Founding father quote

These days judicial tyranny has spewed it's evil all over our culture. Liberal activist judges ruling in favor of sin. Liberal law makers passing wicked laws in favor of sin. Our constitution perverted by wicked lawyers and judges as well as liberal politicians. It really is a sad state that we are in. These are the days that are as the days of Noah.


Have a safe and happy Halloween

Many say Christians shouldn't celebrate Halloween. Well, I say yes they can. We aren't celebrating evil or monsters. We are celebrating a time where kids can get candy (which will be moderated by parents) and have a good time. I suggest nice costumes if the kids are dressing up. Not ugly demonic outfits.

Dick Cheney: Obama ‘without a clue’

Dick Cheney: Obama ‘without a clue’

I disagree with Cheney. I think Obama knows exactly what he's doing. He has a whacked out agenda. An agenda that includes disarming Americans and creating a one world global government. We can only hope that America is still standing by the end of his term. God help us...


Genesis and marriage

DID YOU KNOW that Jesus Christ Himself, when asked questions about divorce (Matthew 19), referred to the origin and basis of marriage in Genesis? He quoted from both Genesis chapters 1 and 2, which lay the foundation for the doctrine of true marriage.

The Bible's first book clearly teaches that Adam and Eve became "one flesh" as husband and wife. From that teaching, we understand true marriage to be between one man and one woman.

The biblical standard for marriage is found in Genesis. Visit Answers In Genesis for more information.


10-year-old ‘bride’ argues marriage not for children

10-year-old ‘bride’ argues marriage not for children

There are no words to express how sad this makes me. Innocent children being victimized. Part of the dangers of partaking in teachings of the devil. Islam is a doctrine of demons. Pray for these kids.


‘Thuggery’ sparks talk of impeachment

‘Thuggery’ sparks talk of impeachment

I would love nothing more than to see this socialist scum removed from office by impeachment. Feel free to leave comments as to why you would love to see Obama impeached...


Big Show knocks out the COO of the WWE

I have been a WWE fan for many many years. And the RAW show last Monday was great for me. I have been waiting for Big Show to knock Triple H out. And last Monday it came. It was awesome. And it goes to show that if Big Show is angry, there isn't much that can stop him.

Disclaimer: We know that wrestling is scripted, but rest assured wrestling is as real as any other sport.


Fat burning work out

The above video focuses on legs. But it is a great fat burning work out. Doing exercises such as squats naturally boost testosterone in the male body.


Heather Koon is arrested for raping an infant at a daycare - FOX19.com-Cincinnati News, Weather & Sports

Heather Koon is arrested for raping an infant at a daycare - FOX19.com-Cincinnati News, Weather & Sports

I'm sad to say I am not shocked at this. In today's sin filled world things like this are becoming the norm. This is the kind of world that liberals create with their idea's. Failed parenting and lack of Biblical teachings in children result in people like this. Evil people. Very sickening. :(