Obama is letting more of his friends out...

Impeach this SOB now!


Cop Challenges "I Can't Breathe" With His Own Shirt

Cop Challenges "I Can't Breathe" With His Own Shirt

Pretty simple eh?!  Obey the law, don't resist police. Don't attack police. Follow those simple guidelines and you'll breathe easy. The thugs out there like Brown, and the choke-hold fella they didn't follow those simple guidelines. They chose to resist and attack police. Look where it got them.



Has the world lost all common sense?

First we saw the high profile incident on the news about the giant thug Michael Brown getting shot by officer Wilson in Ferguson, MO. The court ruled it justified. And the retarded community of unemployed parolees went on a rampage and destroyed property and looted stores/robbery.

People who you would think would try to calm the situation only added to the tensions by race-baiting and trying to create more chaos. People like the president, and the attorney general. Who both happen to be race-baiters. It's really sad to see that the media would stoop as low as making things racial for the simple fact it makes their ratings higher.

Then we just saw the recent choke hold case involving another officer. The officer will not face charges in this case as well. There seems to be a loss of common sense flowing through the United States. Police are the authorities! You are required to follow their orders, if you resist them or attack them. You may get shot and die!  It does not matter whether you are armed or not.

The media knows this! The racist president and AG know this! The US population knows this!
So, what's all the fuss? Color played no part in either of these cases, yet the media and liberals want this to seem like it's all about race. And I'll tell you why they do.

Obama and like minded liberals are what's called one world global government elitists. They strive to create a one world global government, with no borders (Note: Liberals oppose securing borders). That's why you watched countless illegal immigrants flood into the US recently and no liberals wanted to lift a finger to stop it.

They are all about dividing our people, they know that when people are divided they will surely fall. With racial fighting and looting happening in the streets, Obama can declare martial law and stay in office. And the masses are pretty stupid unfortunately. So this will be pretty easy to accomplish.

As a people, we need to come together, and stop fighting. And start respecting police, and parents need to better train their kids. May GOD bless us, and have mercy on us.


Ferguson thugs beat, carjack elderly white man on oxygen

Ferguson thugs beat, carjack elderly white man on oxygen

The governor of MO. should have ordered police to shoot looters on sight. Thugs destroying property should be dealt with via lethal force. Right is right, and justice is justice. It's not about black or white.


Obama's executive ordered amnesty

With the November elections resulting in the GOP retaining the House and gaining the Senate, Obama is now what you call a lame duck president. Meaning he really has no power anymore. He is currently trying to give amnesty to millions of illegal aliens that have come into our country illegally.

By trying to do this without congressional approval and by issuing executive orders to push his agenda, Obama is breaking even more laws. He's been a lawless president for some time now. Many people who voted him in as president did so thinking it would be nice to see a first black president.

It would have been nice if they also looked at his policies, belief's, and agenda... However, they simply saw black and wanted to see him elected. Now they are experiencing voter regret. And so they should be...

Obama has caused the economy to perform at a poor rate, he has created more lazy people by raising the amount of people on welfare and food stamps. Government hand outs. Weakening our military, Befriending enemy dictators and false religions. Advocating sexual sin and murder of babies. With all these atrocities I can only see one way to shut Obama down, impeachment!

The House and Senate congress can do this, and I hope they get right on it! This lawless outsider needs to be stopped now! And in 2016, Consider Mike Huckabee for president.



Democrats got mauled!

After listening to liberals tell me that they would not lose the senate and that in fact democrats would gain more power in the November elections I have to just sit back and laugh. I have been predicting a House retention by the GOP as well as a Senate takeover. And that's just what we got.

The stage is set, the next step is electing a strong, conservative president to the White-house in 2016. And we're hoping to see Mike Huckabee run.



Former Secret Service agent on gun mess: I knew it!

Former Secret Service agent on gun mess: I knew it!

The fast and furious scandal is one of the biggest and worse that Obama has gotten caught up in. He and Eric Holder should both be put in prison for voluntarily handing over weapons to Mexican drug cartels.

I don't care what excuse they try use to justify those actions, the bottom line is it ended up getting innocent people killed. A good example of that is in the link above...



Rand Paul: ‘Christianity haters’ have allies in Congress

Rand Paul: ‘Christianity haters’ have allies in Congress

Bush official: Holder caused ‘lasting damage’ to U.S.

Bush official: Holder caused ‘lasting damage’ to U.S.

AG Holder has been a disgrace. He's disgraced the office of the attorney general and our country. He's done nothing but race-baited people against one another. Not to mention been a complete failure at his job. I would describe him as a racist loser who was way too arrogant and pompous for the job he had.

Good riddance you piece of garbage!

‘Muslim convert’ beheads woman in U.S. heartland

‘Muslim convert’ beheads woman in U.S. heartland

For the past five years or so, people have been saying there is a silent Jihad taking place. That slowly over the course of many years followers of Islam are coming into our country and are waiting for the right time to take over. They are infiltrating occupations where they can change our laws to conform to Sharia law.

Personally I have noticed that many blacks have recently started to convert to Islam. They are typically the most lost mentally and spiritually so it makes sense they would be easily duped into converting.

Islam as a whole, needs to be banned in our country. That's the bottom line.



This is one of the many problems with America being a huge melting pot of different cultures. You lose the fundamental values our founding fathers had. Because the more you let in different types of people with different cultures and backgrounds, the more they want to change America to fit their desires.

And in regards to the article link above, America has gotten so soft on the issue of letting others in, we are now seeing the enemy show up on our own soil. Much of this is the fault of Obama and like minded liberals. If it were up to Obama we'd have no border at all as he is a one world global government elitist.


School yanks U.S. flag from vehicles on 9/11

School yanks U.S. flag from vehicles on 9/11

I just don't get parents these days... Had a school touched a flag off my kids car they would be bleeding from the mouth and nose. You don't touch my kids property for one and secondly, you don't disrespect the flag. Parents really have lost touch with reality. Sad!


Mystery streak of light across U.S. West

Mystery streak of light across U.S. West

Wake up America! Your government is spraying you with unknown chemicals. It could be anti-depressant medication in powder form or it could be something that shortens life span. It could be anything. But, what you need to understand is it is something and it's against your will.


Jihadis coming to U.S.? They’re already here

Jihadis coming to U.S.? They’re already here

Yes, they are already here. In my hometown of Lodi, Ca there are many muslims residing there. Peaceful or just waiting til the time is right? Many say there is a silent Jihad in the works. I tend to agree. I actually believe that eventually Islam will take over the entire globe and that Islam will be the law the anti-Christ rules in.

Because the book of Revelations speaks of Christians being beheaded in the end times, what false religion believes in doing that? Islam!


Coming to a theater near you soon...



I was talking with a guy on FaceBook earlier today and he mentioned something about Mike Huckabee forcing a theocracy upon America should he run for president and win in 2016.  I asked him what he thought would be bad about a theocracy?  He responded by saying, look what it's like in countries like Iran etc...

Iran is run by Islam, a false religion of hate and murder. Of course a theocracy ran by Islam would be horrible. But Huckabee's faith is Christianity. Now, I don't believe for one minute that Huckabee would force a theocracy on anyone. But let's just take a moment and think about what a Christian theocracy would be like...

If the government ran it's laws and rule system based off the Bibles blueprint on how to live our lives just imagine how great it would be to have laws that say children will honor their mothers and fathers. That people will not have sex out of wed-lock. Imagine how that alone would resolve unwanted pregnancies and STD's. But mankind is far to sinful to ever want to give up their porn and fornication.

Homosexuality would be outlawed of course as the Bible teaches that GOD despises sexual sin. So, I challenge anyone to give a good reason as to why a Christian theocracy wouldn't be a great idea... But, it can't be because it would hinder ones ability to sin. As that would be the only thing people would have a problem with.

The ten commandments are all good laws that would be great if they were instituted into federal law.
And why not?, Most federal buildings have them hanging on their walls.

"While we are zealously performing the duties of good citizens and soldiers, we certainly ought not to be inattentive to the higher duties of religion. To the distinguished character of Patriot, it should be our highest glory to add the more distinguished character of Christian." George Washington 1st U.S. President

"Suppose a nation in some distant Region should take the Bible for their only law Book, and every member should regulate his conduct by the precepts there exhibited! Every member would be obliged in conscience, to temperance, frugality, and industry; to justice, kindness, and charity towards his fellow men; and to piety, love, and reverence toward Almighty God ... What a Eutopia, what a Paradise would this region be." John Adams 2nd U.S. President and Signer of the Declaration of Independence.

"Resistance to tyranny becomes the Christian and social duty of each individual. ... Continue steadfast and, with a proper sense of your dependence on God, nobly defend those rights which heaven gave, and no man ought to take from us." John Hancock 1st Signer of the Declaration of Independence.

Thanks for reading,
Lou Buren of TWAU-BLOG


The November elections

The November elections are very important because it's going to render Obama powerless by making him a lame-duck. I fully believe in 2016 the GOP will retain the House, and gain the Senate and White-house. Some of the evil's inflicted by the liberals can and will be reset back to normal.

Most importantly the era of the black man controlling offices of the united states will be over. No more Holder or Obama. No more seeing the likes of Al Sharpton on TV spreading his hate of the white man. Just like anything else in life the blacks screw everything up. It was no different when he had the chance to run America.

You watch these pants sagging thugs out in Ferguson Missouri destroying property and looting business's and you really start to realize that as a people group they are disgusting. Unintelligent, and out of control. It's no wonder why prisons are so full of them.

It's time for the white man to take control of the situation. And put blacky back in his place at the back of the bus.


Ferguson-shooting witness wanted in 2011 case

Ferguson-shooting witness wanted in 2011 case

This so called witness is nothing more than a piece of crap thug criminal. His word means nothing. Brown was a piece of crap criminal and he got justice. Now let's just hope the rest of these turds with their saggin pants get shot somewhere. America is better off without these idiots.

If these pieces of crap who were rioting and destroying property want to act a fool like that, shoot to kill. Idiocy shouldn't be tolerated.


The suicide of actor Robin Williams

It's always sad when someone is so depressed or mixed up that they feel they must take their own life. Robin Williams was a great actor and he will be missed. We know that suicide is a sin, but we pray that God will forgive him and accept him into his loving arms.

As a remembrance for MR. Williams we present this clip of some of his work:


Obama's attack on America

CLICK HERE    for the article

Obama's policies have caused a huge influx of illegal aliens to pour into our nation through the borders that have never been secured. The article above named some of the diseases that we must now deal with because of this tragic occurrence caused by Obama. But what about the diseases it doesn't name? These illegal kids and adults could be carrying anything from HIV to the Ebola virus.

And if it's this easy to get into our nation by the borders, do you really think the terrorists haven't thought to come in the exact same way??

I mean, hell Obama doesn't seem to give a damn. But then again why would he? He's not even an American. He's not one of us. He's an evil liberal one world government activist. And this is just another one of his moves to down-grade America into the ranks of other lowly 3rd world countries. And to bring other people's into America because when he does this it plants the idea that borders don't exist. And people slowly become comfortable with the idea of a one world global government.

He's not a stupid person, he's just very wicked. He knows exactly what he's doing. And the blind goats out there blindly follow his evil.


Helping the homeless

I'm sure you have all heard that it's good to give to the needy etc. And it is. But let me tell you something you might find a bit out of character for me. I'm actually not very nice to some people who ask for money/change on the streets.  Example:  I was going through the Jack in the Box drive-thru before work and as I pulled up to the speaker to order a black man in his 20's to 30's runs up and stands right next to the speaker. He has a grin on his face and motions for me to roll down my window. So I do roll it down and then I ask him with a stern voice:  "What are you so happy about? Your not getting SH*T from me". He just shrugged his shoulders and ran off.

My point is there is a difference between people who are homeless or needy because of circumstances out of their control, and then there are guys like the one I turned away. Just a bum by choice. Lazy, makes bad decisions. I have an eye for the ones that are lazy and are just stupid. So they get my not so nice attitude.

One of my younger brothers unintentionally opened my eyes to something this year, he will remain nameless to protect his identity. He has lead a sheltered life, always has been taken care of by momma.  (In his 30's)

He meets a girl he's been chatting online with on some phone app called Zello. Well he meets her once or twice in person then she tells him she can't stay where shes staying any longer so she has to stay with him.

He's not had much interaction with girls over the years so he's all for it, only problem is he lives with our uncle who said NO, she can't stay here, we don't know her! My brother didn't know her either really but his hormones were active to the max!

So she takes to the streets, and my brother followers her to live on the streets in some strange desperate love trance. My point of telling you all this, is that it shows that people can become homeless by choice and just not admit it. Just by making stupid decisions like my brother did. By the way he's off the streets now and doing well.

I give to those I believe are truly needy and can't help their circumstances, but if I think otherwise, they aren't getting doodly squat.

Thanks for reading...

How to Get Rid of MAN BOOBS (Chest Fat Fix!)

Helpful tips for men with saggy chests. Hope this helps.


1st the blood moon, now the Supermoon

1st the blood moon, now the Supermoon

This should really be something to see. I believe all unusual things that happen in space are signs of Christ's return. Be ready!


Middle age training and fat

Have your doctor check your Testosterone level. If it's low, your doctor can prescribe AndroGel or something like it.


Target’s gun ban backfires: Here come the robbers

Target’s gun ban backfires: Here come the robbers

I love it! These idiots wanted to ban guns and the same thing happened that happens in cities and states that ban guns. The crime rate goes up. Because bad guys don't follow gun bans, only good people do. That's why gun laws don't work stupid!


Newspaper very sorry for endorsing Obama

Newspaper very sorry for endorsing Obama

Many former Obama supporters are experiencing voter-regret. Even the liberals are starting to hate this guy. Just goes to show what a real loser he really is. Telling lies after lies. Abusing his power and ignoring congress in regards to his executive orders. This criminal in office needs to be IMPEACHED yesterday and jailed for his crimes.

Lou Buren <><
Founder of TWAU-BLOG.


Law considered to protect nation from Muslims

Law considered to protect nation from Muslims

It's what some are calling "Silent Jihad"! Where muslims continuously move into the United States and quietly try to get laws changed to match their cultures laws. It's a silent take over from within.


Moms on antidepressants have babies with malformed brains

Moms on antidepressants have babies with malformed brains

I find this article especially interesting because if you'v read my postings previously you know I believe that the government or the elites or someone is using prescription meds as a means of social control. A method of dumbing down the masses. Dumb people are much easier to control.  An average person can walk into a DR's office and say I'v been feeling a little down lately and walk out with a lifetime prescription for anti-depressants. Sad but true. And from what I can tell from being around people who take them is that they have lost their ability to care about important issues.

Sounds like a perfect tool for population control, right? Sadly it is! Ever wonder why Obama is getting away with so much and no one seems to really care? Social control!! Meds!

Feel free to post your comments...


It's happening more and more.

Over the last few years we have been seeing something tragic happen right before our eyes. GOD is giving people over to their sins. Just like the Holy Bible said he would. CLICK HERE  for an article on something very sad. A pastor's son said he was gay and the whole church renounced GOD's Word on the subject and accepted his sexual sin. It's a disturbing trend that is happening all over. Needless to say that the church they attend isn't a church of Christ.

A person can't live a life contrary to GOD's ways and still be called a Christian. Just like a church can't accept homosexuality and be a church of Christ. That would be an oxymoron. GOD owns us and he makes the rules. We can choose to disobey them, but we don't get to choose to skip the consequences that will come. We will all stand before GOD and give an account of our lives. That is written.

Lou Buren <><


America has become obsessed with sexual sin

When you look online at news sites, many are clearly obsessed with the idea of men poking each other from behind and women doing whatever it is they do in a lesbian situation. It's really disgusting. God has indeed given people over to their sin as prophesied.

Image of front page of YAHOO NEWS...


Is global chaos the work of demons in our world?

Is global chaos the work of demons in our world?

The Bible is clear that we do not fight against flesh and blood. Our battle is with the spiritual realm. The watchers, the fallen angels, demons! Ever notice how when someone flips out and has an episode that is related to them being on mind altering drugs, that they usually start ranting about something demonic or about Satan?

Drugs, especially mind altering drugs like anti-depressants and Ambien open you up to spiritual attack by demons. When you are not in complete control of your mental faculties, your wide open to an attack. Satan wanders like a lion looking to devour you. If you open your mind up and leave it vulnerable, guess what...? He WILL strike!

Failed parenting and ignorance of GOD's Word also play a part in our cultures downward spiral. If we ever want to get back on track and back into God's good graces, we need to pray for mercy and renounce this evil lifestyle we have embraced.


‘Impeach Obama’ campaign moves mainstream

‘Impeach Obama’ campaign moves mainstream

Obama has never been legally the president. We all know he's an usurper who is not legally able to be president due to not being a natural born citizen. Aside from that reason to remove him, he's a liar, a divider of people. And extremely racist. Some call him the anti-Christ, some call him a Muslim. Whatever he is, I can assure of what he is not... He's no American!


Botched executions

This is a picture of Stephanie Neiman. She was raped multiple times for 6 hours. Beaten. Shot in the head with a shotgun. Watched killer dig her grave. Then buried while still alive. She was just, 19 murdered one month after her HS graduation an only child. Her murderer was Clayton Lockett. You know Clayton Lockett, his execution was extended and extra 43 minutes in Oklahoma. The poor man suffered, ahhhh. Wish it would have lasted 6 hours. How many of you have seen Stephanie's picture? Or knew the story? But we all know about poor Clayton Lockett thanks to the media whom I don't think mentioned her all day. RIP Stephanie justice has been done for you...There are people thinking of you today.

Here is the statement from her parents:

God blessed us with our precious daughter, Stephanie for 19 years. Stephanie loved children.

She worked in Vacation Bible School and always helped with our Church nativity scenes. She was the joy of our life. We are thankful this day has finally arrived and justice will finally be served.

Susie and Steve Neiman, 4-29-14


Lou Buren of TWAU BLOG:  And liberals worry about so called botched executions. As long as the murderers die, it don't matter how, or how long it took. It's strange how so many people can look at things with the wrong perspective. Innocence deserves no harm, but guilt and evil doing deserves punishment. If people are so caring of the murderer's feelings and well being, then how about a point blank shot to the head? Quick and painless. I'd be on board with that. But I'd also be on board with a slow agonizing death. 

Liberals are perfect examples of end day prophecies. People will view good as evil, and evil as good. They will call bitter sweet, and sweet bitter. What an ass backwards world we live in. A fallen world.


Taking Probiotics to lose weight?

Please pardon the foul language, but other than that this guy has some informative news on pro-biotics and weight loss.


Gladiator School: Judge finds treatment of California’s mentally ill...

Gladiator School: Judge finds treatment of California’s mentally ill...: Modesto Bee — Following weeks of graphic court testimony and chilling videos of inmates writhing in pain as they were blasted with pepper s...

We find the treatment of these convicted felon's horrific. The state of California has long tried to make criminals into mental patients. Can we just stick to calling bad guys the bad guys? Superman never worried about the mental state of Lex Luthor. He just tossed him in jail where bad guys belong.

Liberals, always trying to do things back asswards.


Facts about Noah and the global flood

Recently, a movie has been released by Hollywood that is total blasphemy and blatant lies. Thank goodness their are people like Ray Comfort who refute lies with Biblical truth. It's sad to see so many people who are willfully blind to the facts. Many will end up in hell and we find that very sad. We are in the last days now.


Huckabee Opening Statement 4-12-2014 - Bullying From The Left

It's pretty clear that the end times the Bible speaks of are upon us NOW! People are viewing evil as good, and good as evil. A clear sign of end times. GOD hasn't changed his laws on homosexuality, neither have we changed our opinion on it. Sin is still sin. Stand on the side of GOD, and get saved!


Huckabee Slams Obama on Gay Marriage: Where Are His 'Christian Convictio...

It's pretty simple Mike, Obama is a damn liar and has always been such. The Bible and God are never changing. The rules GOD has set for us are still in effect and he will still judge people based on their actions. People's opinions don't mean nothing. GOD's laws do!


Mike Huckabee is not a hater

Homosexuals created a word. The word homophobic. A phobia implies that fear is involved. Christians are not afraid of homosexuals. We simply believe what the Bible says about it. That it is a perverse sin and that it will cause someone to be hell-bound. So we are concerned for people's salvation. And we want our culture and society to not be corrupted by sin. And when you accommodate sin by changing laws to aid in it, you corrupt our culture. Governor Mike Huckabee agree's with this stance. And we fully support him should he decide to run for president of the United States.


Mike Huckabee is the only choice

I am almost certain that H. Clinton will be the democrats champion in 2016. But I just don't think she has the juice to win an election. So, I hope they keep her as their choice. There are a few names floating around for a GOP candidate. Jeb Bush for one. I'm overlooking him specifically because of his stance on immigration.

Rand Paul, well he just doesn't have the charisma or leadership skills to win an election. Which brings me to governor Mike Huckabee. He ran for president in 2008 and did well for being a virtual unknown. However, now he is very well known. And it's looking more and more like he is going to run again. I'm basing that assumption on things he's said that hint of another run.

Mike Huckabee is a real leader, he stands on Biblical principals. He is a former minister of the Christian faith.

Former governor of the state of Arkansas. He believes that all life should be protected, even life that resides inside the womb.

Huckabee is a pro-2nd amendment supporter and a concealed weapon carrier. He's been a hero of mine for a long time now. Below I will post some video's of Mike Huckabee that will let you see a little more of what he's all about. I'm sure you'll like him as much as I do.

Mike Huckabee is also a huge supporter of the FairTax. Below he explains how it works.


Police: Victim of bat attack kills black assailants

Police: Victim of bat attack kills black assailants

We have been reporting for quite some time now on the vicious black on white attacks that have been going on around the nation. So now one of the white victims defends himself and the liberals want to hang him?

All we can say is we hope the victim gets a good lawyer. There is no crime in defending yourself or your family. No crime in defending life, liberty and property.

And red blooded American would have done the same.


Father displays poor parenting


The above article is very sad. Just click on the link to read the story. It's sad that people died, yes. But to me what is more sad is how this father took no ownership in his own obvious failed parenting. He showed a complete lack of love for the kid, which is most likely how the kid turned out the way he did. And a complete lack of responsibility for his failed role as a father. I can almost guarantee you he didn't love and nurture this kid while he was growing up. I'm sure he didn't teach him Biblical values and morals. When parents fail to train and love their kids correctly you get stuff like this.

I actually feel sorry for the kid, just as much as I feel for his victims. Failed parenting is a huge problem.


WWE legend Jake "The Snake" Roberts has cancer

Former WWE wrestler Jake ‘The Snake’ Roberts has announced he has cancer.

Roberts, 58, will undergo emergency surgery on Tuesday to remove a tumor behind his knee.

Roberts is scheduled to be inducted into the WWE Hall of fame this year at Wrestlemania. When asked if he thought he would be able to make it there he replied "Nothing will stop me from being there".

We pray that Jake Roberts has a full recovery from this medical condition.


Black violence strikes from Baton Rouge to Brooklyn

Black violence strikes from Baton Rouge to Brooklyn

Liberal media outlets refuse to cover this kind of news. Because it's not PC enough for them. But it's real news. It's happening! An epidemic of violence from blacks is happening all over the nation! It's really sad that the lame-stream media is censoring this.


Are you ready for Christ's return?

If your not sure whether your ready or not for the return of Jesus let me ask you this question...
If one night you were sleeping and all of a sudden heard a trumpet sounding so loud that the whole world could hear it, what would you think? And if when you stepped outside to see what's going on, you saw Christ returning with a legion of angels how would you feel? Would you be happy?, sad,? scared?

If you would feel anything other than happy then you are not ready. But he is coming soon. Do you want to be ready? It's easy, Ask Jesus into your heart. Repent and renounce sin. Read GOD's Word. Live by his standards.

Fat Blasting Dumbbell Workout

This is a nice easy work out that most people can do to burn fat. Give it a try.

The Holy Bible's truth

A woman on Facebook posted this illustration. And obviously it was created by pro-homosexuality people or person. Below the image I give my input on the image...

 The Bible is unable to be used to hurt anyone. And Christians do not angrily throw Bibles on people til they bleed. The truth however does hurt, but needs to be accepted and heard if people are to be saved. Homosexuality will cause one to spend eternity in hell. And that's not hurtful, that's just written truth.

To better understand the problem with homosexuality one must understand that GOD owns us. He alone decides what is right and wrong. He alone decides what is good and bad. God's Word The Holy Bible clearly teaches that homosexuality is a perverse sexual sin. It is a choice. And it's the wrong choice.

Why can't people love someone of the same gender?  (A) People can love someone of the same gender, I am a male and I love my son, my father, my brothers. It's when someone wants to have sex with the same gender that the sin/problem comes in. One thing to remember is that homosexuality is not an identity. It is only an activity.

This wicked fallen culture we live in has really pushed for and accepted this wicked sin in the last couple of years. Society as of late has tried to make homosexuals seem like a certain people group. They are not a different people group like minorities, or dwarfs. They are simply people who choose to live in sin. People who choose to act on their own lustful desires rather than follow GOD's design for marriage and relationships.

No matter what people think of the situation, the bottom line is GOD says it's sin. Therefore it's wrong.

The image above was clearly designed to counter any opposition to their sinful life-style. To paint an unrealistic picture that accommodates the wrong view-point.


Truck driver goes to Heaven and back

Article   It's always great to hear about people seeing Heaven. It is real indeed!

It's always interesting to hear people's testimony on seeing Heaven. It happen's quite a bit. Click on the link to read the article.

Mike Huckabee to Iowa FFC event

Mike Huckabee to Iowa FFC event

Please click on the above link to read an article on governor Mike Huckabee.


Liberalism means crossing the line

GOD has put certain rules and laws in place for us to obey. Not because he wants us to miss out on fun things or because he's mean. Quite the opposite, GOD loves us so much that he put these laws in place to protect us. To keep us safe from bad things. We live in a fallen world, so more than ever we need his protection. And the rules he put in place are part of that protection.

One of GOD's rules is that people may only have sex when one man is married to one women for life. Imagine if people followed that rule, millions of babies wouldn't be being killed every day in abortion clinics. We wouldn't have people contracting all these sexually transmitted diseases from having sex with multiple partners.

Just a couple examples of how obeying GOD's laws keep us safe from harm and prevent bad things from happening. If only people knew the power of GOD's love. And how it actually empowers a person and gives you real freedom.

Beyonce's 2013 illuminati Subtly Satanic Super Bowl Halftime Show Breakdown

This video was put together by a fella with the screen name xwhatever33x off of YouTube.
More information on how Beyonce is affiliated with satanism. Her video's and shows are full
of wicked images and symbols. Do some research, you'll see. She's not the only celebrity who is
into satanism either. Check back with us soon, we'll have more.


Much of the world just doesn't get it...

If you look around this fallen world we live in, it's easy to see it's a mess. Crime! Much evil! Bad parenting! And you see people actively trying to fix things. But do you ever notice that no matter how much they try to change the world for the better it never works? No matter how much they try to fix the things that are wrong it fails.

The main reason they fail is because many people don't actually understand right and wrong. They don't know the difference. Many people don't know or reject that GOD is our creator and that he owns us. We are his children and his property. The Bible (his WORD) is our blueprint on how to live correctly. But when people reject that and try to live according to their sinful hearts desires, they will ultimately end up in hell.

A fact that many people are not aware of is that:  We are all born as sinners. We are all born already headed to hell. The only thing that will keep us from going to hell is Jesus Christ. He is thee ONLY way to be saved from hell.  The idea that all religions have the same God is false.

So all the problems we see in this fallen world, will never be corrected because people don't understand how to correct it. Or they reject the only answer that could correct it. Living by God's laws and being saved by Jesus Christ.

Until the world figures that out, which will be never. Things will continue to spiral downward until Christ returns.


70 million Americans taking mind-altering drugs

70 million Americans taking mind-altering drugs

The above link shows that I'm not the only one who has noticed that America by and large is on mind altering medications. No wonder people are sitting by idle letting liberals destroy our nation. People are doped up and hypnotized on anti-depressants and sleep aids. Not to mention weed and alcohol. Vicodin and other pain pills.

Aside from being on all these things, people are self medicating themselves. i.e. if 2 pills are good then 4 must be better. The majority of Americans shop for doctors who will prescribe them what they want. Prescription drug abuse is rampant in America. And doctors make it pretty easy to do.

My theory on this is that it's all by design. A form of social control. Keep the masses dumbed down and calm. Anti-depressants blanket people's feelings and emotions, they take away your ability to care about important issues. If you look at all the wrong going on in America right now and no one is up in arms about it, my theory is proven correct.


Preacher blames city’s black violence on slavery

Preacher blames city’s black violence on slavery

It's absolutely sickening to listen to blacks talk about slavery.  Slavery has been gone so long that no black person alive today could have been impacted by it. There is no oppression of blacks in this current time. However many blacks tend to hold onto that slavery card as a crutch or an excuse to not work, to get free handouts from the government.

What is hurting the black community is their own community. Failed parenting, failed school completion, and failure at holding down a job. Failure at maintaining responsibility. Many blacks end up in prison systems because of their upbringing. i.e. failed parenting.




This article touches on a topic I have long spoke about. Millions of people in America and around the world can walk into a doctors office and simply say I have been feeling a bit down lately and walk out of the doctors office with a life-long prescription of anti-depressants. If it's one thing we have learned about anti-depressants it's that they blanket people's emotions. They fog your mind and take away people's ability to care about things. Even things that would otherwise be very important to that person.

Lately a more disturbing trend has been taking place. Because people on anti-depressants typically have a hard time sleeping because of the drugs, doctors have been prescribing a so called sleep aid called Ambien. This is very dangerous because Ambien is a powerful hallucinogen.

So yes in a sense people are zombified in America. It's my belief that it's by design and is a form of social control. People won't care or react to enslavement or liberty being taken away when they are doped up on a medication that strips away your ability to care about important issues.

So forget about the bath salt's etc. The above information I talked about is the real danger. The real problem. I welcome any feedback.

Debate between Ken Ham and Bill Nye

We at TWAU-BLOG believe Ken Ham won this debate hands down.

What Was Our Founding Fathers' Worldview?

Push to impeach Obama makes major gain

Push to impeach Obama makes major gain

Nothing would say justice has been served better than Obama being impeached. He is a criminal outsider wrecking our nation from within. If you feel the same and want justice to be served, donate to www.LC.org who are also working to impeach this usurper.


Obama gets schooled in Christianity 101

Obama gets schooled in Christianity 101

Obama once claimed to be a Christian when he was running for president. However, his policies and actions tell us he is not Christian. He speaks highly of the false religion of Islam. And always speaks lowly of Christianity. Obama is unAmerican. A divider of people. The worst president we have ever had by far.


Developing news

Shooting reported at school in Hawaii

There are injuries in the incident and the school is on lockdown, the AP reports.

I am starting to think that these so called mass-shooting suspects are working for liberal gun-grabbers. It's the only way for them to make people think guns are bad and to quickly push their agenda of banning guns.

Of course there are some people who can still think for themselves and know that guns are not the enemy here. It's the evil minds and actions of wicked people. 


Justin Bieber MUG SHOT | The Smoking Gun

Justin Bieber MUG SHOT | The Smoking Gun

Sometimes I wonder if these people like Bieber, Cyrus, do this stuff for more exposure in media. Or if they are just this stupid?  I'm more inclined to go with #2.


Liberal icon urges Obama impeachment

Liberal icon urges Obama impeachment

As Ironic as it is, I agree with this person. You can read the article by clicking on the above link. Obama does indeed need to be impeached. People call him a lot of things, a muslim, a member of the black panthers, etc.. But the one thing we know he is not, is an American!


Oath Keepers » Blog Archive » Gun Owners: Be Careful If You Pass Through Maryland

Oath Keepers » Blog Archive » Gun Owners: Be Careful If You Pass Through Maryland

Gun owners:  If you can help it, do not register your guns. Crooked cops can harass you. Many law enforcement officers support our second amendment and wouldn't do this. But liberal cops in liberal area's might.


Obama plot: Black out ’40% of U.S. power supply’

Obama plot: Black out ’40% of U.S. power supply’

Obama truly is a wicked person. He deserves no support yet has much. Do the right thing people. Show your dissatisfaction with Obama and the liberals by voting for the GOP in all the next elections.

Thanks for reading, and don't forget to follow us on Twitter...


How Did Dinosaurs Die? - Answers in Genesis

How Did Dinosaurs Die? - Answers in Genesis

The above link is a great article on discovering how dinosaurs died. It's from a reliable site as far as reliable information. Give it a read, we think you'll find it interesting as well as informative.


Gladiator School: Calif. prison population expected to grow over nex...

Gladiator School: Calif. prison population expected to grow over nex...: LA Times — After declining for six years, California's prison population is expected to grow by 10,000 inmates in the next five years, ...

California's prison system will never learn. You reduce the amount of people coming to prison by making prison hard and horrible. Instead, California prison's make prison time very easy. Inmates are pampered and catered to in an environment that is extremely easy to manipulate. And even when caught punishment is a joke if any punishment.

With a system like this, you can only expect your prison populations to grow. Good luck California, your gonna need it.


Conspiracy Theories Abound

Conspiracy Theories Abound

The attacks and accusations have already started and the debate hasn't even happened yet. Evolutionists have no real leg to stand on when it comes to the evolution lie. It's illogical and an insult to anyone if you expect them to believe it. Nothing has ever been observed to evolve. It's a made up lie. The earth, universe, and life are not millions of years old as claimed by evolutionists. They are only thousands of years old.

Debate of the century happening in February

You guy's are not going to want to miss this debate. It's a debate between Ken Ham, CEO of Answers In Genesis and Bill Nye the Sci-Fi guy. For many years evolutionists have been indoctrinating society with lies. They teach an anti-God religion called evolution. It's taught as fact in public schools. It's engulfed TV programs, especially ones aimed at children. And the bottom line is evolution simply does not exist.

If you want to watch this debate and trust me you'll want to, you can get information about it by clicking here.  It will take place on February 4th 2014. People did not evolve from ooze or evolve from animals etc. We were all created in God's image. We were made special. And Ken Ham will bring up some really great points to back that up.

We here at TWAU-BLOG will be praying that Mr. Ham does a great job which we know he will and we want him to know we support him 100%.


Drudge: Hillary Clinton makes it official?

Drudge: Hillary Clinton makes it official?

Hillary would make almost as bad a president as Obama is. Word is that governor Mike Huckabee is going to make a run for the WH is 2016! How exciting is that? We think it's very exciting. And we need your help to make sure he wins!

RIP America: Fired, jailed, dead for doing this

RIP America: Fired, jailed, dead for doing this

Interesting and a bit scary.

Huckabee 2016 ?

Our sources say it's highly likely! If governor Mike Huckabee runs in 16, He's almost sure to win. It's almost a guarantee. Whispers of Hillary Clinton running in 2016 have been heard. So it looks as if 2016 elections are starting to take form. It's time to get a GOP president back in office along with a GOP senate and House.

So we can get Obamacare repealed ASAP. And right the many other wrongs Obama has done. We still LIKE MIKE! We are excited at the very likely running of governor Huckabee in 2016.

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A real tool

You may or may not have heard of Alex Jones. He is affiliated with a web site called infowars.com. This guy speaks as if he's on the good people's side on many topics. Many conservatives believe him to be a spokesman for them against the tyrannical federal government. However, if you really watch and listen to this guy you'll notice he comes across as a quack-job. He's exactly what the leftists want people on the right to be viewed as. I believe this guy actually works for liberals and is trying to make common sense Christian conservatives look like quacks.

He makes real issues look like conspiracy theories. And the left want you to think just that. So my advice to you is ignore this Jones character. He's a big phony. But keep on defending your freedoms. The issues are real. But we don't need nut-jobs speaking on our behalf and purposely looking the fool.