Let's get geared up for Mike's official statement!

Ok guys, it's time to start getting excited! Governor Mike Huckabee has hinted at making a run for the 2012 presidential trail.

I would bet my last dollar Mike is going to run! And I think he'll defeat Obama a lot easier than he thinks. Many people are disgusted with Obama right now, even far left liberals are ticked off at him. He has proven himself to be a liar. He ordered acts of war against Libya with no approval from congress and without making clear the reasons to the American people.

I could give you a million reasons why Obama is a lousy choice for president. But instead, let me focus on why Mike Huckabee is a great choice. Mike Huckabee is a proven leader, a man of morals and principles. A great track record as governor of Arkansas.

He is extremely intelligent and has sound plans for all issues. Join us here at TWAU BLOG in supporting Mike Huckabee for president in 2012. We welcome your comments below....

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