Obama offers plan for U.S. to be global LGBT sex cop


The Obama administration has announced it intends to make the United States the global sex cop, with plans to try to intervene in the workings of other nations where homosexuality is not promoted as well as plans to create special provisions for homosexuals and those with other lifestyle choices to gain special admittance to the U.S.

Among the provisions is a specific call for the U.S. government to "enhance" its work to provide services to "LGBT refugees and asylum seekers."

"Who knew when Reagan was talking about being a shining city on the hill the city would turn out to be Sodom," said Peter LaBarbera, chief of Americans for Truth, an Illinois organization active in revealing the truth of homosexuality.

The White House statement is called the Presidential Memorandum – International Initiatives to Advance the Human Rights of Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, and Transgender Persons.

In the introduction to the multi-section document, Obama explains that he's already instructed that agencies "engaged abroad" to already have started "taking action to promote the fundamental human rights of LGBT persons everywhere."

Specifically, his plan is to try to intervene in other nation's internal operations where the homosexual lifestyle choice is at risk. That would happen through U.S. government's agencies that would "strengthen existing efforts to effectively combat the criminalization by foreign governments of LGBT status or conduct and to expand efforts to combat discrimination, homophobia, and intolerance on the basis of LGBT status or conduct."

Further, special access to the United States needs to be provided to any "LGBT" person, Obama explains.

"In order to improve protection for LGBT refugees and asylum seekers at all stages of displacement, the Departments of State and Homeland Security shall enhance their ongoing efforts to ensure that LGBT refugees and asylum seekers have equal access to protection and assistance…," Obama wrote.

He explained that federal workers must be trained to help LGBT class members in their desires.

The enhancements the U.S. offers for those who support the alternative sexual lifestyle choices also means that those agencies helping with foreign aid should step up their involvement with LGBT interests and a special "standing group" should be organized to make sure the U.S. is responding as he wants, Obama said.

Also, the State Department and other agencies "should strengthen the work they have begun and initiate additional efforts in these multilateral fora and organizations to … counter discrimination on the basis of LGBT status; broaden the number of countries willing to support and defend LGBT issues… " and other outreaches.

The statement from Obama came just a day after his press secretary refused to answer a question about the appropriateness of a Senate vote to remove the ban on bestiality from the law that governs the nation's military.

Those who have been involved in the confrontations over the demands for "rights" from homosexual and other groups in America said the move is extraordinarily inappropriate.

"America is not being a post-Christian nation … We're anti-Christian. We're directly at war with Judeo-Christian ethics," LaBarbera told WND. "Also [at war with] Muslims and the ethics in other countries. We're turning human history on its head."

He said Obama, and his secretary of state, Hillary Clinton, literally are "redefining sin."

"In all of the colonies, through our whole history, homosexuality has been forbidden," he said. "Now all of a sudden we're going to be lecturing other countries, forcing other nations to follow the new-fangled version of human rights."

He said regarding Obama press secretary Jay Carney's handling of the question about military bestiality, the very things that have been said about homosexuality and rights could apply to bestiality and rights, or pedophilia and rights, or other alternative lifestyle choices and rights.

"On what basis," he asked, "can we say that's [pedophilia or bestiality] beyond the pale? NAMBLA [the North American Man-Boy Love Association for pedophiles] used to walk in gay pride parades."

"Human rights are rooted in biblical, Judeo-Christianity's idea of rights. This is unbelievable. They are twisting what human rights are. If there's a right to homosexual behavior, why isn't there a right to polygamy, adultery, incest?"

Randy Thomasson, of of SaveCalifornia.com, has been involved in that state's fights over the indoctrination of sexual alternatives in public schools as well as the fight over the voter-approved constitutional amendment that defines marriage as being only between one man and one woman.

He said the promotion by Obama and Hillary Clinton of homosexuality simply isn't rooted in the facts.

"Homosexuality has never shown evidence that it is inherited, or has a genetic or biological origin. The 'gay gene' doesn't exist. Race and ethnicity are inherited, but homosexuality is not inherited," he said.

"Obama and Hillary Clinton need to take a science course on human sexuality and genetics and learn what they think is right is scientifically wrong," he said.

He said the classification of homosexuality as a "right" is a "fatal error" that threatens children, accurate science, good health, real marriage, religious freedom, free speech as well as property rights.

That explains homosexuality is not, in fact, genetic, nor is it healthy. It also includes offers of assistance for those struggling to leave homosexuality.

Matt Barber, an official with Liberty Counsel, also told WND, "How dare we, the U.S., export our decline in morality to other nations? This president has brought shame upon our nation by using extortion. I use a strong word there, extortion, in an attempt to compel other nations to adopt every demand of the radical homosexual lobby."

He noted the urgency of Obama's concern about homosexuals under fire around the world, yet notes that it is Christian men, women and children, who are "slaughtered" daily under anti-Christian regimes.

It was GOP presidential hopeful and U.S. Rep. Michele Bachmann, R-Minn., who said the vote in the Senate to repeal the military's ban on sodomy and bestiality was "absolutely abhorrent."

She made the comments last night on Glenn Beck's web television program.

Les Kinsolving, WND's correspondent at the White House, had asked press secretary Jay Carney, "The Family Research Council and CNS News both reported a 93-to-7 U.S. Senate vote to approve a defense authorization bill that, quote, 'includes a provision which not only repeals the military law on sodomy, but also repeals the military ban on sex with animals, or bestiality.' Does the commander in chief approve or disapprove of bestiality in our armed forces?"

Carney said, "I don't have any comment on – I don't have any comment on that. Let me go to another question."

See the exchange that happened at the White House:


Kinsolving tried to ask whether the president thought it would be endorsed by animal support groups, and Carney said, "Let's get to something more serious."

Good Lord, can it get any more serious? It seems like Obama is out to bring sin into the world, not just America. I have always doubted the claim, but maybe Obama is the anti-Christ. At any rate, he is most definitely evil. Oh and by the way, this is a guy who claims to be a "Christian".

I'm at a loss for words on this, but all I can say is, if America has to endure four more years of this monster it will crumble. His bankrupting of our nation and enactment of wicked laws and policies will destroy us. And this guy isn't stupid like many think, this is all being done on purpose.

The GOP must win in 2012 or all is lost. So please join us in supporting whoever the GOP nominee ends up being. It must be an anybody but Obama vote in 2012.

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