make sure Huckabee wins the 2012 presidential run.

Is Waterboarding Really Torture?

This is a repost by one of our partner bloggers over at the Huckabeehound.

Okay, I'm sure you've seen some videos by now of a few different people being voluntarily waterboarded in order to show us all just how bad it really is.

.Wow.. Really? You are going to voluntarily subject yourself to TORTURE just to show us that it's torture?

What if people were questioning whether or not ripping your fingernails off was torture, or maybe slowly chopping your fingers and toes off - would they subject themselves to this too in order to prove that it "really is torture?"

The very fact that people are WILLINGLY subjecting themselves to waterboarding pretty much means that it is NOT torture at all.

Uncomfortable? Yes. Of course. But making someone uncomfortable is not torture, and it's not inhumane. It's getting important information out of people, and there is no permanent damage done by waterboarding or any other technique that was used by the military. And remember, these are suspected TERRORISTS who kill without remorse. And people are getting upset at making terrorists uncomfortable? What is this country coming to?

Waterboarding is not torture. period.
We here at TWAU blog completely agree with the HuckabeeHound on this one. Waterboarding is NOT torture. But it is an effective means to getting information from killers. And even if it was torture, the terrorists have a way to avoid it, spill your guts cowardly murderer! (wink)


Hulk Hogan, the proud papa

It's easy to see that Hulk Hogan loves his family dearly. And is very proud of his kids, Brooke especially. She has some talent. Granted she has had her path to fame smoothed over a bit by her dad's fame.

But all in all, she's got some moves. We wish her well in all her career endeavors.
I for one, would love to see Hulk back in the WWE. What are your thoughts?


Let's get geared up for Mike's official statement!

Ok guys, it's time to start getting excited! Governor Mike Huckabee has hinted at making a run for the 2012 presidential trail.

I would bet my last dollar Mike is going to run! And I think he'll defeat Obama a lot easier than he thinks. Many people are disgusted with Obama right now, even far left liberals are ticked off at him. He has proven himself to be a liar. He ordered acts of war against Libya with no approval from congress and without making clear the reasons to the American people.

I could give you a million reasons why Obama is a lousy choice for president. But instead, let me focus on why Mike Huckabee is a great choice. Mike Huckabee is a proven leader, a man of morals and principles. A great track record as governor of Arkansas.

He is extremely intelligent and has sound plans for all issues. Join us here at TWAU BLOG in supporting Mike Huckabee for president in 2012. We welcome your comments below....


Anger over Quran burning spreads in Afghanistan

KABUL, Afghanistan – Anger over the burning of the Muslim holy book at a Florida church fueled a second day of deadly violence half a world away in Afghanistan, where demonstrators set cars and shops ablaze Saturday in a riot that killed nine protesters, officials said.

The church's desecration of the Quran nearly two weeks ago has outraged millions of Muslims and others worldwide, fueling anti-American sentiment that is further straining ties between the Afghan government and the West.


Look, The whole quran burning thing is kinda stupid, But both parties on both ends are acting stupid. I mean, sure the quran is a book of lies, false doctrine etc. So if some church wants to burn it, hey whatever. Not saying I agree with it, because it serves no purpose.

Secondly, the muslims on the other side of the world are acting like complete idiots, because they are mad about something that's happening in another country. Retarded!
Get a life people! Islam is a false religion of hate and murder, nothing more.

Some people are just lame!