Obama is timing it all just right.

Obama Pledges Continued Support For Troops As Iraq War Ends

FORT BRAGG, N.C. – President Obama marked the end of the Iraq war by welcoming home soldiers to Fort Bragg, N.C., and -- amid discussion of deep cuts to the Pentagon budget -- pledging to continue supporting troops and their families.

After nine years, the war will be over in the next few days "not with a final battle, but with a final march toward home," Obama said Wednesday in his address at the Army post.

Anybody notice anything? Do you notice what I'm noticing? Obama is a wicked man, but he isn't stupid. It's election time folks, time to start shining and making himself seem like a decent person. So hey, let's bring the troops home right at election time! Make people think I'm an ok guy who cares about troops coming home. Whatever! Give me a break!

Did you notice this Islam loving idiot talk about how he was a Christian while he was still running for president? And constantly talk down on Christianity the whole time he was in office? Although he always speaks highly of Islam.

Well, now that it's election time, in addition to bringing the troops home I think you can expect more Christian talk. He may start talking about how he's Christian but the American people are not stupid. They all know someone who advocates sexual sin (homosexuality) and abortions is in no way shape or form a Christian.

So, yes Obama is timing it all right! First bring home the troops, so that it can be fresh in the people's minds that he did so at election time, and next he'll start talking about how he's a Christian. Whatever you one term joke!


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