Video: Newt Gingrich tears up in Iowa while speaking about his mother

DES MOINES, Iowa--In a rare personal moment on the campaign trail for Newt Gingrich, the former House Speaker and Republican presidential candidate broke down when asked to speak about his mother, Kathleen Gingrich.

At a town hall meeting at a coffee shop here, Gingrich reflected on the role his mother played in his life, and spoke about her struggles with bipolar disorder and depression. She died in 2003.

"I'm better at talking policy than personal," he said, wiping tears from his eyes.

Sure Newt has made some mistakes in his past, but who hasn't? No one is perfect. And every single candidate who is plugging for the presidency has just as much if not more past baggage.
But as far as Newt's qualifications to be president, trust me he has them. He's an extremely intelligent man and he understands what our founding fathers wanted for this nation.

We here at TWAU BLOG went from endorsing Herman Cain (who dropped out of the race) to now endorsing whoever Obama's opponent ends up being. Because we believe this 2012 election must be an anybody but Obama vote.

If you love this nation, and want it to live on. You must vote for who ever Obama's opponent is, no matter who it is. Obama must be removed from office. Or we quiver to think how it all will end in America.



Wearable Robots Help Paralyzed Warriors Walk Again

Walking is one of the many things in life that most of us take for granted. Now, for those who can’t, a technological marvel could prove miraculous.

A Defense Department program to develop super-strong soldiers has led to a wearable robot that enables paraplegics to walk.

At 10 leading rehab facilities from Honolulu to Atlanta, Ekso Bionics' Iron Man-style exoskeletons have been quietly tested over the past year, to resounding success.

Simply put, the exoskeleton is a wearable robot that allows a wheelchair user to stand up and walk. It could be a game-changer not only for wounded warriors with spinal cord injuries, but for people with multiple sclerosis, Guillain-Barre syndrome, lower extremity weakness or paralysis due to neurological disease or spinal injury.

Wheelchairs have been the go-to solution for more than 1,500 years – the 2002 census estimated 2.8 million U.S. citizens rely on them -- but now Ekso Bionics is literally revolutionizing this space. Its ultimate goal: a robot that is as easy to wear as a pair of jeans, one that requires not only innovative engineering but biomechanics advancements and cyborg-type research.

“Making a robot itself is difficult enough. To add that to the body and put it on like a pair of jeans is a whole other level,” Ekso Bionics CEO Eythor Bender said at a March TEDMed conference in Long Beach, Calif.

The exoskeleton has four electric motors that replicate a person’s hips and knees. Fifteen sensors are networked with a computer that sits on the user’s back and acts as a “brain.” A battery pack provides four hours of endurance.

While users learn to walk with the exoskeleton -- for some, it is quite literally their first steps -- physical therapists hold a remote control to assist, support and guide them. The Ekso is designed to make the gait as natural as possible, which is particularly important for users who are relearning how to walk.

The exoskeleton can be modified to fit a person ranging from 5-foot-2 to 6-foot-2, with a maximum weight of 220 pounds. While there are some contraindications, many are capable of passing the medical screening and evaluation to use the device, the company has said.

In its current phase, a candidate must have the upper body strength to transfer from a wheelchair to a regular chair and to balance with crutches.

The next stage involves artificial intelligence and the user going solo. With that model, he’ll be able to initiate a step by leading with his arms and crutches and driving the opposite foot forward. The Ekso’s brain identifies body movement signals and converts them into movement of the exoskelton’s “hips” and “knees.”

This next generation will be available for trial within the next six months; it is currently undergoing clinical trials at the Kessler Institute.


Wow, talk about exciting stuff. This is a great break through in science. People will be able to walk again with this. Some good news in my opinion.

Texas Teen Ben Breedlove Posted Powerful Videos Before Christmas Death

A Texas teenager who said he cheated death three times despite a dangerous heart condition died Christmas night from a heart attack, but not before posting a two-part video on YouTube telling his story and describing a series of powerful visions.

In the videos that have since gone viral, 18-year-old Ben Breedlove of Austin can be seen silently sitting in a room and using handwritten note cards to tell his story. The teen suffered from hypertrophic cardiomyopathy, a condition in which one part of the heart is thicker than the other parts, making it difficult for the heart to pump blood.

He described cheating death three times.

The most recent scare was Dec. 6, when he passed out at school and awoke surrounded by EMS medics preparing to use shock pads to revive him.

He posted a two-part video Dec. 18 titled "This is my story." One week later, on Christmas night, he suffered a heart attack and died. As of this afternoon, the first video had been viewed online more than 476,000 times.

"It was obvious to all of us that knew him that he knew what he was doing when he made that video," close family-friend Pam Kohler said. "There are times that [the family is] overwhelmed by the pain and the loss of Ben, but then it's replaced with knowing that he was at peace with what was going to happen."

Kohler said Breedlove loved coming to her house in the country where he taught her how to make and post YouTube videos for her husband's business and loved going hunting with him.

He had two popular YouTube channels, "BreedloveTV" and "OurAdvice4You," on which he would talk about his own life as well as dishing out relationship advice for his peers. Facebook and YouTube have been inundated with tributes to Breedlove.

"When you think of Ben, you can't help but smile," Kohler said. "He was curious, creative. You never knew what he was up to. He was always full of surprises. We look on all of it as a gift from God through Ben."

Kohler and her husband, Mark Kohler, were driving to the Breedlove home Christmas when they first realized something might be wrong.

"We were going over to share Christmas dinner with them that night and on our way over there, a police car passed us with sirens on," Kohler said. "My husband said, 'Start praying because it could be Ben.'"

When they arrived at the house, they saw ambulances and fire trucks. Breedlove had had a heart attack and medics were trying to revive him. He made it to the hospital, but died there.

At this point, Kohler said the family did not know about Breedlove's last videos. He had shared his visions with his sister, but no one had seen the videos.

He said in the video, through note cards, that the first time he cheated death was when he was 4 and described an experience he had in the hospital as he was being wheeled on a stretcher.

"There was this big bright light above me ... I couldn't make out what is was because it was so bright. I told my mom, 'Look at the bright light' and pointed up. She said she didn't see anything," Breedlove wrote. "There were no lights on in this hall. I couldn't take my eyes off it. And I couldn't help but smile. I had no worries at all, like nothing else in the world mattered."

As Breedlove held up each card telling the story, he alternated serious looks with broad smiles. "I cannot even begin to describe the peace, how peaceful it was," he wrote. "I will NEVER forget that feeling or that day.

"Because of the experiences he'd had, he was ready and he was prepared. He really wanted to know that peace again. He was facing more hospital stays and he was tired of it," Kohler said. "He wanted [his family] to know that he wasn't scared and was looking forward to returning to that place."

In the videos, Breedlove went through the details of his journey.

video platformvideo managementvideo solutionsvideo player


This is a good reminder for us, that God does exist! And death isn't the end of the road. We all will stand before God one day. Be ready!


Is Your Christian Faith Coming Under Attack?

All across our nation there have been waves of intolerance directed at Christians because of their faith. Student messages about the Ten Commandments were ripped off their lockers by school administrators. A student speaker was threatened with arrest if she prayed during her graduation. School personnel were dragged into court for a simple blessing over a meal, and teachers hid in closets to pray. A pastor was banned from a classroom Career Day solely because of his profession of faith. Historic displays of the Ten Commandments are continually being threatened by radicals.

Is this really America?

This is a world unimaginable to our Founders. The very words they wrote to protect us from religious persecution are being twisted into condemnation against our religious expression. However, all is not lost. In each of these situations listed above, Liberty Counsel got involved and made a difference.

The graduation speaker prayed and received a standing ovation from her peers. The pastor was able to share his passion for Kenyan orphans, broadening the vision and hearts of the listeners. School administrators were educated, the Ten Commandments posters returned and Liberty Counsel is continuing to actively defending historical displays in public places.

In each instance where people who needed help turned to Liberty Counsel, we were able to make the difference. Every time a situation like this arises and we are able to intervene, it is an opportunity to improve our nation. Each time we right a wrong, it helps preserve the foundation of our society. Our ultimate success is dependant on never giving up.

Just as each person relied on Liberty Counsel, we are relying on the supporters of this ministry. Because of you, we were able to turn around many bad situations into opportunities for the glory of God.

Please join with us so that we can continue to provide our legal services at no cost to everyone who needs us. Our legal staff is passionate about their calling at Liberty Counsel. They regularly work 10, 15, and sometimes 19-hour days to try to meet the needs of those who rely on us, and we must be able to show up where we are needed.

Please help us help others with your donation. We ask that you prayerfully consider joining with other friends of Liberty Counsel by giving your best possible year-end gift.

Even if you have given before, there is still time to give a final tax-deductible gift for this year. Here is how you can help:

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Boehner Facing Unrest in Caucus Over Payroll Tax Cut Deal

House Speaker John Boehner is facing the ire of his caucus after striking a deal over their heads to extend the payroll tax cut for two months.

But whether those complaints could imperil his speakership remains to be seen, as the veteran lawmaker and GOP leader projects the message that he did the best he could in tough political circumstances.

In striking the deal with Senate Democratic Leader Harry Reid, Boehner effectively acknowledged that House Republicans were in danger of taking the fall for a tax hike on Jan. 1. Ron Bonjean, a former top aide to ex-Speaker Dennis Hastert, credited Boehner with giving his members a chance to make their case but said he had to strike a balance.

"When their position became unsustainable, the speaker took a leadership position," Bonjean said.

Whether Boehner's members will see it that way is another matter.

After Boehner unveiled the last-minute deal with Republican rank-and-file late Thursday in a curt conference call, members were incensed.

"He may have a hard time keeping his speakership after this," one GOP lawmaker said. "He's got a big problem when he comes back."


I believe that Boehner did make a leadership decision. He made a choice that prolonged the tax cuts. Sure it's only two months. But it's better than being at a stalemate over the issue.

At least he got something done. And further tax cuts can still be talked about.
Lou B. contributor for TWAU BLOG


Court Blocks Florida Inmates From Having Pen Pal Ads

A federal appeals court on Thursday rejected a complaint from pen-pal services that challenged a Florida policy banning inmates from advertising themselves on the online sites.

The operators of WriteAPrisoner.com and two other services claimed the policy violated the free speech rights of the state's inmates. But the 11th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals sided with state officials who argued the Match.com-style listings could lead to security problems.

It's the latest decision in an ongoing legal feud between the online pen-pal sites and corrections officials who have adopted similar policies in several other states. The federal appeals court in Chicago in July upheld a similar restriction adopted by the Indiana Department of Correction.

Florida officials prohibited the online ads in 2004 after receiving complaints about pen pal scams. The rule allowed inmates to correspond with pen pals but banned them from placing ads on sites to find new pals. Inmates who ignore the rule could have privileges such as visitation or phone calls revoked.

WriteAPrisoner and two letter services, Freedom Through Christ Prison Ministry and Prison Pen Pals, argue that the sites play a valuable role in helping inmates. They say many people who use the sites are from religious groups, and that they help inmates rehabilitate by providing them more contact with the outside world.

But prison officials countered that the sites could lead to more money and contraband entering the facilities. The department would have to assign more staffers and to comb through mail to root out any signs of fraudulent schemes or illegal material, state officials said in court records.

In an 18-page ruling, Circuit Judge Charles R. Wilson concluded that allowing inmates to post ads on the sites would place an extra burden on already-strained prison staffs. He said the rules don't violate the inmates' rights, and noted they still allow them to "glean the positive influence" from pen pals using sites that don't require ads.

Florida corrections spokeswoman Ann Howard said the state is pleased with the ruling. WriteAPrisoner.com owner Adam Lovell said the decision blocks his site from offering rehabilitative services to Florida inmates that could have helped reduce recidivism. He is considering whether to appeal.

"The department's rule and today's decision solved a non-existent problem," he said. "It is a sad day for us, but we proudly move on with the support of a very strong base committed to prison reform."

Lovell said the policy has prevented any inmates in Florida state prisons from posting ads, but his site features more than 170 listings from Florida members in federal prison.

They range from a 34-year-old man seeking a pen-pal to ease his "loneliness and despair" to a 32-year-old female who jokes of living in a "wonderful gated community equipped with 24 hour armed security and surveillance."


This was a wise ruling by the courts. Inmates use sites like this to send messages about drop offs of contraband to prisons. And to prey on women, even minors. Most prisons, especially California state prisons are far too easy on inmates. Pretty much catering to them on every issue.

The courts need to step in and take more things away from inmates, not spoil them further. Prison is suppose to be hard not easy. Get a clue judges!

Christmas According to Marx and Lenin, by Ronald Reagan

The war against Christmas has only recently come to this nation, but repressive governments in other parts of the world have banned that holy day for many years. From 1969 to 1997, Christmas was banned in Cuba. Christianity Today in 2002 reported that in the Vietnamese province of Dak Lak, children's choirs were forbidden to sing "Silent Night." Such examples are endless. Repressive forces have always had the same goal - to first secularize and then to eliminate Christmas.

Communist leaders of the former Soviet Union banned Christmas, changed the words to Christmas songs and folded all Christmas celebrations into a New Year celebration.

Christians exhibited bravery and courage in confronting Communism's anti-Christmas campaign. One person recalled how the young people would go out in the streets and sing Christmas carols, knowing that if police heard them, they would be arrested. In Communist Romania, Geza Palffy, a priest, delivered a sermon in 1983 protesting against the fact that December 25th had been declared a work day instead of a holiday. The next day he was arrested by secret police, beaten, imprisoned and died.

Before becoming President, Ronald Reagan delivered more than 1,000 three-minute radio broadcasts, writing nearly all of them himself. In one broadcast he told a fascinating story about how Communists gradually changed Christmas in the Ukraine.

Reagan's broadcast recounted that both inside and outside the Iron Curtain, Ukrainians never stopped singing: "We beg you our Lord, we pray to you today. Grant us freedom, return glory to our Mother Ukraine." He ended with: "I guess we all hope their prayer is answered."

And indeed it was.


Gingrich wins Tea Party Patriots straw poll

(CNN) - Former House Speaker Newt Gingrich won a straw poll hosted by the Tea Party Patriots Sunday.

The Tea Party Patriots announced the results Monday following a conference call held late Sunday when more than 23,000 supporters across the country voted on their selection for the 2012 GOP presidential nomination.

"An overwhelming number of activists from around the nation showed they are serious about electing a candidate who advances tea party principles," said National Coordinator Jenny Beth Martin.

But she added, "Just as in 2010, candidates like Newt Gingrich will need to show they will be fiscally responsible and protect the Constitution in the White House."

Former Massachusetts Gov. Mitt Romney, Minnesota Rep. Michele Bachmann, former House Speaker Newt Gingrich, and former Pennsylvania Sen. Rick Santorum all responded to questions selected by tea party coordinators that were provided to the candidates in advance.

Iowa Rep. Steve King prefaced candidate responses by observing, "I could make a perfect candidate out of the components" of contenders, but no perfect selection for the GOP nomination exists.

"No candidate has articulated the depth of the financial crisis that we're in," King said. "I want a presidential candidate to give us a date certain by which we would balance the budget."

The congressman, an active tea party supporter, is a kingmaker in the first-in-the-nation caucus state whose endorsement would benefit any campaign. Though he is close with Bachmann, he has not publicly endorsed her candidacy.

Romney touted the importance of America remaining a "merit society" as opposed to an "entitlement nation" on the call, and Bachmann pledged to repeal "Obamacare" by leading the charge to pick up Republican seats in the Senate.

She likened the strategy to that of President Obama's, whom Bachmann said "stole" the Minnesota Senate election that delivered a victory to Sen. Al Franken and sealed the Democratic majority in the chamber.

Santorum trumpeted his Senate experience saying, "I was the only one in this race who actually ended a federal entitlement. Newt talks about it as the speaker, but he wasn't the leader. I was the leader. I actually wrote the Contract with America welfare reform bill and said he was "passionate" about the balanced budget amendment.

Gingrich also reflected on his time in Congress. "When I was speaker, we made the decision to balance the budget," Gingrich said. "It took us about three years, we balanced it for four straight years."

But, according to Gingrich, "(President) Obama has us in much worse shape, so I think it'll take about five years."

Following questions with the candidates, supporters were able to select their choice for the 2012 Republican nomination and rate their enthusiasm for each individual candidate as hypothetical nominee.

Gingrich received 31% support, followed by Bachmann at 28%, and Romney at 20%. Sixteen percent of participants voted for Santorum, 3% selected Texas Rep. Ron Paul, and less than one percent chose Huntsman.

Gingrich may have won the Tea Party Patriots straw poll, but was edged out for the enthusiasm vote amongst supporters. Just slightly more of the participants said they'd by extremely enthusiastic if Bachmann were the nominee over Gingrich at 36-35% –27% said they'd be extremely enthusiastic for Santorum, and one quarter said they'd be extremely enthusiastic if Romney secured the nomination for president.

The tea party group also used the teleforum as a fundraising opportunity, with the goal of banking $25,000 for their activities. By the call's end, they claimed to have raised $22,000.




Military given go-ahead to detain US terrorist suspects without trial

Civil rights groups dismayed as Barack Obama abandons commitment to veto new security law contained in defence bill

Of course Obama won't veto it! He is all for this type of thing. If people can't see that, they are truly blind.

Americans can be arrested on home soil and taken to Guantánamo Bay under a provision inserted into the bill that funds the US military.

Barack Obama has abandoned a commitment to veto a new security law that allows the military to indefinitely detain without trial American terrorism suspects arrested on US soil who could then be shipped to Guantánamo Bay.

Human rights groups accused the president of deserting his principles and disregarding the long-established principle that the military is not used in domestic policing. The legislation has also been strongly criticised by libertarians on the right angered at the stripping of individual rights for the duration of "a war that appears to have no end".

The law, contained in the defence authorisation bill that funds the US military, effectively extends the battlefield in the "war on terror" to the US and applies the established principle that combatants in any war are subject to military detention.

The legislation's supporters in Congress say it simply codifies existing practice, such as the indefinite detention of alleged terrorists at Guantánamo Bay. But the law's critics describe it as a draconian piece of legislation that extends the reach of detention without trial to include US citizens arrested in their own country.

"It's something so radical that it would have been considered crazy had it been pushed by the Bush administration," said Tom Malinowski of Human Rights Watch. "It establishes precisely the kind of system that the United States has consistently urged other countries not to adopt. At a time when the United States is urging Egypt, for example, to scrap its emergency law and military courts, this is not consistent."

There was heated debate in both houses of Congress on the legislation, requiring that suspects with links to Islamist foreign terrorist organisations arrested in the US, who were previously held by the FBI or other civilian law enforcement agencies, now be handed to the military and held indefinitely without trial.

The law applies to anyone "who was a part of or substantially supported al-Qaida, the Taliban or associated forces".

Senator Lindsey Graham said the extraordinary measures were necessary because terrorism suspects were wholly different to regular criminals.

"We're facing an enemy, not a common criminal organisation, who will do anything and everything possible to destroy our way of life," he said. "When you join al-Qaida you haven't joined the mafia, you haven't joined a gang. You've joined people who are bent on our destruction and who are a military threat."

Graham added that it was right that Americans should be subject to the detention law as well as foreigners. "It is not unfair to make an American citizen account for the fact that they decided to help Al Qaeda to kill us all and hold them as long as it takes to find intelligence about what may be coming next," he said. "And when they say, 'I want my lawyer,' you tell them, 'Shut up. You don't get a lawyer.'"

(That's exactly what should be told to all inmates, even in state prisons)

Other senators supported the new powers on the grounds that al-Qaida was fighting a war inside the US and that its followers should be treated as combatants, not civilians with constitutional protections.

But another conservative senator, Rand Paul, a strong libertarian, has said "detaining citizens without a court trial is not American" and that if the law passes "the terrorists have won".

"We're talking about American citizens who can be taken from the United States and sent to a camp at Guantánamo Bay and held indefinitely. It puts every single citizen American at risk," he said. "Really, what security does this indefinite detention of Americans give us? The first and flawed premise, both here and in the badly named Patriot Act, is that our pre-9/11 police powers were insufficient to stop terrorism. This is simply not borne out by the facts."

Paul was backed by Senator Dianne Feinstein.

"Congress is essentially authorising the indefinite imprisonment of American citizens, without charge," she said. "We are not a nation that locks up its citizens without charge."

Paul said there were already strong laws against support for terrorist groups. He noted that the definition of a terrorism suspect under existing legislation was so broad that millions of Americans could fall within it.

"There are laws on the books now that characterise who might be a terrorist: someone missing fingers on their hands is a suspect according to the department of justice. Someone who has guns, someone who has ammunition that is weatherproofed, someone who has more than seven days of food in their house can be considered a potential terrorist," Paul said. "If you are suspected because of these activities, do you want the government to have the ability to send you to Guantánamo Bay for indefinite detention?"


Folks, The Obama administration have gone too far! As they always do! Americans have the right to be considered innocent until proven guilty in a court of law. Well, this thing would strip Americans of that right. If Obama don't like you for whatever reason, you could be picked up and tossed into gitmo on false but standing charges.

It's stuff like this that makes Obama dangerous to have in office. He is constantly working on evil bills. It's time he is voted out! This year (2012) it must be an anybody but Obama vote! Even if you don't really care for the other guy. You must agree that they have to be better than Obama.


Feds say 'toughest sheriff in America' violated civil rights

APNewsBreak: Feds say Arpaio violated civil rights

PHOENIX (AP) — The federal government issued a scathing report Thursday that outlines how Maricopa County Sheriff Joe Arpaio's office has committed a wide range of civil rights violations against Latinos, including a pattern of racial profiling and discrimination and carrying out heavy-handed immigration patrols based on racially charged citizen complaints.

The report, obtained by The Associated Press ahead of its release, is a result of the U.S. Justice Department's three-year investigation of Arpaio's office amid complaints of racial profiling and a culture of bias at the agency's top level.

The Justice Department's conclusions in the civil probe mark the federal government's harshest rebuke of a national political fixture who has risen to prominence for his immigration crackdowns and became coveted endorsement among candidates in the GOP presidential field.


Sheriff Arpaio is an extremely good cop. He has been a true leader in the fight to secure our borders. And he isn't afraid to crack down on illegal's being in our country. The FEDS can word it however they like, they can call it profiling etc. but the bottom line is Sheriff Joe is simply doing his job. And he does it extremely well.

The Obama regime is upset with Arpaio because of his launching the investigation into Obama's eligibility. The investigative posse is set to release results of that investigation in February. Arpaio has stated he expects the results to be shocking.

We here at TWAU BLOG have always supported Sheriff Joe Arpaio. And will continue to do so. In our opinion, he is America's top cop.

"We Saved a Life Today"

December 14, 2011

Mary Susan Pine, a Liberty Counsel client and sidewalk counselor, is a picture of courage and moral strength. For the last twenty years, she has spent virtually every Saturday in front of an abortion clinic, most recently the Presidential Women's Center ("PWC") in West Palm Beach. Susan counsels women who are considering abortion and provides help, resources, and support for women who choose life.

Susan's dedication has made her a target of Eric Holder, Attorney General of the United States. On behalf of the United States, Holder sued Susan in federal court, seeking to fine her thousands of dollars in an obviously bogus political prosecution, designed solely to silence pro-lifers. Liberty Counsel has been vigorously defending Susan since the lawsuit was filed in August 2010.

But Susan will not be silenced. Recently, she spoke with a young couple, unmarried college students, who came to PWC to have an abortion. Susan taught them that each life is precious. When the dad said that the baby would interfere with his education, Susan told him to man up and take responsibility for the life he created.

A clinic escort and police officer hired by the clinic interrupted Susan's consensual conversation, as they often do. The escort physically took the mother into the abortuary. The mom started crying and her cries got louder as they disappeared inside the clinic.

Pine, and those with her, started to pray for the life of the child and the hearts of the parents. Shortly thereafter, the parents came back outside and said that Pine's words had persuaded them to save the baby. They went to a Pregnancy Resource Center and are now receiving the help they need to care for their baby.

Even while targeted and harassed by the federal government, Susan continues to stand for life and defend those who cannot defend themselves. Liberty Counsel is privileged and humbled to have helped her save a life.



Obama is timing it all just right.

Obama Pledges Continued Support For Troops As Iraq War Ends

FORT BRAGG, N.C. – President Obama marked the end of the Iraq war by welcoming home soldiers to Fort Bragg, N.C., and -- amid discussion of deep cuts to the Pentagon budget -- pledging to continue supporting troops and their families.

After nine years, the war will be over in the next few days "not with a final battle, but with a final march toward home," Obama said Wednesday in his address at the Army post.

Anybody notice anything? Do you notice what I'm noticing? Obama is a wicked man, but he isn't stupid. It's election time folks, time to start shining and making himself seem like a decent person. So hey, let's bring the troops home right at election time! Make people think I'm an ok guy who cares about troops coming home. Whatever! Give me a break!

Did you notice this Islam loving idiot talk about how he was a Christian while he was still running for president? And constantly talk down on Christianity the whole time he was in office? Although he always speaks highly of Islam.

Well, now that it's election time, in addition to bringing the troops home I think you can expect more Christian talk. He may start talking about how he's Christian but the American people are not stupid. They all know someone who advocates sexual sin (homosexuality) and abortions is in no way shape or form a Christian.

So, yes Obama is timing it all right! First bring home the troops, so that it can be fresh in the people's minds that he did so at election time, and next he'll start talking about how he's a Christian. Whatever you one term joke!



4th-graders brainwashed with Occupy 'propaganda'

By Bob Unruh
© 2011 WND

A Connecticut dad has accused an industry giant in education, Scholastic, of delivering Occupy Wall Street propaganda to his 4th grade daughter in her school classroom.

The company's response?

"We truly appreciate you taking the time to share your concerns with us and I made sure that staff in our corporate headquarters will see your comments. Again, thank you. We truly appreciate your support of Scholastic Book Clubs."

The father, Edward, whose last name is being withheld so his daughter is not identified, told WND it was the standard, "We don't care about your opinion" response that he expected.

But he said he'll be pursuing the issue with his local school district.

The issue arose over the Scholastic News handout given to students and dated Dec. 5 and Dec. 12:

It describes the Occupy Wall Street movement, which has been tied to professional agitators linked to groups funded by billionaire radical George Soros.


It's also been accused of being anti-Semitic and to have been given support from Islamic groups that are strong supporters of the so-called Free Gaza Movement.

Scholastic, which declined to respond to a WND request for comment, however, said the Occupy protesters "started with about 1,000 protesters," who mostly were "college students or recent graduates without jobs."

The company's website says it is pledged "to uphold the basic freedoms of all individuals" and it is opposed "to any system of government or society that denies these freedoms."

It continues, "Good citizens may honestly differ on important public questions. We believe that all sides of the issues of our times should be fairly discussed – with deep respect for facts and logical thinking – in classroom magazines, books…"

But Scholastic's report about Occupy said "most of their complaints are about today's tough economic times and who should be blamed for them." And the report said "protesters say that they make up the other 99 percent. They argue that big companies are making too much money as millions of Americans have lost their jobs or even their homes."

It doesn't mention the rampant crime that has been documented at various Occupy protest sites, the filthy conditions left behind by some protest groups, the violence and the incidents of intimidation against even children, as has been reported.

The father, Edward, told WND his alarm comes from his perspective as a conservative independent.

But he said he grew up in the old Soviet Union, and recalls when an official media there would print the "news," from only one perspective.

"When I see something like this it just boggles my mind," he said.

He recalled pictures of government officials posted all over and his grandfather's fear that someone would discover he was listening to Voice of America.

"I've seen it," Edward told WND. "I don't want to go that way again. I left the Soviet Union to come to the U.S. and then I'm seeing the Occupy Wall Street anti-Semitism. Where do I go from here?"

He said the least Scholastic should have done was to offer a fair explanation that included both sides of the arguments.

Edward's comment to Scholastic was: "I grew up in Soviet Union and seeing your propaganda about Occupy Wall Street brings back my memories. I'm neither Republican or Democrat but I would rather see my kids hear about both sides."

Jenifer, responding for the company, said, "I am happy to forward on your concern about providing both Democrat and Republican views."

WND reported several years ago when the Junior Scholastic "news magazine" promoted "madrassa" school life for American children who are Muslims, much to the outrage of some parents.

"Remember way back in grade school and getting Junior Scholastic magazine in school? Well here is an example of what JS has devolved into. Force-feeding the barbaric propaganda of Islamic madrassas down the throats of my 7th and 4th graders. Disgusting," a father wrote WND about the issue.

Scholastic said at that time that there are few topics the company will not cover if they are brought up in classrooms.

That particular story, "Inside a Madrasa, U.S. kids talk about their daily lives at an Islamic school in Pakistan," was written by Cassandra Nelson in view of "helping students learn about the world they live in. That world does include religion and a variety of cultures," a company official reported.

WND also has reported that Islamic factions now are taking part in the development and editing processes for textbooks in U.S. public schools, how some schools have required students to "become Muslim" and memorize the "Five Pillars of Islam" during their public school coursework, and how a man once arrested as a terror suspect for allegedly trying to transport $340,000 from a group tied to Libyan leader Moammar Gadhafi helped write the "Religious Expression in Public Schools" guidelines issued by President Clinton during his tenure in office.

Earlier, WND reported that The American Textbook Council found that textbooks for children in U.S. public schools these days reflect "the interplay of determined Islamic political activists, textbook editors, and multiculturally minded social studies curriculum planners."

It has gone so far that correcting the situation now becomes a problem, because "educational publishers and educational organizations have bought into claims propounded by Islamists – and have themselves become agents of misinformation."

That comes from Gilbert T. Sewall, who wrote the organization's report on Islam and textbooks. And Middle East Forum director Daniel Pipes even has repeatedly expressed concern about the "privileging of Islam in the United States" and warns the stakes go well beyond 7th grade texts. His opinion of Houghton Mifflin's "Across the Centuries"? Full of "apologetics."

Sewall said his study showed world history textbooks "hold Islam and other non-Western civilizations to different standards than those that apply to the West" even while "Islamic pressure groups and their allies seek to suppress the critical analysis of Islam inside and outside classrooms.

"Textbook editors seem not to recognize that a school-related Islamic agenda in the U.S. uses multiculturalism as a device to guarantee a purely favorable and uncritical view of all things Muslim. At extremes, the report suggested, multiculturalism contributes to a form of peaceable cultural jihad meant to discredit or 'problematize' European civilization in favor of non-Western cultures," he wrote.


NOTE TO PARENTS: Islam is a horrible false religion. One of hate and murder. A doctrine of demons. And not to ever be accepted. It's teachings come from a twisted and bizarre version of the Holy Bible called the quran. You can click here to view a web site called Answering Islam. It compares the Holy Bible to the quran. Also Note: The Bible was written many years before the quran was written.


Obama Approval Drops, As Economic Fears Rise

Half of American voters disapprove of president's job, as outlook on economy sours

Less than a year before the election, more American voters disapprove than approve of the job President Obama is doing as president -- and almost all view the economy negatively.

Forty-four percent of voters approve and 51 percent disapprove of President Obama’s job performance, according to a Fox News poll released Friday.

Last month, 42 percent approved and 48 percent disapproved. The increase in disapproval is due at least in part to Democrats. The 19 percent of Obama’s party who now disapprove of the job he’s doing matches the previous high (August 2010). The president’s average approval among Democrats for his term so far is 82 percent, and average disapproval is 11 percent.

An overwhelming majority of voters -- 94 percent -- say the economy is in bad shape. Twenty-eight percent rate conditions as “only fair” and 66 percent say “poor.” That is the highest “poor” rating ever measured by the Fox News poll.

In September 2008 -- in the middle of the Wall Street collapse -- 65 percent said the economy was in poor shape.

Less than 1 percent of voters says the economy is in “excellent” shape and 5 percent say it is in “good” condition.


Someone would have to be pretty stupid to think the economy was in good shape right now. It's on the brink of total destruction and we have Obama to thank for that.

Spending 15 trillion dollars we didn't have. Yeah that's real smart MR. usurper!

Occupy's 'nerve center' staffed by Soros activists

Professional radicals caught red-handed running so-called 'leaderless' movement

The so-called leaderless Occupy movement has just been caught red-handed operating what appears to be a nerve center staffed by professional agitators deeply tied to groups funded by billionaire activist George Soros.

The groups, most prominent among them being the Tides Center, have been involved with Occupy since the anti-Wall Street movement's inception.

The radical connections have been largely missed by the general public. CNN, the only news media outlet to receive exclusive access to Occupy's alleged headquarters, did not fully identify the activists found running it.

The article and accompanying video purport to depict "a few dozen Occupy Wall Street organizers" who "show up to work every day at an office building in the heart of Manhattan's Financial District."

CNN surmised "the office space appears to be the movement's nerve center," a notion denied by Occupy leaders interviewed by the news network.

Continued the piece: "But the volunteers who plan future actions, network with other Occupy protests and deal with logistical issues insisted the location is not Occupy Wall Street's headquarters."

The news network maintained it visited Occupy's nerve center. CNN reported the Occupy office boasts a finance committee that manages expenses and donations; a communications group that disseminates information agreed upon by consensus and a housing group to make sleeping arrangements for protesters.

CNN quoted activist Han Shan, identifying him only as "a member of Occupy Wall Street's press relations and direct-action working groups."

"This is just an office space that a handful of people have tried to make a resource for the Occupy Wall Street movement," Shan stated.

"Everybody is looking around trying to figure out where the heck the headquarters is, and the truth of the matter is this movement is bigger than any piece of geography, than any piece of real estate, than any square block."

Shan's radical resume goes far beyond Occupy. He is the former program director for the Tides Center-funded Ruckus Society and an activist with the Tides-funded Adbusters.

Shan was listed as the contact person for protests outside the 2000 Democratic National Convention. Those protests were sponsored by both Adbusters and Ruckus.

Shan previously pulled off a stunt at the Mall of America in Minneapolis, where he reportedly climbed to the top of the building and unfurled a 600-square-foot cartoon that depicted the earth falling through a broken shopping bag. The action was aimed at getting mall visitors to ditch their purchases, go home and observe Thanksgiving Friday as "Buy Nothing Day."

Since 1992, "Buy Nothing Day" has been sponsored annually by the Vancouver-based Media Foundation, which publishes Adbusters.

Adbusters magazine is reported to have come up with the Occupy Wall Street idea after Arab Spring protests toppled governments in Egypt, Libya and Tunisia. The Adbusters website serves as a central hub for Occupy's planning.

Working with the Ruckus Society, Shan was a leader of the 1999 World Trade Organization protests in Seattle that turned violent. Ruckus helped to spark those riots.

Ruckus is directly tied to Occupy. WND previously reported how official direct-action training resources for recent Occupy events include several manuals from the Ruckus Society, which trains radical activists in "direct action" techniques.

Ruckus was also listed as a "friend and partner" of the Occupy Days of Action held last month.

Ruckus is funded by the Tides Center, which has been involved in Occupy since the movement's onset.

Another grantee of Tides is the Adbusters magazine. MoveOn.org, which has joined Occupy, is funded by Tides.

Tides functions as a money tunnel where major leftist donors provide large sums that are channeled to hundreds of radical groups. One prominent Tides donor is Soros.



Lindsay Lohan’s Playboy Cover Leaked Online

When your career is falling apart, you're in trouble with the law, and the only time you make news these days is when you're in rehab, when you're in court, or when you show up late to your community service stint at the city morgue, there's only one thing left to do: Pose for Playboy! That's the strategy 25-year-old beleaguered actress Lindsay Lohan announced she'd be going with after the fabled adult mag offered her $1 million to strip down in front of the camera a few months back.

And while the world will have to wait until the magazine releases its January/February issue on December 15 and Lohan debuts her spread that day on "The Ellen DeGeneres Show" — a pic of the cover was leaked online earlier today. As for those "tasteful" photos Lindsay's mom Dina promised, well, so far the one we've seen has the "Mean Girls" actress straddling a bunny chair with its ears covering her breasts. Not quite the definition of tasteful.

Though many may see the publicity stunt as pathetic, the starlet is actually in good company, following in the naked footsteps of successful actresses Drew Barrymore, Joan Collins, Charlize Theron, Sharon Stone, and Lohan's idol Marilyn Monroe (never mind the part where the icon died of an overdose at age 36).

Will the photo spread rejuvenate Lohan's career? Hard to say. If not, there's always Penthouse ...


How very sad this young lady has come to this. I must say I admired her work as an actress. And it's sad to see her unravel like this. The getting in trouble with the law etc. And now this unhealthy and immoral deed: posing nude in PlayBoy. Lohan will be in our prayers, that she may overcome this path she is treading on.


Afterthoughts on Huckabee Republican Presidential Forum

Obama offers plan for U.S. to be global LGBT sex cop


The Obama administration has announced it intends to make the United States the global sex cop, with plans to try to intervene in the workings of other nations where homosexuality is not promoted as well as plans to create special provisions for homosexuals and those with other lifestyle choices to gain special admittance to the U.S.

Among the provisions is a specific call for the U.S. government to "enhance" its work to provide services to "LGBT refugees and asylum seekers."

"Who knew when Reagan was talking about being a shining city on the hill the city would turn out to be Sodom," said Peter LaBarbera, chief of Americans for Truth, an Illinois organization active in revealing the truth of homosexuality.

The White House statement is called the Presidential Memorandum – International Initiatives to Advance the Human Rights of Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, and Transgender Persons.

In the introduction to the multi-section document, Obama explains that he's already instructed that agencies "engaged abroad" to already have started "taking action to promote the fundamental human rights of LGBT persons everywhere."

Specifically, his plan is to try to intervene in other nation's internal operations where the homosexual lifestyle choice is at risk. That would happen through U.S. government's agencies that would "strengthen existing efforts to effectively combat the criminalization by foreign governments of LGBT status or conduct and to expand efforts to combat discrimination, homophobia, and intolerance on the basis of LGBT status or conduct."

Further, special access to the United States needs to be provided to any "LGBT" person, Obama explains.

"In order to improve protection for LGBT refugees and asylum seekers at all stages of displacement, the Departments of State and Homeland Security shall enhance their ongoing efforts to ensure that LGBT refugees and asylum seekers have equal access to protection and assistance…," Obama wrote.

He explained that federal workers must be trained to help LGBT class members in their desires.

The enhancements the U.S. offers for those who support the alternative sexual lifestyle choices also means that those agencies helping with foreign aid should step up their involvement with LGBT interests and a special "standing group" should be organized to make sure the U.S. is responding as he wants, Obama said.

Also, the State Department and other agencies "should strengthen the work they have begun and initiate additional efforts in these multilateral fora and organizations to … counter discrimination on the basis of LGBT status; broaden the number of countries willing to support and defend LGBT issues… " and other outreaches.

The statement from Obama came just a day after his press secretary refused to answer a question about the appropriateness of a Senate vote to remove the ban on bestiality from the law that governs the nation's military.

Those who have been involved in the confrontations over the demands for "rights" from homosexual and other groups in America said the move is extraordinarily inappropriate.

"America is not being a post-Christian nation … We're anti-Christian. We're directly at war with Judeo-Christian ethics," LaBarbera told WND. "Also [at war with] Muslims and the ethics in other countries. We're turning human history on its head."

He said Obama, and his secretary of state, Hillary Clinton, literally are "redefining sin."

"In all of the colonies, through our whole history, homosexuality has been forbidden," he said. "Now all of a sudden we're going to be lecturing other countries, forcing other nations to follow the new-fangled version of human rights."

He said regarding Obama press secretary Jay Carney's handling of the question about military bestiality, the very things that have been said about homosexuality and rights could apply to bestiality and rights, or pedophilia and rights, or other alternative lifestyle choices and rights.

"On what basis," he asked, "can we say that's [pedophilia or bestiality] beyond the pale? NAMBLA [the North American Man-Boy Love Association for pedophiles] used to walk in gay pride parades."

"Human rights are rooted in biblical, Judeo-Christianity's idea of rights. This is unbelievable. They are twisting what human rights are. If there's a right to homosexual behavior, why isn't there a right to polygamy, adultery, incest?"

Randy Thomasson, of of SaveCalifornia.com, has been involved in that state's fights over the indoctrination of sexual alternatives in public schools as well as the fight over the voter-approved constitutional amendment that defines marriage as being only between one man and one woman.

He said the promotion by Obama and Hillary Clinton of homosexuality simply isn't rooted in the facts.

"Homosexuality has never shown evidence that it is inherited, or has a genetic or biological origin. The 'gay gene' doesn't exist. Race and ethnicity are inherited, but homosexuality is not inherited," he said.

"Obama and Hillary Clinton need to take a science course on human sexuality and genetics and learn what they think is right is scientifically wrong," he said.

He said the classification of homosexuality as a "right" is a "fatal error" that threatens children, accurate science, good health, real marriage, religious freedom, free speech as well as property rights.

That explains homosexuality is not, in fact, genetic, nor is it healthy. It also includes offers of assistance for those struggling to leave homosexuality.

Matt Barber, an official with Liberty Counsel, also told WND, "How dare we, the U.S., export our decline in morality to other nations? This president has brought shame upon our nation by using extortion. I use a strong word there, extortion, in an attempt to compel other nations to adopt every demand of the radical homosexual lobby."

He noted the urgency of Obama's concern about homosexuals under fire around the world, yet notes that it is Christian men, women and children, who are "slaughtered" daily under anti-Christian regimes.

It was GOP presidential hopeful and U.S. Rep. Michele Bachmann, R-Minn., who said the vote in the Senate to repeal the military's ban on sodomy and bestiality was "absolutely abhorrent."

She made the comments last night on Glenn Beck's web television program.

Les Kinsolving, WND's correspondent at the White House, had asked press secretary Jay Carney, "The Family Research Council and CNS News both reported a 93-to-7 U.S. Senate vote to approve a defense authorization bill that, quote, 'includes a provision which not only repeals the military law on sodomy, but also repeals the military ban on sex with animals, or bestiality.' Does the commander in chief approve or disapprove of bestiality in our armed forces?"

Carney said, "I don't have any comment on – I don't have any comment on that. Let me go to another question."

See the exchange that happened at the White House:


Kinsolving tried to ask whether the president thought it would be endorsed by animal support groups, and Carney said, "Let's get to something more serious."

Good Lord, can it get any more serious? It seems like Obama is out to bring sin into the world, not just America. I have always doubted the claim, but maybe Obama is the anti-Christ. At any rate, he is most definitely evil. Oh and by the way, this is a guy who claims to be a "Christian".

I'm at a loss for words on this, but all I can say is, if America has to endure four more years of this monster it will crumble. His bankrupting of our nation and enactment of wicked laws and policies will destroy us. And this guy isn't stupid like many think, this is all being done on purpose.

The GOP must win in 2012 or all is lost. So please join us in supporting whoever the GOP nominee ends up being. It must be an anybody but Obama vote in 2012.

Arpaio gets death threats over Obama investigation

Warned he 'will be filled with thousand bullet holes'

Maverick Arizona Sheriff Joe Arpaio says his "Cold Case Posse" investigating Barack Obama's presidential eligibility will release a preliminary report in February of its findings, which he expects to be "controversial."

"This is a serious law enforcement investigation, and our findings are going to be controversial but based in facts," the Maricopa County sheriff told WND. Arpaio said a comprehensive report will be issued shortly after the February preliminary report.

"The investigators on the Cold Case Posse are doing a great job," Arpaio told WND. "They are all law enforcement professionals, and they are all volunteers putting in a lot of hours at no taxpayer expense."

Arpaio confirmed that the Obama investigation has broadened beyond an examination of whether or not the birth certificate made public by the White House on April 27 is an authentic document. The probe, he said, is examining Obama's history in regard to his eligibility to be president under Article 2, Section 1 of the U.S. Constitution.

"We are not taking the Obama investigation lightly," Arpaio said. "The Cold Case Posse is actively tracking down all leads received, because the people deserve to know the truth."

Arpaio's investigative team has amassed hundreds of pages of documentation and taken testimony from dozens of experts in preparation for a final phase of field investigation.

On Tuesday, Arpaio posted on his Facebook page a reference to a Globe Magazine report citing inside sources in the White House who say President Obama and the First Lady are in "a panic" over the Maricopa County investigation.

The reaction to Arpaio's posting indicates public interest in the probe is high, despite relatively little coverage by establishment media.

Since Tuesday, Arpaio's Facebook posting has received more than 7,900 "like this" clicks from readers, 780 shares and over 1,700 comments.

Arpaio also continues to receive messages of a different sort, with numerous death threats arriving at his office for his decision to investigate Obama's eligibility.

"I plan to kill Joe Arpaio first," read one particularly ominous death threat. "He will be filled with a thousand bullet holes before the year is out. I promise you this – Arpaio won't **** with Obama."

Maricopa County Deputy Chief David Trombi told WND that all death threats are being thoroughly investigated, with the intent to hold the culprits legally responsible for their actions.

"We can't take the risk of ignoring a threat, regardless how wild or crazy the threat may appear," Trombi said.

Arpaio, who has built a national reputation as a tough enforcer of Arizona's immigration laws, is no stranger to death threats.

"The threats regarding the Obama investigation may set a new standard for partisanship, but they are nothing new," Trombi said. "Four separate Mexican drug cartels have placed bounties totaling $4 million on his head. That's about as serious as you can get, and the sheriff has had to live with this for years."

Arpaio, nevertheless, is determined to bring the Obama investigation to a successful conclusion.

"The American people deserve to know the truth about Obama," Arpaio said. "We are a major law enforcement agency – one of the largest in the nation – and we have at our disposal investigative tools not generally available, even to the top private investigator in the country. We don't plan to stop until we discover the truth."


We here at TWAU BLOG view Sheriff Arpaio as an American hero. He has always been a leader in the fight to secure our borders. Now he is going above and beyond in a quest to expose Obama as the fraud we all already know he is.

A while back Donald Trump made a little stink about Obama's birth certificate. Well All the Donald accomplished was getting Obama to release a fake computer generated birth certificate. Sheriff Joe won't be so easily satisfied.

We suspect in February, the findings his posse presents will be most interesting. Please join us in our support for one of America's finest law enforcement officers: Sheriff Joe Arpaio.


Macy's Fires Employee for Protecting Women's Dressing Rooms from Cross-dresser

December 5, 2011

A young woman was fired from a Macy's department store for refusing to violate her religious beliefs by permitting a young man dressed as a woman from entering the women's dressing room. Natalie Johnson claims she saw the young man walk out of the women's fitting room and politely told him that he could not go back in because it was for women only. The cross-dressing young man claimed that he is a "female." Johnson said that he was wearing make-up and girl's clothing, but clearly he was a male. The cross-dresser was accompanied by five other individuals. The group argued with expletives that Macy's is LGBT-friendly, to which Johnson replied that Macy's is also non-discriminatory toward religion, and that it would go against her religious beliefs to lie that he was a woman or compromise with homosexuality. The group then demanded to speak with a manager.

When Johnson was confronted by her employer, she explained that she could not allow a male to change in a female's fitting room. Johnson's boss referred her to Macy's LGBT policy which allows "transgender" people to change in any dressing room they want. However, Johnson pointed out that the same policy also protects against religious discrimination and, in this case, it protects her right to her beliefs that were being violated. The manager demanded that she comply with the LGBT policies or lose her job. Johnson refused to go against her sincerely held religious beliefs and was terminated from her job.

Macy's policy which allows men to use the women's dressing room is fraught with problems. This policy will cause significant problems and will alienate the majority of Macy's customers. Macy's has essentially opened women's dressing rooms to every man. The LGBT agenda has become the theater of the absurd.


NASA Telescope Confirms Alien Planet in Habitable Zone

MOUNTAIN VIEW, Calif. — NASA's planet-hunting Kepler spacecraft has confirmed the discovery of its first alien world in its host star's habitable zone — that just-right range of distances that could allow liquid water to exist — and found more than 1,000 new explanet candidates, researchers announced today (Dec. 5).

The new finds bring the Kepler space telescope's total haul to 2,326 potential planets in its first 16 months of operation.These discoveries, if confirmed, would quadruple the current tally of worlds known to exist beyond our solar system, which recently topped 700.

The potentially habitable alien world, a first for Kepler, orbits a star very much like our own sun. The discovery brings scientists one step closer to finding a planet like our own — one which could conceivably harbor life, scientists said.

"We're getting closer and closer to discovering the so-called 'Goldilocks planet,'" Pete Worden, director of NASA's Ames Research Center in Moffett Field, Calif., said during a press conference today. [Gallery: The Strangest Alien Planets]

The newfound planet in the habitable zone is called Kepler-22b. It is located about 600 light-years away, orbiting a sun-like star.

Kepler-22b's radius is 2.4 times that of Earth, and the two planets have roughly similar temperatures. If the greenhouse effect operates there similarly to how it does on Earth, the average surface temperature on Kepler-22b would be 72 degrees Fahrenheit (22 degrees Celsius).


OK, while scientists and the media can make these claims seem fantastic. Let's remain realistic. They can't tell if it's capable of sustaining life simply by looking through a telescope. When they rocket ship there and walk around on the planet I'll believe it.

God created the earth special for human life. We don't know that he meant for humans to ever occupy other planets. Maybe it's his will but I'd say most likely it isn't.



We found this video on YouTube titled "OBAMA'S COLLEGE CLASSMATE SPEAKS OUT"
We don't know for a fact that this guy did go to college with Obama, but this person seems to know a lot about him and his intentions.

It's very clear that Obama is trying to destroy America and he's doing it on purpose. That is why he needs to be voted out in 2012. It doesn't matter who wins the GOP nomination. They must win!

Please vote for GOP this 2012.

Feds allow arsenic in apple juice?


This past year, I started writing a health and fitness column through Creators Syndicate titled "C-Force." It is no surprise that in researching for that column I've discovered repeat offenses of food and beverage tampering by the federal government. But arsenic in apple juice?

Dr. Oz received significant flak when he reported in September that "some of the best-known brands of apple juice contain arsenic." Since then, however, Oz has been redeemed and his claims substantiated!

After Oz's initial comments, Dr. Richard Besser, a 13-year veteran of the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention and ABC News chief health and medical editor, publicly lambasted Oz and his apple-arsenic warnings as "extremely irresponsible," "fear mongering" and equated them to yelling "'Fire!' in a movie theater." Amid the public debate, the FDA tried to steady the apple cart by saying that consumption of apple juice "poses little or no risk."

But just a few days ago, I watched a humbled Dr. Besser on "Good Morning, America" recant his fury against Oz's conclusions, saying instead that new studies have just confirmed arsenic is indeed in many popular apple juices.

ABC News reported that Consumer Reports tested 88 samples of popular brands of grape and apple juice sold in the U.S., including Welch's, Minute Maid and Mott's. The results revealed that 10 percent of the juices "had total arsenic levels greater than the FDA's standard for drinking water of 10 parts per billion (ppb), while 25 percent of juices also had lead levels higher than the FDA's bottled water limit of 5 ppb."

Furthermore, data on arsenic in adult urine from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention demonstrated that men and women who drank apple or grape juice in a 24-hour period had, "on average, about 20 percent higher levels of total urinary arsenic than those subjects who did not."

Consumer Reports went on to report that the arsenic tested and detected is inorganic and a human carcinogen. It further explained the dangers of arsenic that there is "mounting scientific evidence suggesting that chronic exposure to arsenic and lead even at levels below federal standards for water can result in serious health problems, especially for those who are exposed in the womb or during early childhood. FDA data and other research reveal that arsenic has been detected at disturbing levels in other foods as well." But who wants or needs inorganic or organic arsenic in their water, juices or foods? (Oz further notes that, though many say that organic arsenic is safe, there is clear evidence that both forms are ultimately hazardous to our health.)

Tragically teetering on a huge U.S. health cover up, just a few weeks ago, the FDA posted eight "previously undisclosed test results" for apple juice samples from around the country that had arsenic levels that superseded even their own "level of concern" for inorganic arsenic. Two of those eight samples had arsenic levels of 27 ppb, one with 42 ppb, and two others with 45 ppb!

What's even worse is that these five samples were discovered in 2008! And we're just finding out about them now? Such undisclosed elevated levels of arsenic give a whole new meaning to the saying, "Quit drinking the Feds' Kool-Aid!"

To our detriment, the FDA has limits for arsenic in water (including bottled), but no such regulations on fruit juices. At very least, the FDA should not allow more arsenic in apple juice than it allows in Americans' drinking water! Until then, tides of arsenic will continue to flow from foreign produce fields into American bloodstreams. (If you want to weigh in on this issue, contact the FDA at FDA.gov or call 1-888-463-6332.)

Dr. Urvashi Rangan, director of safety and sustainability at Consumer Reports, rightly delivered this staunch warning: "We're concerned about the potential risks of exposure to these toxins, especially for children who are particularly vulnerable because of their small body size and the amount of juice they regularly consume."

With apple juice lacing everything from children's diets, cereals, snack bars and holiday party tables, we need to heed this countrywide health warning and blow the trumpet to our neighbors. The fact is that the U.S is getting more and more of its fruits and vegetables from other countries, and many of them do not preclude or limit arsenic in their pesticides or even their water supply, as the U.S. does. Oz reported that apple concentrate comes from up to seven countries – 60 percent of it imported from China alone.

I agree with Oz, Rangan and Consumer Reports: "[I]t's best for consumers to reduce their exposure" to these juices. Consumer Reports is now recommending, until this juice fiasco is remedied, not giving any type of juice to infants under six months of age, no more than four to six ounces daily to children ages up to six, and older children no more than eight to 12 ounces daily.

This is another perfect example why health and fitness enthusiasts like my wife, Gena, and I encourage everyone to buy local and organic, always, and, where you can, grow your own produce, and juice it yourself.

So let buyers beware! Poisonous apples are definitely not just being offered in fictional Snow White adventures.

The above article written by Chuck Norris.

The liberals feel safer and stronger somehow, when the American people are unhealthy and on anti-depressants etc. It's called social control. The average American family sits back drinking unhealthy products like soda while watching a mind numbing episode of the Family guy. All the while evil people behind the scenes are working on wicked laws to pass, chips to implant in your bodies. Destroying marriage by allowing homosexuals to wed.

It's all a sign that the judgement of God is going to come crashing down. Anti-depressants are another mind numbing way that liberals cloud the minds of American citizens. It's all part of their social control. Rise above it my friends. Seek out Christian doctors. Make sure they are creationists. They can help you get off the meds safely.


Death at Texas 'Occupy' Camp Suspected to be Drug-Related

DENTON, Texas – Police on Sunday identified a man found dead in a tent at the "Occupy Denton" protest campsite on the grounds of the University of North Texas (UNT).

Darwin Cox, 23, died at around 4:30 p.m. local time Saturday, according to a police press release.

University and city police found his body at the eight-tent encampment after someone contacted authorities between 5:00 p.m. and 5:30 p.m. Saturday, UNT spokesman Buddy Price told KNTU Radio.

His cause of death has not yet been determined, pending toxicology results.

An "Occupy Denton" press release described him as "a fellow occupier, a kind and idealistic young man and a friend" whose "lifelong struggle with drug addiction" was suspected to be a factor in his death

Protest organizers said he was homeless when he joined the "Occupy" movement last month.


Cox's body was taken from the camp by a Denton County coroner about 8:30pm, the North Texas Daily reported.


Ok really, this occupy 'BS' has gone on way too long. Crimes are getting worse because of it. This Darwin fella was homeless. So that makes it very clear that he didn't give a damn about occupy crap. He was in it for the free food and shelter. And most likely died because of poor living, being on drugs and being on the streets.

But the whole occupy crowd needs to be banned from grouping up. It's just too chaotic and dangerous. This has been proven time and again. Rapes, robbery, deaths! The list goes on. And really, it's accomplishing nothing. Most of the nation is just annoyed with these guys.

Boy Earns Suspension For Calling Teacher 'Cute'

Principal says 9-year-old's comment was a form of 'sexual harassment,' suspends student for two days

A 9-year-old boy North Carolina boy was suspended for calling a teacher “cute,” WSOCTV.com reports.

The boy’s mother, Chiquita Lockett, said the principal of Brookside Elementary in Gastonia called her after the incident to say the comment was a form of “sexual harassment.”

"It's not like he went up to the woman and tried to grab her or touch her in a sexual way," Lockett said. "So why would he be suspended for two days?”

According to the station, a district spokeswoman said she could not go into detail, but said the boy was suspended for "inappropriate behavior" after making "inappropriate statements."

The district's Code of Conduct doesn't list "inappropriate behavior," but says "disruption of school" is punishable by five days of out-of-school suspension.


This teacher is way out of line on this issue. Even if the kid said she was cute, whatever! You verbally admonish the kid. You don't suspend over something that small.

Liberty Counsel will be advised of this.

Newt Gingrich at OWS park

GoAnimate.com: occupy wall street by Louie

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Some interesting info.

Click Here to view a web site that has some pretty interesting information on some of Obama's quotes versus actual facts.


Political cartoon

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Sarah Palin (animation)

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Important information on the VeriChip

While it's nice to stay up to date on current news and politics. We can't ignore what's going on behind the scenes. People are out there trying to force us to have these chips implanted into us. That's how Obama and the liberals are all connected to the antiChrist. This isn't conspiracy theory, this is just fact.

It may still be a ways away before it takes total effect, but they are trying to make it to where you can't function as a citizen without this chip. In our opinion this is very likely to be the mark of the beast.

It is very important that you do not ever accept this mark, and do not allow anyone in your family to accept this mark/chip. Look for more info on this topic on our site in the future.

And he causeth all, both small and great, rich and poor, free and bond, to receive a mark in their right hand, or in their foreheads: and that no man might buy or sell, save he that had the mark, or the name of the beast, or the number of his name. Here is wisdom. Let him that hath understanding count the number of the beast: for it is the number of a man; and his number is Six hundred threescore and six (666). (Revelation 13:16-18, KJV)



3rd state facing challenge over Obama eligibility

A formal challenge to Barack Obama's candidacy in the 2012 presidential election has been filed now in a third state, where a submission by a citizen, Albert Hendershot, alleges that the Democratic Party "intends to act negligently or fraudulently in a manner that will cause irreparable harm to the citizens of Alabama."

Earlier challenges to Obama's candidacy were filed in New Hampshire and Georgia. State officials in New Hampshire, noting that the application had been filled out and the $1,000 fee had been paid, rejected the complaint, which now is being appealed.

The complaints note that state officials are constitutionally obligated to prevent fraudulent ballots in their jurisdictions, along with concerns that the Democrats, as in 2008, are proposing a candidate that is linked to fraud through his presentation of a contested birth certificate as well as his use of a suspect Social Security number.

"This complaint does not request or require [officials] find that President Obama is not qualified to hold the office of president of the United States. Instead, this complaint simply asserts that sufficient evidence exists to make any reasonable person doubt, in light of the evidence, that Barack Obama is a 'natural-born citizen,'" said the document, which was posted online by the BirtherReport.com.

The website, which pursues information about Obama's background, reports that among the various documents for Obama that remain concealed are his passport records, kindergarten records, Punahou School records, Occidental College records, Columbia University records, Columbia thesis, Harvard Law School records, Harvard Law Review articles, University of Chicago scholarly articles, Illinois State Bar Association records, Illinois State Senate records/schedules, medical records, Obama/Dunham marriage license, Obama/Dunham divorce documents, Soetoro/Dunham marriage license and adoption records.

The Alabama complaint, directed to Secretary of State Beth Chapman, seeks a "hearing on the validity of evidence of electoral fraud in the 2008 presidential election and the potential for the same occurrence in the 2012 presidential election in and for the state of Alabama."


I commend these people for trying but so far every court and judicial system has shielded Obama from justice. None of them want to hear the cases no matter how just the evidence against him may be.

He is not an American!

Rhode Island Governor Wages War on Christmas

A Christian business owner has informed the Rhode Island Governor that he may take back the Christmas tree he donated to the State House for the annual Christmas tree lighting celebration. Gov. Lincoln Chafee proclaimed it must be referred to as a "holiday" tree. For the past five years, John Leyden, the owner of Big John Leyden Christmas Trees, has donated a Christmas tree to the State House Rotunda for the annual event. But this year, Chafee says it cannot be called a "Christmas tree," claiming this counters Rhode Island's founding as a haven for religious tolerance, where government and religion were kept separate.

You can make a difference this year. Please take the opportunity to help bring back Christmas to the state of Rhode Island! Call Gov. Chaffee's office today at (401) 222-2080 and urge him to reverse his decision.

The Governor's decision shows clear discrimination against Christmas. More than 70% of Americans polled would rather be wished "Merry Christmas" than "Happy Holidays." Anyone knows the green, pointed, prickly trees we decorate in December are called 'Christmas Trees.' A Christmas tree celebrates only one holiday and it is called Christmas. Gov. Lincoln Chafee ought to wake up and exercise common sense.

Liberty Counsel launched its ninth annual "Friend or Foe Christmas Campaign" to educate and, if necessary, litigate to make sure religious viewpoints are not censored during Christmas.

Help Liberty Counsel and TWAU BLOG take a stand and protect Christmas!