Liberty Counsel Applauds Jackson County Schools for Protecting Graduation Messages

Yesterday, the Jackson County School Board in Mississippi unanimously passed a student speech policy, which will allow the senior class to pick a student speaker to deliver a two-minute message before and after graduation. The contents of that speech may or may not include a prayer.
Randal Turner, Secretary of the Jackson County School District, explained, “The policy is intended to allow the graduating class to pick a speaker, who can choose to say anything that he or she wants as long as it is not vulgar. They are not speaking on behalf of the school board, but the senior class. They can choose to pray. Prayer is not vulgar.”

America needs more school board members, like Jackson County’s, with backbone to stand boldly against the intimidating tactics of the ACLU or Freedom From Religion Foundation. Liberty Counsel vows to stand with you against religious bigotry.

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