The latest anti-bullying craze

Lately we have all seen an increase in anti-bullying tv commercials. Celebrities talking about bullying etc. So what's with the huge anti-bullying craze? Where's it all coming from? Well, I'm going to answer that for you.

First off let me just say that I do agree that bullying is wrong. It's bad. But this anti-bullying craze that we've all been noticing as of late is nothing more than another liberal ploy to further their wicked agenda. What do I mean by that you might be asking? What types of things do liberals typically advocate? The perverse sin of homosexuality for one. They also advocate abortions which is murder by way of surgical methods.

So say a teenager is living a homosexual life and someone tells him/her that it's the wrong way to be living. Liberals would probably define the persons actions as bullying. When in fact it's a move to help the teen. That's why we see this huge anti-bullying craze going on out there. They aren't worried at all about the kid getting shoved around in the school halls, or the bigger kid taking the smaller kids lunch money. This is all about (HEY, DON'T BULLY THE HOMOSEXUALS OR NON-CHRISTIAN RELIGIONS)

Let me say a few things that can serve as a healthy public service message to all: It is not ok to live a gay lifestyle. It is detrimental to ones salvation. What does that mean? Study the Bible it means no Heaven for those who die unrepentant from living a gay lifestyle. As far as over-weight people go. It's wrong to make fun of them, but I'm sick of tv commercials saying it's ok to be fat, be who you are. Being over-weight is terribly unhealthy. And could shorten a persons life. A healthy diet and exercise is suggested.

I just wanted to touch on the latest topic: The anti-bullying craze that has come about by the liberals. They don't care about bullying in general. Only if you in their minds bully their wicked items in their agenda. In fact, liberals are some of the biggest bully's out there! Constantly bullying Christians.

BY: Lou Buren


Cruelty to children

Lou Buren of TWAU BLOG: What horrible monsters those people are to verbally abuse that precious child. They should not only be fired from ever working in a school again but they should be put in jail. I was sick to my stomach listening to those pieces of sh*t verbally assault that kid.

I commend the boy's father for caring enough to step in and take action. If he hadn't put a wire on his child who knows how long they would have done this. All children are precious. And I hate people who think it's ok to be cruel to them.

This kind of crap is another reason why I'm such a fan of home-schooling. Because the public school systems fail miserably on every level. Just look at the piles of crap they hire as teachers.
Matthew 18:6
But whoso shall offend one of these little ones which believe in me, it were better for him that a millstone were hanged about his neck, and that he were drowned in the depth of the sea.


Marine Corps discharges sergeant for Facebook posts critical of Obama


SAN DIEGO – The Marine Corps said Wednesday it has decided to discharge a sergeant for criticizing President Barack Obama on Facebook.

The Corps said Sgt. Gary Stein will be given an other-than-honorable discharge for violating Pentagon policy limiting speech of service members.

The San Diego-area Marine has served nearly 10 years in the Marine Corps. He has said he was exercising his free-speech rights.

The discharge will mean he loses all benefits.

A federal judge previously denied a request to block military discharge proceedings against Stein, who called Obama an enemy on Facebook.

U.S. District Judge Marilyn Huff ruled then that the military has the right to respond to Stein's online comments in a case that has called into question the Pentagon's policies regarding social media and the limits regarding the speech of active duty military personnel.

Attorney J. Mark Brewer told Huff the entire process violates the First Amendment, which federal courts have the right to uphold.

Huff disagreed, calling Stein's postings "truly troubling." Service members have had their speech limited since the Civil War, especially if their comments are believed to disrupt good order and discipline.

The judge pointed out Stein's March 1 comments on a Facebook page used by Marine Corps meteorologists in which the sergeant stated, "Screw Obama and I will not follow all orders from him."


Lou Buren of TWAU BLOG: Although I sympathize with how the sergeant feels. I must say it wasn't wise to rock the boat and keep posting especially after he received warning. Don't get me wrong, I believe Obama is in fact an enemy to America. But if your in the midst of a good military career why mess that up?

In my view, being kicked out of the military just for facebook postings is a bit harsh. But again, he was warned. Our prayers and support go out to the sergeant. And the only real tragedy is that he is losing his benefits he worked hard for. But the bright side of it all? He's not serving under an usurper who spits on the idea of God.


Miley Cyrus’ Leggy Twitpic

Miley Cyrus heats up Twitter as she shares a sexy photo of herself chillin' by the fire in a lacy blue negligee and showing off her tanned and toned legs. Find out how the former Disney star has been getting her bod in tip-top shape! Plus, Kimye (that's Kim and Kanye for those of you who don't know) arrive hand-in-hand Monday night for the opening of Scott Disick's new restaurant, and 77-year-old Dame Judi Dench looks great as she steps out at the NYC premiere of her new flick, "The Best Exotic Marigold Hotel."

Lou Buren of TWAU BLOG: Ok, so it's a picture of her legs. That rates news coverage? You see what the media is covering instead of covering newsworthy issues like Obama being a fraud. And having been found to be possibly a fraud by a law enforcement agency.

Don't get me wrong, Miley is great. And I pray she stays on track and finds Jesus. Because hollywood can destroy young women morally.


Arizona Sheriff Joe Arpaio finds himself under increasing attack as he prepares to release new findings in his investigation of President Obama’s eligibility for the state’s 2012 election ballot.

“I have no intention of resigning,” said Arpaio, who is running for his sixth term as sheriff of Maricopa County. “They forget I have a four-decades long career in federal law enforcement that includes having been a special agent for the FBI and having worked for the Drug Enforcement Agency in the United States, as well as in Argentina, Turkey and Mexico.”

WND previously reported the intensity of attacks on Arpaio at both a state and national level.

Already, Arpaio has announced that his volunteer law enforcement investigation has found probable cause that Obama’s long-form birth certificate and his Selective Service registration form are forgeries. Arpaio and his team made the announcement at a March 1 press conference.

A second press conference is expected in the next few weeks to announce more findings Arpaio suggests will be explosive.

Last week, Arizona Republic columnist Laurie Roberts wrote a piece in which she reminded Arpaio of his pledge 20 years ago when he first ran as a candidate for Maricopa County sheriff to serve only one term and turn the office into an appointed post. Arpaio has said that his campaign pledge was a mistake, because if he reported to a political official, he would have been fired 20 years ago and not had the liberty to “do what I felt was right for the people that I serve.”

WND has previously reported that political operative Randy Parraz, a self-described “organizer,” has been running a determined campaign to oust Arpaio from office.

Parraz, together with a small group of activists operating under Parraz’s “newly formed organization, Citizens for a Better Arizona, have unsuccessfully tried to disrupt meetings of the Maricopa County Board of Supervisors to demand the oversight group vote to request Arpaio’s resignation.

Arpaio, an elected sheriff, cannot be removed from office by a vote of the county board.

But the ineffectiveness of Parraz’s own political actions against Arpaio has not stopped him from expressing frustration that the Obama administration is taking so long to press Arpaio in federal court.

“We’re not sitting back waiting on the federal government on this,” Parraz recently told TPM. “They move at a pace that’s not conductive to the situation.”

Meanwhile, establishment media have portrayed Arpaio as politically isolated and likely to face federal criminal and civil charges by the Justice Department in Federal District Court.

At the same time, media have downplayed Democratic Party scandals such as Fast and Furious, resignations from the Arizona U.S. Attorney’s office and the possibility the U.S. Supreme Court could uphold the constitutionality of the Arizona legislature’s bill to ensure its citizens are protected from civil and criminal offenses caused by illegal immigrants the federal government is unwilling to police.

A massive corruption scandal in Maricopa County

As WND reported, new impetus was given to the anti-Arpaio campaign by the recent disbarment of Maricopa County attorney Andrew Thomas in a complicated corruption case.

Establishment media have largely ignored, however, the fact that Thomas and Assistant Prosecutor Lisa Aubuchon were disbarred for filing criminal charges against Maricopa County Superior Court Judge Gary Donahoe and two members of the Board of Supervisors, which oversees Arpaio’s office, Mary Rose Wilcox and Don Stapley. Both are determined Arpaio foes.

The corruption charges against Wilcox and Stapley were never adjudicated after a Pima County judge dismissed the case due to prosecutorial misconduct.

Still, the evidence of government corruption in Maricopa County abounds.

WND reported that as many as 11 Maricopa County employees have been terminated in recent months for allegedly accepting bribes in a court tower construction scandal – one of the Thomas investigations that was terminated by the counter-attack on Thomas that resulted in the disbarment decision.

Still, media have not noted that a grand jury brought more than 100 charges against Stapley for a wide variety of alleged criminal activity, including failing to file financial disclosures to accepting expensive gifts such as three-week Hawaiian vacations and ski trips for him and his family.

Now, Arpaio’s opponents in Arizona are pressing for a federal criminal grand jury to press charges against him for his involvement with Thomas in trying to root out corruption in Maricopa County.

Even if no criminal trial results, Arpaio’s opponents hope to have him under federal criminal indictment at the same time the U.S. Department of Justice presses a civil case against him in the federal courts, alleging he has systematically implemented a policy of violating the federal civil rights of Hispanics.


Lou Buren of TWAU BLOG: I can't wait to see the new explosive info Sheriff Joe puts out there. At this point we all already know Obama is a fraud. And the attacks grow stronger on the Sheriff as a result. Please keep Sheriff Joe in your prayers, and keep supporting him with your donations. He's a rare breed, all of our great Sheriffs around the country need our prayers and support.





For many, the term sheriff conjures up images of the Old West. A few may consider a sheriff some form of outdated and obsolete political office. But for me and countless other patriots across our nation, a sheriff is the epitome of good and necessary county law enforcement.

As documented on the Durham County website, the position of a sheriff originated in England 1,000 years ago, known then as a shire reeve, who was “the steward of the king’s estates, guardian of the peace, judge and jury of the Shire County (county court) and was the local agent of the king in military affairs. The king also appointed him as the chief police magistrate.”

In the U.S., the office of sheriff was first established in Virginia in 1634. On Oct. 9, 1662, the General Court of Virginia called Capt. Samuel Stephen “to be a commander of the southern plantation” (which was actually later located in what became North Carolina).

Of course, if you mention the term sheriff at the moment, most thoughts go racing to Arizona and Maricopa County’s 20-year Sheriff Joe Arpaio and his plight with the feds and fight against illegal immigration.

Regardless that there is a plethora of amazing sheriffs across the country doing incredible work subduing lawbreakers and keeping their counties clean of mischief, the mainstream media, or MSM, are working double time with the federal government to make sure when you think of sheriffs, the picture painted in your mind is one of runaway renegades – badged outlaws on the loose.

Despite how you feel about Sheriff Joe Arpaio’s personal conduct, government suspicions or severity of criminal discipline, there is no doubt that the feds entanglements into his affairs are a massive overreach of local and state laws and jurisdictions. It is pathetic that President Obama himself as well the entire left-wing progressive establishment is in a multi-million dollar smear campaign to discredit and take down Sheriff Joe, as his own re-election website proclaims, “because I have led the fight in Arizona against illegal immigration.”

Rush Limbaugh was right in recently calling out the MSM’s bias against Sheriff Joe in that, despite that he received repeated online death threats by an avid Obama supporter, not a single left-wing news source reported it. But a year ago, when Rep. Gifford was shot by a madman, the MSM were quick to incriminate any right-wing sources, including polemical innuendos on former Alaskan Gov. Sarah Palin’s and Rush Limbaugh’s websites, for contributing to the killing spree on that dark, tragic Arizona day.

My question is this: If there isn’t any credence to the left-wing demonizing and entrapment of Sheriff Arpaio, then why would billionaire progressive George Soros spend millions of dollars on anti-Arpaio campaigns and pledge millions more to defeat the toughest U.S. Sheriff’s re-election?

Consider just a couple of the orchestrated efforts by the Obama administration and Soros-funded organizations:

In Jan. 2010, 60 influential black leaders condemned Sheriff Arpaio in an ad sponsored by Center for Community Change (an organization supported by $1,715,000 from Soros in 2010 alone).

In December 2011, the U.S. Department of Justice accused Sheriff Arapio of civil rights violations, discrimination and racial profiling against Latinos.

In January 2012, President Obama appointed another new czar as the director of his Domestic Policy Council, Cecilia Munoz, who previously served on three heavily funded George Soros organizations’ boards: his Open Society Institute, the Center for Community Change (mentioned above) and most recently worked for the open-border lobbyist group who fights for mass immigration and amnesty for illegal aliens, the National Council of La Raza (an organization supported by at least $362,000 from Soros in 2010 alone).

In February 2012, Janet MurguĂ­a, the National Council of La Raza’s president and CEO, officially “demand[ed] that Arpaio step down immediately” and “resign as sheriff of Maricopa County.”

Do you think those Obama-Soros intertwined connections and workings are coincidental?

The Obama administration and far-left-wing progressive agents like George Soros are persecuting Sheriff Arpaio because he won’t turn a blind eye to tens of thousands of illegal aliens flooding into America. And their underhanded and intimidating message is being played and replayed by their MSM minions for every other U.S. sheriff and freedom-loving American: Don’t you (even as law enforcement) dare to stand up against illegal immigration, the Obama administration and the rest of the left-wing establishment – or we will bully and demonize you as discriminatory and racist, too.

In the end, with civil rights as their front, the greatest tragedy of the Obama-Soros tag-team is that it not only further extends the tentacles of the federal government and a European-style of socialism but also dismantles and strip the very power and institution of America’s county sheriffs. Like with the seizure of states’ 10th Amendment’s rights, so every aspect of local law enforcement is being usurped by the federal government, too.

Let me offer a reminder from one of our Founding Fathers, Samuel Adams, whose spirit still speaks to every sheriff and freedom-loving American, that, when it comes to any overreaching power from sea to shining sea: “Let us remember that if we suffer tamely a lawless attack upon our liberty, we encourage it.”

My wife, Gena, and I are big supporters of sheriffs and all other local law enforcement, as well as other federal and state officials, including highway and U.S. Border Patrol and, of course, Texas Rangers. I wear my honorary Texas Ranger badge and title proudly! And my wife actually served as a correctional corporal and reserve deputy sheriff in California before we were married. Her list of duties and responsibilities were extensive, and she wore her badge with great honor.

We consider Sheriff Don Sowell in our own county to be among the best in the Lone Star State. He is a personal friend to us and a formidable foe to any who would cause riff-raff in our county, as are most sheriffs across our great country.

Ride on, American sheriffs! Ride on!


Lou Buren of TWAU BLOG: As a law enforcement officer myself, I understand and agree 100% with Mr. Norris. Soros and Obama have a personal vendetta against Sheriff Arpaio. And I believe it's mainly because of his cold case posse's investigation of Obama. Please join us in prayer that Sheriff Joe brings the truth out into the open. The truth that Obama is a fraud. You can also click here to help Sheriff Joe out financially.


How should Christian parents raise their children to face a secular world?

Proverbs 22:6
Train up a child in the way he should go: and when he is old, he will not depart from it.

We live in an ever increasingly secular world, one where war has been waged against God. A world where wicked anti-God groups like the ACLU sue anyone or anything that is Christ related or provokes thought about God. Our society we live in now promotes false religions like Islam, Mormonism, and new age beliefs. But while society promotes these false religions, it is more and more frowning on Christianity.

But when I say society, I mean a few bad apples that are in charge of certain things, and some in positions of authority. Most of the good citizens in America believe in God and want to live a life for him. But with liberal federal judges making rulings against Christianity and liberal law makers passing laws against Christianity. It's an up hill battle all the time for the blood bought saints.

So as a Christian parent how do you raise your children to deal with this environment? First off, like Proverbs 22:6 says we should train up our children in the right way to go. And we must train them starting from a very young age, all the way up to adulthood. As parents it's understandable to want to shelter and shield your children from all the evils of the world. And you should to a degree. But you must train your children about what's out there. What they will see. And how they should react to it.

Teach your children to pray all the time, before bed, saying grace before meals etc. And to pray any time they feel the need to talk with God. Public schools these days are very secularized, I would advise people to home-school their children if that's at all possible. Public schools are promoting and teaching that it's ok to be gay, that the gay lifestyle is normal. It is not and as parents it's our job to step in and take control of our kids education. I teach my kids that yes some people live that way, but that it's unnatural and that God is very disappointed in people who live that kind of life.

If you teach a kid about perverse ways of life from a young age, (Train a child up in the way he should go) You won't have to worry about them becoming confused or lost on the topic.

Below is a very informative video by speaker, Ken Ham...

Another important issue that parents need to take charge of with their kids is the made up lie: Evolution. Public schools teach the evolution lie. It's completely imagined. The whole idea of millions of years is completely false. If you as a parent are not up to date on the evolution lie. You can learn more about it at: WWW.ANSWERSINGENESIS.ORG

Answers In Genesis offers some very good educational video's on Creation by God that you can add to a good Christian based home school. Teach your children about Gods laws and that we must live by them. Because isn't the most important thing we can do for our children is ensure their salvation?

If you have any comments, questions, or concerns please leave comments below...
Thank you...

Lou Buren


Global phenomenon? Strange groaning noise

Above is a video compilation of clips where people have supposedly recorded these strange noises. Let me go on record and say I have personally never heard any strange noises that seemed to be coming from under the earth. And I don't know if these video's are edited hoaxes or not.

But I find the whole thing interesting. I will continue to research it and keep you guys posted. I have seen newspaper articles saying people have heard strange humming noises in some area's. If you have any comments about this topic, or have info to share please leave a comment...

Romans 8:22
For we know that the whole creation groaneth and travaileth in pain together until now.

The fall of man account in Genesis is true history. Sin can be what's causing the earth to groan in pain. Lou Buren



In a sign of what may be coming, residents of a Chicago condo building located near the site of next month’s NATO summit have been asked to leave for the event or risk being caught in a storm of rioters.

WND first reported in August 2011 that radicals, some with ties to President Obama, were planning to riot during the NATO summit.

FOX Chicago News reported the people living in the 17-floor Library Tower building at 520 South State Street were warned in a letter from condo management that “we are STRONGLY recommending that all residents find places to stay during the conference from May 18 through May 21.”

The letter specifically warned of riots:

“In the event of a riot or the potential of one near the building, all access doors will be locked including the garage door,” the letter continues. “For everyone’s safety, we will be instructing anyone in the building to stay in his or her unit.”

While NATO summits often attract crowds of thousands of protesters, the national Occupy movement may add even more chaos to the expected mass protests.

Chicago will be the first American city other than Washington to host a NATO gathering.

Such meetings have previously drawn mass protests that turned violent.

The 1999 WTO event in Seattle devolved into widespread rioting in which more than 40,000 protesters, some using violent tactics, descended on the city, prompting police to use tear gas and rubber bullets. The clash became known as “The Battle of Seattle.”

Preparing for outbreaks, the Chicago Sun-Times In July 2011 quoted Superintendent of Police Garry McCarthy as saying he was prepping 13,000 officers under his command for mass arrests of protesters.

“We have to train for mass arrests,” McCarthy said. “We have to train 13,000 police officers in arrest procedures and containment procedures. At the same time, we will not stop patrolling the city.”

In response, radical groups held a press conference that month in downtown Chicago demanding permits to march during the world summit in May.

Joe Iosbaker of the United National Antiwar Committee, one of the groups planning protests, warned, “The wars and economic policies of the NATO and G8 nations are not just and will be met by protest.”

Iosbaker is a University of Illinois-Chicago office worker and a union steward for his SEIU local. His home was raided by the FBI last September reportedly as part of a terror probe investigating material support for jihadist groups.

Obama has ties to many of the activists groups being investigated in that FBI probe.

WND reported Iosbaker and his wife, Stephanie Weiner, worked as leaders of the Chicago New Party, a controversial 1990s political party that sought to elect members to public office with the aim of moving the Democratic Party far leftward. The ultimate goal was to form a new political party with a socialist agenda.

WND previously reported on evidence from the New Party’s own newsletters showing Obama was a member of the New Party.

Another group at that press conference planning to protest at the May summits is Code Pink.

Code Pink’s co-founder, Jodie Evans, was a fundraiser and financial bundler for Obama’s presidential campaign.

Also planning protests is Tom Burke of the so-called Committee to Stop FBI Repression, which has been leading activism against the FBI’s reported ongoing terror probes of Chicago and Minnesota anti-war groups.

Burke, a former school custodian who is now a stay-at-home father, belongs to the Freedom Road Socialist Organization, a group mentioned in subpoenas and search warrants issued in the same FBI terror probe.

WND reported on Obama’s other ties to the activist groups at the heart of the FBI terror probe, including Hatem Abudayyeh, the executive director of the Arab American Action Network, or AAAN.

WND was first to report that Obama, while serving as a paid director of the far-left nonprofit Chicago Woods Fund, provided two grants to the AAAN.

Obama served at the Woods Fund alongside Weather Underground terrorist-group founder Bill Ayers.

AAAN was founded by a longtime Obama associate, Columbia University Professor Rashid Khalidi. Khalidi’s wife, Mona, is president of the Arab American Action Network.


Wise words from a wise man

2012 must be an anybody but Obama vote!


How to take an active role in your children’s education

Why Homeschooling Isn't Just For Homeschoolers

Later this week, I will have both the honor and privilege to be the keynote speaker at the Midwest Homeschool Convention in Cincinnati.

I commend every family who makes the decision to homeschool their children. Not only is it a significant time investment, in which many families consciously choose to forgo a second income, but it’s also an investment of the heart. I’ve always believed that parents, not government should make education choices for their children. Whether your children are in public, private school or homeschooled it’s crucial that parents are directly involved!

When parents choose to homeschool their children, they are making a statement that says, “nothing is more important to us than making certain our children grow up with an understanding of our core values as a family.”

Given the liberal leanings of many public schools today, in which the schools are increasingly replacing traditional teachings, it is no surprise that the majority of folks who choose to homeschool their children are good conservatives with deeply held values.

Now, I personally was not homeschooled in the formal sense of the word. However, that doesn’t mean I didn’t learn plenty from my own parents. In addition to helping me with my homework conjugating verbs, deciphering word problems and sweating through long division at a young age, I give full credit to my parents for shaping my own political views and for teaching me about the important principles our founding fathers outlined when they created our great nation. That’s why I particularly like Mark Twain’s quote, “I never let my schooling interfere with my education.”

And that’s part of the reason I co-founded Learn Our History, to address a growing problem with the way our nation’s history is being presented to our children in schools.
Not only are our kids being put to sleep with mind-numbing lectures and text books that make their eyes glaze over, but too often the so-called facts are presented with a severe liberal bias and without any mention of God’s role in America. To add insult to injury, our children in many public schools often hear that America is to blame for many of our worst problems, rather than a solution to them.

I’m very proud of Learn Our History and am thrilled that so many homeschoolers are using it as a tool to teach their children about American History. After all, Learn Our History helps any child understand and appreciate the true stories of our country and how we’ve come so far since the colonists first came to our shores.

But, you certainly don’t have to be a homeschooler to appreciate Learn Our History. In fact, we created the series to help parents overcome the problems associated with their children’s learning of history in school. And while Learn Our History is a great educational tool first and foremost, the fun animation and story lines are plenty entertaining and a lot of fun for any child to watch.

Now, if you haven’t tried Learn Our History yet, I’d like to give the children in your family a very special gift. For the next 72 hours, you can get a Learn Our History gift set just for giving Learn Our History a try. Just call (800) 893-1416 within the next 72 hours, and I’ll send your family all of the following for free:


Our DVD, “Columbus & The Great Discovery”

A “Learn Our History” logo 24-DVD case

A “Learn Our History” logo Shoulder-Sack

A pair of quick-focus binoculars

Two fun Learn Our History stickers

Free unlimited online video streaming at learnourhistory.com

Free online companion guides including fun history timelines and games

When you call, be sure to mention the special offer code of “MY GIFT”. Shipping for this special free gift set is just $3.95, so it’s a great way for your family to try Learn Our History. In fact, if you don’t like what you receive, Learn Our History will happily refund your $3.95 shipping price.

If your family likes the Columbus DVD, you’ll have an opportunity to preview additional DVDs in the series, about once each month. Of course, you’ll always have plenty of time to decide if you want to receive any DVD we offer you, and you’ll never be under no obligation to buy anything. If you do choose to buy any additional videos, you are protected with a full money-back guarantee.

So go ahead and see why so many homeschoolers have embraced the Learn Our History series as part of their homeschool curriculum. Give Learn Our History a try by calling (800) 893-1416 and be sure to mention the offer code “MY GIFT”. I guarantee you’ll be pleasantly surprised by how much your child will learn from this great series.



This is a smart man

This guy has my respect. He kept it very REAL! Many blacks do vote for Obama simply because he's black.

But I have a lot of respect for those blacks who choose to be an informed voter, and base their vote on the policies of the candidate. Not the colour of their skin. We saw what happened in 2008 with the video below...

It was very evident that many blacks had it in their heads that they were voting for Obama because he was black. They had no clue as to what his policies were. Or what any of the candidates policies were.

2012 Needs to be an anybody but Obama vote!


Technicality keeps 427-pound yellowfin tuna catch out of record book

In saltwater fishing's version of baseball's infamous pine tar incident, an angler who reeled in a world-record yellowfin tuna had his home-run catch called back -- because a deckhand touched his fishing pole as he fought the mighty fish.

Robert Pedigo hooked the 427.9-pound fish last Thursday and fought it for a half-hour before bringing it aboard the "Journeyman." But everyone on board agreed that Danny Osuna, a local captain working that day as a deckhand, blew the record by touching Pedigo's pole during the battle between man and beast off the coast of Puerto Vallarta, Mexico. The rules say an angler can't have any help pulling in a fish if he or she wants to make history.

"I do this for a living and we're really hardcore fishermen," Osuna told FoxNews.com. "We have caught a lot of fish in the high 300s, but this is the first time we've caught something like this."

Osuna admitted touching Pedigo's fishing rod, disqualifying the catch from consideration by the International Game Fish Association. But he said Pedigo, who could not be reached for comment, isn't too broken up about the technicality.

"We're fine with that," Osuna said. "Actually, we never even thought the fish would be that big."

Osuna said everyone who was in on the fishing trip got a big meal out of the monstrous catch before the rest was given away.

"We never sold the fish," he said.

Like the famous home run by George Brett in 1983 that was disqualified when Yankees Manager Billy Martin pointed out that the Kansas City Royals' slugger had pine tar smeared too high on the barrel of his bat, the pole touch indeed disqualifies the catch, according to IGFA officials.

A spokesman for the agency confirmed to FoxNews.com that the all-tackle record for yellowfin tuna remains 405 pounds, caught by Mike Livingston near Baja Sur, Mexico -- because Osuna touched the rod.

"No one (to my knowledge) has been contacted by the angler or any member of the crew in regards to this catch," IGFA World Record Coordinator Jack Vitek wrote in an email. "We have heard of the catch on various fishing forums and websites, and are pleased to hear that the angler and crew are being up front about such an impressive catch, and are respecting the IGFA rules."

"I do this for a living and we're really hardcore fishermen."
- Danny Osuna, deckhand aboard the 'Journeyman.'


Lou Buren of TWAU BLOG: Wow, technicality or not this was an awesome catch. He should be proud.

Hell is real. I pray all find Jesus!

Notice how many people are in denial about hell? Hell is very real! And it's just as the Bible says it is. We all need Jesus!

Please don't be blind enough to think there is no hell, I pray you never see this place. But without Christ people will.

You can continue watching these video parts on youtube.

God is so awesome! If you haven't already, please pray and accept Jesus into your heart and life. Live by his Word, the Holy Bible. Jesus is the only doorway to Heaven.


Liberty Counsel Applauds Jackson County Schools for Protecting Graduation Messages

Yesterday, the Jackson County School Board in Mississippi unanimously passed a student speech policy, which will allow the senior class to pick a student speaker to deliver a two-minute message before and after graduation. The contents of that speech may or may not include a prayer.
Randal Turner, Secretary of the Jackson County School District, explained, “The policy is intended to allow the graduating class to pick a speaker, who can choose to say anything that he or she wants as long as it is not vulgar. They are not speaking on behalf of the school board, but the senior class. They can choose to pray. Prayer is not vulgar.”

America needs more school board members, like Jackson County’s, with backbone to stand boldly against the intimidating tactics of the ACLU or Freedom From Religion Foundation. Liberty Counsel vows to stand with you against religious bigotry.

CLICK HERE to visit Liberty Counsel


Democrat strategist Bob Beckel dropped the F-bomb live on the “Hannity” program on Fox News Monday night.

“You say that Head Start is a failure, you don’t know what the f— you’re talking about,” Beckel barked as the show returned from a commercial break.

Beckel had apparently been arguing off-air with guests including tea-party activist Jennifer Stefano of Americans for Prosperity and radio host Neal Boortz on the show’s Great American Panel segment when the program suddenly came back to catch the obscenity live on the air.

“Whoa! Bleep!” exclaimed host Sean Hannity when the F-word was launched. “What are you doing?”

“Failure,” said Stefano.

“I just can’t stand right-wingers. They’ve just got their mouths running all the time,” Beckel explained.

When Hannity requested that Beckel apologize, Beckel responded, “I don’t apologize.”

“Yes you do. You just cursed on the air,” said Hannity.

“I’m not gonna apologize,” an adamant Beckel affirmed.

“All right, I apologize for you,” said Hannity, who finally was able to make Beckel understand the obscene comment had been broadcast live.

“I try to put signs up and help you,” Hannity told Beckel.

Beckel finally said, “I’m sorry about using that foul word, yes. But the intent about it is still there.”

“And you should run your show a little better,” he continued, “instead of having me get caught like that.”

“Now you’re blaming me for this,” said Hannity.

“Typical liberal,” added Stefano. “No personal responsibility.”

“You’re like Obama – you’re blaming me,” Hannity clowned.

Beckel has since apologized on Twitter, explaining, “I apologize to anyone who heard me on Hannity. I honestly thought we were off air. I just may not be cut out for the tv business. Peace.”

R.D. Volkman, publisher of the Nebraska Journal-Leader, is urging Fox News to fire Beckel from his co-hosting duties on its other show titled “The Five.”

“Get rid of that Beckel SOB,” Volkman said. “His modus is to always change the subject at hand with some ad-hominem attack. You now have the excuse to fire him for his utter rudeness. Do so now.”

But another WND reader named Dave had a different view, saying: “I say ‘AWESOME.’ Keep Beckel on! He is the best campaign influence the Republicans ever have had! He is a horrible apologist for the liberal Democrats. KEEP HIM ON! He is a perfect illustration of the emotion-driven simplistic defenses that Democrats make for their failures. He makes the case: ‘Anybody but Obama!’”

See the testy exchange with Beckel below. WARNING: CLIP CONTAINS OBSCENE LANGUAGE.


Lou Buren of TWAU BLOG: This Beckel fella should be fired immediately. If FOXNEWS has any sense it will let him go ASAP. He not only needed to apologize for saying that on the air, he needs to apologize for saying it at all on or off the air.

Hannity is a very professional classy person for apologizing for him. But I'm not sure I would have. Liberals are usually very hateful people. I say let them sink on their own when they screw up.


Tell us why you won't be voting for Obama in 2012

Please keep in mind if you don't vote at all it's just like voting for Obama. So if you want him out of office your going to have to vote for his opponent. Please get out there this November and cast your vote. YOUR VOTE DOES COUNT! Leave us a comment and tell us why you won't be voting for Obama...

Day of Silence Protest Keeps Students from Learning in School

April 16, 2012

On Friday, April 20, the Gay, Lesbian, Straight Education Network (GLSEN) will encourage students to remain silent for an entire school day in solidarity with the radical lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender (LGBT) agenda.

The Day of Silence is not about tolerance or bullying. It is about pushing a sexual agenda. Students and staff who disagree with a radical sexualized agenda are demonized and made to feel like outsiders. Children should be afforded a rigorous education opportunity and not be forced to accept a radical sexualized agenda subsidized with tax dollars. Parents and lawmakers should take the time to learn about the extreme views of GLSEN and the intolerance promoted by the Day of Silence.





President Obama and U.S. Attorney General Eric Holder’s Justice Department have a new obsession to obstruct any state’s passing of voter-identification laws, even recently attacking South Carolina and my own state of Texas. Holder calls voter ID laws “unnecessary” and says voter fraud “doesn’t exist,” but new video proof in his own voting precinct proves otherwise.

Obama’s administration says they’re against voter ID laws because they are valiantly trying to keep minorities and the poor from being unfairly discriminated against. But the truth is that they are trying to keep President Obama in office. They know that voter IDs are bad business for this White House’s campaign and re-election.

(Of course they are against voter I.D. laws, they would stop the illegal's from voting for them)

In the last couple weeks, video proof from Holder’s own voting precinct in Washington, D.C., revealed voter fraud is alive and well in the nation’s capital. On primary election day, April 3, a representative from James O’Keefe’s nonprofit organization Project Veritas simply strolled into the polling place and was offered the ballot for U.S. Attorney General Eric Holder after merely stating his name and address. Though not being asked for ID, O’Keefe’s assistant added that he forgot his ID, to which the poll worker retorted, “You don’t need it. It’s all right. As long as you’re in here, you’re on our list, and that’s who you say you are, you’re OK.”

O’Keefe’s assistant then replied, “I would feel more comfortable if I just had my ID. Is it all right if I go get it?” After the poll worker agreed, O’Keefe’s assistant said as he walked away, “I’ll be back faster than you can say furious,” playing on the scandalous Fast and Furious gun-smuggling debacle by Holder’s Department of Justice.

Of course, rather than confessing to culpability or that there might be a flaw in the election process, the District of Columbia Board of Elections announced last week that it was launching an investigation to possibly bring charges against Project Veritas.

As CitizenLink reported, the D.C. Board of Elections spokesperson Alysoun McLaughlin carefully spun her political rebuttal: “We’re very concerned about any kind of activity that occurs in a polling place where someone is misrepresenting themselves or otherwise obstructing what occurs at a polling place. Our concern is with the tactics that this individual is employing. If you walk into a polling place on Election Day to register to vote for the first time, then you need to provide proof that you are a resident of a district. But if you are a registered voter, if you’ve been on the rolls, we do not require ID of those individuals. That’s the law. We leave it to the policymakers to determine what those laws should be.”

There’s no shock or surprise that Holder and his DOJ cronies similarly pitched their response about the Project Veritas exposĂ© by saying, “It’s no coincidence that these so-called examples of rampant voter fraud consistently turn out to be manufactured ones.”

But the truth is, as Hans von Spakovsky, a senior legal fellow at the Heritage Foundation in Washington, D.C. summarized, “They don’t want to do anything about the vulnerabilities in the system. That means they really don’t want elections that are secure and have integrity. It’s highly dangerous that the attorney general has that view toward safe and secure elections.”

Before the DOJ arraigns Project Veritas, they might want to recall that recently deceased infamous veteran news watchdog Mike Wallace often used undercover video on “60 Minutes” to expose fraud in Medicare claims and other consumer goods.

By the way, Project Veritas’ recent D.C. polling revelation is their fourth uncovering national voter fraud. Previous locations have included Minnesota, New Hampshire and Vermont, where O’Keefe obtained election ballots by using other celebrity names like Tom Brady, Tim Tebow and even some of the 1.8 million people who are deceased but still registered voters.

Texas better beware, because “Chuck Norris” might be next for Project Veritas.

Actually, in March, the U.S. Justice Department’s civil rights division filed legal action against Texas’ new photo ID requirement for voters, stating it restricts some Hispanic voters who lack governmental identification.

To assist Holder and Obama, NAACP president Benjamin Todd Jealous recently even petitioned the United Nation’s Human Rights Council, which of course has no jurisdiction over American law (though Jealous might not recognize that), that the tougher Texas voter ID law is unfair and discriminatory.

In 2003, the first voter ID laws were passed, and as of September 2011, 30 U.S. states require some form of ID in order for citizens to cast their vote. Since just January 2011, 13 states have passed more restrictive voter ID laws.

State polls have shown that as many as 75-80 percent of voters, including majorities of Hispanics and African-Americans, agree that voter ID laws are good and necessary. And let’s not forget the 2008 U.S. Supreme Court’s 6–3 decision, authored by Justice John Paul Stevens, that upheld Indiana’s strict ID requirement.

Voting is a right and privilege of citizens in this country and should be protected at all costs. As Joseph Farah, CEO of WND wrote this past week, “You and I are asked to present photo IDs many times throughout our lives. It’s hardly an intrusive demand to ensure against the growing problem of identity theft and other forms of fraud. It’s the least we should demand from a process so critical to the integrity of American politics.”

By opposing voter ID laws, however, the Obama administration is actually dismantling the integrity of elections by enabling voter fraud. As Farah again explained, “they are the kinds of changes that can transform America from the oldest constitutional republic in the world to a Third World-style banana republic. And that’s just what a second term of Barack Obama in the White House will mean.”

Having tried all we can to stop or taper the Obama administration’s anti-constitutional usurpations, we are left alone to take the path recommended by Founding Father James Madison, who admonish us patriots in 1788, “in a last resort a remedy must be obtained from the people, who can by the elections of more faithful representatives, annul the acts of the usurpers.”


Lou Buren of TWAU BLOG: By now most Americans know Obama is a fraud and a disgrace to the oval office. I'd bet my last dollar that he was elected into office in 08 fraudulently. If you remember they had the wicked liberal group ACORN out there walking the streets illegally bagging votes from people who were not eligible to vote. Making up fake addresses for those who did not have one. That's the kind of tactics you can look forward to again this November. That's why it's absolutely crucial that conservative voters get out there and vote for the GOP! This November, take family and friends out to vote! people who never usually vote need to do so this year! Obama must be defeated or our nation is in real danger.


America, the great American melting pot?

This cartoon brings back memories. I loved all the school-house Rock songs. But it brings up a topic I'd like your input on. With so many illegal immigrants in the US today, and their voting relatives living here as well. Doesn't that cause a bad trend of change to our nation? Most people who are not white tend to vote for non-white people simply because of their nationality.

I think we saw the first example of this with the electing of Obama. And it turned out horrible for our nation. 2012 looks brighter, with Romney poised to defeat Obama. But there is nothing to stop this from happening again. Every year more and more illegal aliens flood into our country because the democrats refuse to take action on securing our borders.

So, what I'm saying is the more America fills up with minorities. The more America will stray from what our founding fathers wanted, and from the constitution. Because minority voters will always seek to elect minority people. It'll be interesting to see how the change directs our course over the years to come. Please don't get me wrong, I'm not a racist person by any means. This is just an observation.


South Jersey Man Gives Up His Obama Flag But Not His Opinions « CBS Philly

South Jersey Man Gives Up His Obama Flag But Not His Opinions « CBS Philly

Nobody expects this guy to give up his opinions. But Obama's face has no business being on an American flag. No presidents face should be on the flag for that matter. But especially Obama's because he can't even prove he's an American.

If you'd like to chime in on this and leave a comment, feel free...

Marines fight to protect crosses at Camp Pendleton as atheist groups seek removal


Planted atop a remote hill in the middle of California's Camp Pendleton Marine Corps Base rest two 13-foot crosses.

Originally erected back in 2003 by seven marines grieving over lives lost in the war on terror, this site originally established for reflection has now become grounds for controversy.

“It's not a religious spot at all, it's a place for the Marines to grieve and to grow to let go of their burdens of what they had in their soul, so they can go back down that hill and back into battle and put their own lives on the line,” says marine widow Karen Mendoza.

Her husband Ray was one of those original seven who climbed the hill that day, three of whom have since been killed in action, including Ray.

“It's a symbol of sacrifice regardless of what you think, pray, like or don't like,” says Karen.

Over time the site has become a bit more permanent. A wildfire destroyed the original cross a few years back, so Marines and widows carried these two new versions up the hill.

Now two symbols are at the end of a brutal 3,000-foot hike that begins at an area of the base called Camp Horno and ends at the top of a ridge line that overlooks vast openness in one direction and the glistening Pacific Ocean in the other.

Here the crosses are blanketed in symbols of valor, sorrow and festivity. You'll see Purple Heart medals, pictures, books, messages, mementos from deployments around the globe and even a bottle or can of the fallen's favorite liquor...all left in remembrance.

While those symbols are at times heartbreaking, the rocks are what overcome your thoughts and have taken over the site. Each one has been carried and left here by a Marine, sailor, soldier, airman, widow or child.

Some are in excess of 50 pounds. Some are inscribed. Others look as they have just been freshly torn from the Pendleton ground. All are left as a symbol of the burden it takes to carry one of these rocks on such a brutal hike and the burden it takes to serve and ultimately give a life for your country.

As he overlooks the solemn site recently, retired Marine Colonel Nick Marano tells us, “This wasn’t intended to be a religious memorial, it was just intended to be able to provide a fitting and a dignified memorial to their fallen comrades and frankly controversy was the very last thing on their minds.”

Marano tells me no one would complain if, for example, someone decided to put up a Buddhist shrine, “No one would complain at all, and I bet if we poked around, we’d probably find something like that here…I mean you can see a very side variety of items have been used, everything from a bottle of Jack Daniels to a Purple Heart and everything in between. I think most Americans are very fair-minded and see this memorial, frankly, for what it is,” says the Colonel as he overlooks the site.

He continues, “These two memorials have been sitting out here largely unknown outside of a very small group of Marines and family here at Camp Pendleton. The view that you can even see them from is very restricted, certainly you can’t see it from the public freeway or any of the highly trafficked public roads and even aboard Camp Pendleton it’s a very narrow viewing angle that you have of these crosses and this site.”

But the area has become controversial and more known after a newspaper report last fall detailed the location and posted a picture. In response, several groups filed complaints with Marines arguing the site violated the Constitutional mandate of separation of church and state, including the Military Association of Atheists and Freethinkers or MAAF. They want the crosses moved to a church on private land and flags or some other symbol used instead to mark the site.

(There is no constitutional mandate for separation of church and state)

"This Christian crosses need to go to a private Christian instillation and we need to stick to things that honor everyone equally and maintain neutrality towards government," says association president Jason Torpy.

For 10 years, the crosses have stood on the hill without complaint, but the MAAF says if they don't come down soon, it will file a lawsuit and possibly hold protests outside the Marine base gates. Torpey says the original Marines, while good intentioned, overstepped their bounds by building a shrine without approval or notice from the Corps.

"These Marines were abusing were abusing their access to the installation when they went on to it and starting building things," says Torpy.

Back in 2003, Pastor Scott Radestki climbed the hill as part of the original seven. He's frustrated the debate has come to this and says, "those individuals who have poured out their life, poured out their hope, left those rock stones in mementos at the top of the hill to honor their fallen comrades and to get rid of the burdens and the sadness and frustration so that they can free themselves and make clear decisions and continue to serve in our military focused."

He continues, "I think that is an excellent place to dump it...on top of that hill. And there's a freedom there, there's a hope there, and that's what makes me upset, is that somebody would try to take that away."

U.S. Marine Gunnar Vincens says he's divided on whether the crosses should be taken down. As an atheist in the Marines, he has no objections to a war memorial on the ridge above Camp Horno, “but it is religious in nature and commanders should not bring up marines who may not have the same Christian religious beliefs.”

MAAF and their supporters believe the crosses should be taken down because they're located on federal land and then replaced with something more appropriate in their view, like a flag, eagle, or globe and anchor. Colonel Marano says Marines and others who continue to come here to reflect will be sorry to see them go.

The Commandant of the Marines is expected to rule the cross controversy any day.


Lou Buren of TWAU BLOG: Many atheists today are waging war on anything Christian. I say many but not all. I know people who are atheists and have no problem with crosses being put up for marines. But there are certain types of atheists out there who not only deny God, but have waged war on anything that says his name or provokes thought of him. And it's really sad in my view.

And let me make it clear that there is no constitutional mandate for separation of church and state. The whole concept of separation of church/state came from a letter written by Thomas Jefferson. But was never an actual constitutional item. Keep in mind T. Jefferson was a Christian man. And his letter was never to try to keep church and state separate the way atheists try to twist it into meaning. It was to urge the government to not endorse one religion over another. It never said anything about the government not being involved with religion.

These marines put these crosses up to remember their fallen brothers. And we hope you'll pray that the crosses get to stay. We are also taking action by informing Liberty Counsel of this issue. If you have comments, feel free to leave them below...


Michigan teacher claims she was fired for organizing Trayvon Martin fundraiser

A middle school teacher says she lost her job at a Pontiac, Mich. charter school because she helped students organize a fundraiser for the family of slain Florida teenager Trayvon Martin.

The firing of Brooke Harris, an English and journalism teacher at Pontiac Academy for Excellence Middle School garnered national attention.

On Monday, the Mississippi-based advocacy group Southern Poverty Law Center demanded her reinstatement. The organization has also started a petition that has more than 8,000 signatures so far.

According the the Law Center's Teaching Tolerance blog:

Brooke's students identify with Trayvon Martin. Many of them are African American. Many have been stopped by police who thought they looked suspicious.
In fact, her students engaged so deeply with the issue that they asked to take it beyond essays and class discussions—they wanted to take action to help Trayvon's family.

The fundraiser was proposed for March 28. Students were to don hoodies, which was what Martin was wearing when he was killed. Once a month, the school allows students to pay $1 to wear street clothes instead of their uniform. According to local news reports, the students participating would each donate their $1 fee to the Martin family.

Harris said while the school's principal signed off on the fundraiser, Superintendent Jacqueline Cassell said no because of the manner in which they would be wearing the hoods - over their heads. Harris asked Cassell to meet with the students so they could present their case, but Harris was suspended for two days.

"I was told I was a bad teacher, that I was being unprofessional, that I'm being paid to teach, not to be an activist. When I tried to defend myself, it was construed as insubordination," Harris told the Detroit Free Press.

Harris then returned to school while suspended to drop off prizes for a literacy fair. Harris met with Cassell again and was given a two-week suspension.

"I asked her if she could please tell me what I did wrong to come to the first meeting," Harris said in a report by The Detroit News. "After I asked that question twice, she never gave me an answer — then she fired me."

Cassell said she is a "child of the civil rights movement" and has supported the work of the Southern Poverty Law Center in the past but said "this is not the time in the school year" for efforts that distract from academics, she told The Detroit News.

Cassell claims the protest was not the reason Harris was fired. Harris says she wants her job back, but is unsure if that is possible.


The school did the right thing in letting this teacher go. What the teacher was doing was being an activist. If teachers want to do this type of thing on their own time that's fine. But not on school time. It's unfortunate when anyone dies, but Trayvon most likely contributed to getting himself shot. And the whole hoody thing is ghetto and creepy.

Please join us, and contact the school and let them know you agree with them. Thank you.


Frank Gaffney to Discuss Radical Islam and Sharia Law at The Awakening 2012

Frank Gaffney, Founder and President of the Center for Security Policy in Washington, D.C., will address current and emerging threats to national security from radical Islam and Sharia Law at The Awakening 2012 in Orlando, Florida, on April 20-21. The threat of radical Islam is more widespread than most people think. To deal with the problem, you must first recognize that it exists. Mr. Gaffney is an expert on this issue. Mr. Gaffney served as Deputy Assistant Secretary of Defense for Nuclear Forces and Arms Control Policy in the Reagan Administration. In April 1987, Mr. Gaffney was nominated to the position of U.S. Assistant Secretary of Defense for International Security Policy, and served in that position for seven months.

Join us on April 20-21, where people are united by love for our country’s freedom and our faith.

Register today at www.TheAwakening2012.org. Don’t wait! Reserve your tickets today to ensure your spot at this year’s most educational and exciting political event in Central Florida.

Unite with us as we educate, motivate, and activate you to make a difference. Register for this exciting event at www.TheAwakening2012.org or call 877-810-1776.

April 7, 2012



A presentation by WND’s Jerome Corsi to a standing-room-only crowd has convinced a New Jersey lawmaker and a local sheriff that the issue of President Obama’s eligibility for office “will have to be addressed.”

“The easiest way to put this to rest is to have the records unsealed,” Morris County Sheriff Ed Rochford told the Huffington Post in an email following the April 4 event in Morristown. “Mr. Corsi made a very convincing argument that President Obama may not be a natural born citizen of the United States.”

Likewise, New Jersey Assemblyman Anthony Bucco, R-Boonton, said Corsi’s speech leaves doubts about Obama’s citizenship status. He told the website it is not his place to determine whether Obama is a citizen, and he believes “a higher authority” must resolve the issue.

“I am not in a position to say what he put up on screen is demonstrative of evidence; that is for the court of law,” Bucco said. “This issue has not resolved itself. It won’t until some higher authority is involved.”

The evening was organized by several, including Billy Baer and Dan Haggerty, who cohost the radio program “Patriot’s Watch” in Philadelphia. Corsi told a crowd of 250 people: “The mainstream media has not given this fair treatment. But this is not going away. We really don’t know who our president is.”

Presenting research from “Where’s the Birth Certificate?” and utilizing a MacBook to show documents on a screen, Corsi used Abode Illustrator software to separate the layers of the document released by the White House and zoomed in on irregularities that show the document is a “bad forgery.” In his presentation, he provided evidence of inconsistencies between Hawaii health officials’ statements that there was no long-form birth certificate and Obama’s release of the purported certificate, and discrepancies concerning the name of the hospital where Obama was said to have been born. Corsi reported that Obama may be using a fraudulent Social Security number. He explained the evidence suggestion Selective Service documentation is not genuine, and he also discussed the topic of Obama’s school transcripts – which have yet to be released.

“There were many other talking points that I can say raised ‘a red flag,’” Sheriff Rochford said after the event.

According to the report, Bucco said he wouldn’t oppose a requirement that presidential candidates provide evidence of citizenship before getting on the New Jersey ballot.

“I think everyone should be able to provide something that shows citizenship,” Bucco added.

Meanwhile, Bucco warned that the eligibility issue will not simply disappear.

“He’s sitting in the Oval Office and he’s running again,” he said. “Based on the information that this gentleman put out, it’s not going away. This will have to be answered at some time. It will have to be addressed.”

The following is a video of Corsi’s presentation:



Arizona lawman Joe Arpaio reminded everyone why he’s considered “America’s toughest sheriff” when he took a Fox News anchor to task in a live interview this afternoon.

Appearing on “America Live” with Megyn Kelly, Arpaio told Kelly she was wrong in some of her reporting about a federal investigation into his treatment of Hispanics in Maricopa County, Ariz.

The U.S. Justice Department is looking into allegations of racial profiling, a charge Arpaio denies, and the federal government wants Arpaio to allow an independent monitor to oversee the conduct of his office.

The Obama administration announced it’s now preparing to sue Arpaio. The Justice Department has said negotiations have broken down with the sheriff, who also believes President Obama’s birth certificate and Selective Service card are likely forgeries.

Though Kelly never mentioned concerns over Obama’s eligibility in her interview, she did ask Arpaio why it would be a deal-breaker to have a federal monitor in his presence to make sure everything in his county office were “legit.”

“First of all, I’m the elected, constitutional, legitimate sheriff,” Arpaio said.

“I report to 4 million people in this county, and I’m not going to be controlled by the federal government because they don’t like the way I enforce the illegal-immigration laws. And it’s really interesting they’re cracking down right now. I presume we’re in an election year. You know this started three and a half years ago, 100 days after Obama took office, they went after me. I’m their poster boy.”

“But it started in 2008 under President Bush – the investigation,” Kelly interrupted.

“It did not. It started 100 days under Obama,” Arpaio responded.

“There is a former mayor that made a complaint to the Justice Department, but it was the Obama administration that started the investigation. So they can give all the hype they want for political reasons. But I tried to negotiate. I spent 50 years in law enforcement, many years as a top law-enforcement official with the Department of Justice, so I would like to get this over with.”

“They want to take me to court to send a message,” he added.

Kelly then stated, “They (federal officials) seem to be suggesting the thing that is making the negotiations breakdown is your – this is their characterization – your sudden objection having this independent monitor, something that you hadn’t objected to before, so they think it’s you who’s making the conflict come to a head right now.”

“That is garbage. That is garbage,” Arpaio said angrily. “I publicly said in the past I will never give in to a control by the federal government. That is false, which many other statements they make are false. That is not true.”

When asked where he thought the case would end up, the sheriff responded, “I don’t know. If we go to court, that’s great. Then we’ll see the true story come out. Quite frankly, I don’t think they want to go to court. They don’t have the evidence, so we’ll see.”


Obama and his cronies are really scared right now. That's why they are trying to go after Sheriff Joe so hard right now. They fear him. You can donate to Sheriff Joe's cause by clicking the title headline of this post.


2012 will be a bad year for Obama

By Lou Buren

I predict 2012 will be a bad year for Obama. I predict he will lose the 2012 election by a landslide. He will be beaten by a huge margin. I also predict the supreme court will strike down the individual mandate of ObamaCare.

And I also predict the investigation by Sheriff Joe Arpaio will find so much criminal activity on the Obama camp's part. That he may become the first fraudulent president in history. The first to occupy the white house illegally.

And if he isn't held responsible for it. Then shame on the lawmakers.



WASHINGTON – On the heels of Sheriff Joe Arpaio’s challenge of Barack Obama’s constitutional eligibility for the presidency, the Obama administration announced today it’s preparing to sue the Arizona elected official for alleged civil-rights violations against Latinos in a crackdown on illegal immigrants.

The administration’s Justice Department and the Maricopa County Sheriff’s Office have been in settlement talks for months over Obama administration allegations that officers made unlawful stops and arrests of Latinos, used excessive force against them and failed to adequately protect the Hispanic community.

Those negotiations broke down about the time Arpaio held a news conference in Phoenix announcing that preliminary findings of a six-month law-enforcement probe found the birth certificate Obama posted on the White House website was fraudulent.

“We believe that you are wasting time and not negotiating in good faith,” Roy Austin, deputy assistant attorney general in the Justice Department’s civil rights division, said in a letter to the lawyer for Maricopa County Sheriff’s Office.

Austin said in the letter that Arpaio’s team demanded that a meeting slated for tomorrow include for the first time negotiations over the monitor and previously had demanded that the Justice Department provide more details about its findings.

“MCSO’s refusal to engage in good faith negotiations requires us to prepare for civil (court) action,” Austin said. He added that the Justice Department has recently discovered more information about the “failure to reasonably investigate sex crimes” by Arpaio’s office.

The Justice Department in a December report outlined numerous alleged civil rights violations, including that Latino drivers were four to nine times more likely to be stopped than non-Latinos by Arpaio’s force.

The sheriff has steadfastly denied any wrongdoing and lashed out at the Obama administration for targeting his department and failing to deal with the problem of illegal immigration with some 11.5 million believed to be in the United States.

In a strongly worded statement on Tuesday, Arpaio said the appointment of a monitor would force him to abdicate responsibility for his police force, including decisions about policies, operations, jail programs and enforcement.

“To the Obama administration, who is attempting to strong arm me into submission only for its political gain, I say: This will not happen, not on my watch!” Arpaio said in the statement.

Arpaio announced today his investigation of Obama was expanding into election irregularities in 2008, based on claims by supporters of Hillary Rodham Clinton, then Obama’s challenger for the Democratic nomination.


Lou Buren of TWAU BLOG: Clearly Obama is targeting Sheriff Arpaio in retaliation of his investigation into his eligibility. Sheriff Joe is doing an outstanding job with the investigation. He truly is America's top cop. Obama's bogus accusations against Arpaio will not hold up. Much like Obama's individual mandate will not hold up in the Supreme courts decision.

Gay teen sues Ohio school for banning 'Jesus Is Not a Homophobe' shirt

WAYNESVILLE, Ohio – A gay Ohio teenager filed a federal lawsuit against his high school Tuesday after he was forbidden from wearing a T-shirt bearing the slogan "Jesus Is Not a Homophobe."

Maverick Couch, 17, told the Cincinnati Enquirer that officials at Waynesville High School said he could not wear the garment at school because it was "indecent and sexual in nature."


Lou Buren of TWAU BLOG: I believe the school made the right decision regarding the shirt. This poor mislead teen. I hope he will somehow be lead to the light. Jesus loves him and all people. But homosexuality is a perverse sin that Jesus wants him and others to repent from. The Bible says that those who live such a life-style will not be permitted into Heaven.

So that's why it is important that we Christians pray for and try to teach people what the Bible says. Join us in praying for the teen, that he might be saved from sin. Homophobe is just a made up word created by liberals, but by their own definition Jesus would be considered a homophobe.


George Zimmerman

Zimmerman’s brother says medical records will prove that George Zimmerman was attacked by Trayvon Martin in a Florida neighborhood before the 17-year-old was shot to death by Zimmerman. A surveillance video released to ABC showed that Zimmerman appeared to have no wounds on his body after he killed the teenager. In an interview last night, Robert Zimmerman said medical records will prove otherwise. (CNN)

Lou Buren: My opinion is Zimmerman is guilty. I think he probably was attacked by Trayvon. But most likely because he was antagonized by Zimmerman. First of all, a neighborhood watch person isn't suppose to follow people. If they see something suspicious they are suppose to call police.

This Zimmerman fella, followed Trayvon and probably got in a verbal shouting altercation with him. The only way Zimmerman should have been justified in using a gun is if Trayvon also had a gun and had it drawn. I think tempers were high and Trayvon was shot. And in an attempt to avoid prosecution Zimmerman is claiming he feared for his life.

Few things that shouldn't have happened,(1) black male wearing a hoody should never be out late creeping around neighborhoods. (2) Neighborhood watch guy should have stayed in his house and called 911. Now it's in the authorities hands.



A coalition of organizations led by officials at the Rutherford Institute is urging members of Congress not to even consider plans to revive the failed Real ID Act of 2005, which mandated “costly and restrictive” nationwide standards for a drivers’ license database.

The plan, although made into law, never has been implemented, and according to John Whitehead of the Rutherford Institute, half the states adopted resolutions or other prohibitions on the federal plan.

Those included Alaska, Arizona, Arkansas, Colorado, Georgia, Hawaii, Idaho, Illinois, Louisiana, Maine, Minnesota, Missouri, Montana, Nebraska, Nevada, New Hampshire, North Dakota, Oklahoma, Oregon, South Carolina, South Dakota, Tennessee, Utah, Virginia and Washington, and officials said 15 of them actually adopted laws prohibiting the implementation of the act.

The new coalition includes the American Civil Liberties Union, the American Library Association, Asian Law Caucus, Constitutional Alliance, Consumer Watchdog, Electronic Frontier Foundation, Electronic Privacy Information Center, Floridians against REAL ID, Liberty Coalition and others representing a broad range across the spectrum of politically active groups.

“Civil and privacy rights advocates, as well as liberal-, conservative-, and libertarian-leaning organizations, have long raised concerns that a national ID card would enable the government to track citizens and, thus, jeopardize the privacy rights of Americans,” Whitehead said.

“When all is said and done, the adoption of a national ID card serves one purpose only: to provide the government with the ultimate control over the American people,” he said.

The letter, addressed to representatives, explains: “We the undersigned organizations write today to express our opposition to any effort by Congress or the Department of Homeland Security to force states to comply with the Real ID Act of 2005.”

Although the law gave states three years to comply with “restrictive federal licensing standards” and create a national database of license information, individual birth certificates and other personal information, it never has been completed.

States’ rights organizations say it simply is a rejection on the part of states of the federal government’s intrusion into their affairs.

“Groups from across the political spectrum opposed it. Supporters of fiscal conservatism and federalism decried it as an unfunded mandate that trampled on the Tenth Amendment. Civil rights and civil liberties groups worried that the act lacked sufficient protections and might increase racial discrimination. Defenders of religious freedom described its negative impact on the Amish and other religious denominations. Consumer groups feared it would result in an expansive and cumbersome new bureaucracy. Advocates against domestic violence believed it would expose personal information about survivors of domestic violence and sexual assault,” according to the letter.

Further, “they believed it would facilitate tracking of data on individuals and bring government into the very center of every citizen’s life.”

And the costs, estimated originally at $23 billion, were outlandish, states decided.

Now the federal government, if it tried to impose the system, would fail, the letter said.

“DHS cannot mandate compliance because implementing its sole penalty under the statute – barring the use of non-compliant licenses for boarding airplanes – would bring air travel to a halt,” the letter said.

The letter to the House Judicial Subcommittee on Crime said the only possible outcome to an attempt to enforce the plan would be “harm” to individual liberties and a “waste” of taxpayer resources.

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Lou Buren of TWAU BLOG: If you'll notice, the federal government is relentlessly trying to pry into the personal lives of Americans. The ObamaCare bill that is very intrusive into our lives. And then this! Friends, this is exactly why 2012 must be an anybody but Obama vote! Get your friends and families out in November, and vote for the GOP nominee! It doesn't matter who it is! Vote Obama out!!

Can a liberal be a Christian?

By Lou Buren

I guess that depends on how liberal someone is. First off, let me say politics and faith go hand in hand. There is no separation of church and state. There is no law stating there is, and there is nothing in the constitution that says there is. A persons faith defines who they are. And so does a lack of faith.

Let's take a look at liberals, they typically support or advocate things of a wicked nature. Things that a Christian would not. Things like abortion and homosexuality. They typically believe the evolution lie over creation by God.

So because of the type of things they advocate, I'd have to say NO it's not possible to be a liberal and a Christian. Just like it's not possible to be a police officer and a bank robber. I mean the bank robber could call himself a police officer, but the two titles conflict with the actions involved too much for one to also be the other.

Now let's take a look at the liberal phrase (pro-choice). Isn't that a nice word, that makes people think it could be something good? I mean everyone loves choices right? And Christians are typically (pro-life). Let me ask you something, what is the opposite of life? The opposite of life is death. So if you are not in favor of life, your (pro-death). Doesn't sound so nice now does it? That's what happens when you shine light on darkness.

There is never ever a reason for a woman to have an abortion. And I mean no reason ever. Some might argue that and ask "What if the woman was raped"? Ok, say she was raped. The rapist is a criminal and deserves to be in prison. But the baby is innocent. Why kill a child for what it's father did? The Bible is clear in it's teachings that God knit us in our mothers womb.

That means life is created at conception. No one should have the right to kill an unborn child, just as no one should have the right to kill a child of any other age. Because age is the only difference here. A baby should not ever be slaughtered for any reason. God put guidelines on sex for a reason. One man and one woman are to be married before they ever have sex. Sex in wed-lock is the only way God allows us to have sex.

All other sex is sin. If people lived by Gods word and laws, most of the terrible things people deal with now wouldn't be an issue.

Just some thoughts from yours truly.