The Obama administration attacking Biblical standards

Obama and his cronies are attacking  Gods Biblical standard on marriage by asking the supreme court to find the DOMA act unconstitutional. It's bad enough that some states are allowing the abomination of gay marriages take place, but now Obama is seeking to make it ok on a federal level. What a hypocritical thing for Obama to do. He's on record as claiming to be a Christian. And then he advocates and fights for sinful things.

We here at TWAU- BLOG simply shake our heads in disbelief at Obama and his wicked actions. Please continue to pray for our nation. God is in control.



CLICK HERE  for article.  News outlets are calling it a meteor over Russia. Some alternative news sources say Russia shot down a UFO. But one thing is certain, it was quite a site for those who saw it first hand. To me it looked like something out of a sci-fi movie. As for what it actually was, your guess is as good as mine:)


Carman diagnosed with cancer

 Carman Licciardello had this to say on his official Facebook page:

I have delayed writing this but those of you I call friends and supporters, who have prayed for me and this ministry need to know about this new battle that lies ahead. One week ago I was diagnosed with Myeloma Cancer. It is incurable and I've been given a 3-4 year window of time. Tomorrow I go in for my first bone biopsy and the process will start. I used to go to movies in the afternoon, now I go see doctors. I write these things for a few reasons. First, I want to put an end to all the rumors. Second, I ask for your prayers. And 3rd, I want you all to know that I will continue to minister and win souls until I can't do it any longer. My life has always been about ministry. I have a call of God to touch lives with the gospel of Jesus Christ and that's what I will do until the Lord calls me home. Please, do not allow this facebook site to be an ongoing blog for cancer treatment remedy's. That would be depressing to everyone. If you have any insight you can message me personally. But I want to encourage you, if you can, to please come see me the next time I'm in your area. Bring someone who doesn't know the Lord or who needs to be healed. I will always pray for the sick and I'm also going to step up the intensity of my message at these events. I will not leave this world quietly and I want the devil to know that he put cancer on absolutely the wrong Italian. I have a few good years and before it's too late I want to see your faces, shake your hands and hug your necks. But mostly I want to see one of you get healed of what threatens your future and I really want to see someone you love come to Christ. Now lets get back to business, we have to work while its day for soon the night comes.
I love you all-C

I have been a fan of Carman for many years. He has always been a great minister for Christ and a winner of souls. Our prayers go out for him that Jesus might heal him of this disease. We love you Carman! Below is a video of Carman singing one of his wonderful hit songs.


Recent news

Ex-cop Christopher Dorner engaged in a shoot out with authorities yesterday in the Big Bear community. He is believed to be dead after the cabin he was hiding in went down in flames. Investigations continue...
Obama's policies are really kicking in, people are losing jobs all over the nation. I wonder how long it will take his admirers to figure out he has screwed the nation over. His tax and healthcare policies are at work here. 
The pope has recently resigned. And Obama continues to push gun control. Please check back with us for more news updates.