Debate of the century happening in February

You guy's are not going to want to miss this debate. It's a debate between Ken Ham, CEO of Answers In Genesis and Bill Nye the Sci-Fi guy. For many years evolutionists have been indoctrinating society with lies. They teach an anti-God religion called evolution. It's taught as fact in public schools. It's engulfed TV programs, especially ones aimed at children. And the bottom line is evolution simply does not exist.

If you want to watch this debate and trust me you'll want to, you can get information about it by clicking here.  It will take place on February 4th 2014. People did not evolve from ooze or evolve from animals etc. We were all created in God's image. We were made special. And Ken Ham will bring up some really great points to back that up.

We here at TWAU-BLOG will be praying that Mr. Ham does a great job which we know he will and we want him to know we support him 100%.

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