Is Your Christian Faith Coming Under Attack?

All across our nation there have been waves of intolerance directed at Christians because of their faith. Student messages about the Ten Commandments were ripped off their lockers by school administrators. A student speaker was threatened with arrest if she prayed during her graduation. School personnel were dragged into court for a simple blessing over a meal, and teachers hid in closets to pray. A pastor was banned from a classroom Career Day solely because of his profession of faith. Historic displays of the Ten Commandments are continually being threatened by radicals.

Is this really America?

This is a world unimaginable to our Founders. The very words they wrote to protect us from religious persecution are being twisted into condemnation against our religious expression. However, all is not lost. In each of these situations listed above, Liberty Counsel got involved and made a difference.

The graduation speaker prayed and received a standing ovation from her peers. The pastor was able to share his passion for Kenyan orphans, broadening the vision and hearts of the listeners. School administrators were educated, the Ten Commandments posters returned and Liberty Counsel is continuing to actively defending historical displays in public places.

In each instance where people who needed help turned to Liberty Counsel, we were able to make the difference. Every time a situation like this arises and we are able to intervene, it is an opportunity to improve our nation. Each time we right a wrong, it helps preserve the foundation of our society. Our ultimate success is dependant on never giving up.

Just as each person relied on Liberty Counsel, we are relying on the supporters of this ministry. Because of you, we were able to turn around many bad situations into opportunities for the glory of God.

Please join with us so that we can continue to provide our legal services at no cost to everyone who needs us. Our legal staff is passionate about their calling at Liberty Counsel. They regularly work 10, 15, and sometimes 19-hour days to try to meet the needs of those who rely on us, and we must be able to show up where we are needed.

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