Ban bow and arrows?

BERLIN, N.J. (CBS) — A Camden county man has been charged with murder after he allegedly fatally shot a man with a bow and arrow.

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Did anyone check and see if the guy had a quiver that could hold more than 7 arrows? This just proves my point all the more. No matter what you ban, no matter what kind of gun laws are passed, people can and sadly probably will still kill people with guns and other weapons.

  • 1.29.2013

    Public schools becoming even more stupid than usual

    Ok I'm sure you have all heard about the little 5 year old girl who was suspended for threatening another kid with her hello kitty bubble blowing gun. And then a couple days later, another little kid brandished a paper gun cut out from a piece of paper and got in trouble. Now this latest gun bust on yet another child. You can click here to read the ridiculous article on a school harassing another child.

    When does the stupidity stop? But I wouldn't expect anything else from those people types who deny God and cling to wicked liberal idealism. Our message to these idiotic school officials:   Stop harassing these children and let them be kids! Guns are a great tool, and there is nothing wrong with kids pretending to play with guns. Stop trying to further push the liberal agenda by picking on kids! The public school systems have become a joke, we suggest home-schooling.


    Message to the leftist idiots!

    The next time we are at war, tell the enemy that guns are banned and that they must not have them. I'm sure they will listen as well as the nut jobs and criminals out there!


    Sen Dianne Feinstein trying to trample the 2nd amendment

    Senator Dianne Feinstein introduced a proposed new and broader weapons ban — legislation the NRA condemned as 'curtailing the Constitution.'

    This is one wicked hag. She remind's me of that old lady who climbs the wall in the movie (Legion). How she keeps getting voted back into office is beyond me. I'm sure her gun legislation will fail but it's just the idea that she wants guns gone. Liberals have a very strange view point that doesn't include logic.

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    "The American people know gun bans do not work and we are confident Congress will reject Senator Feinstein's wrong-headed approach," spokeswoman Andrew Arulanandam said.


    2007 Pontiac Torrent

    A buddy of mine has a 2007 Pontiac Torrent. He said he gave a friend a jump start. And after he helped his friend with a jump his power steering went out. Also a light came on saying CHECK STABILITRAK. My buddy was quite worried because he depended on his car to get to work and back.

    So I did a little research and figured out that it was a fuse that had blown. This happens sometimes when people give jump starts incorrectly. The fuse was an 80 amp fuse located next to the positive battery terminal. It's held in place by two bolts.

    You can buy this fuse at a dealership, typically runs around 10 bucks. Just be sure to disconnect the battery before installing it. It fixed his problem completely. Hope this information helps someone in need.



    NRA CEO responds to Obama's gun plan

    Defend your second amendment rights. Stand your ground my fellow Americans. Obama and like minded liberals are not bigger than our constitution.

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    Support the NRA!


    Obama's crocodile tears

    I'm sure you all remember a while back when Obama was trying to look emotional after the tragic shooting of children and adults. Of course he felt nothing except some fuel for gun control. There were no tears, so I don't know what he was wiping away from his eyes. It was a bad performance to say the least.

    Obama and like minded liberals don't give a damn about how many people died. They care about one thing when it comes to shootings, and that's disarming the good citizens of this nation. Now Obama is threatening executive orders to ban guns. He doesn't have that kind of authority but in his possible final term that won't stop him from attempting it.

    I suggest gun owners become members of the NRA and support them with whatever you can as far as donations. They do seem to always have their hand out, but they do fight for second amendment rights. Buy as many guns and as much ammo as you possibly can. America has changed and continues to change and I hate to say it, but it's changing for the worse.

    Obama and those like him will continue to push socialism into our culture, they will continue to push pro-homosexuality sin into our culture. And they will relentlessly pursue taking away guns from the good citizens. The question is will you allow this? Or will you take a stand and take some action?



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    She is as pretty as she is deadly. And she is a master of music magic. If you see her on the Khyber server, feel free to say hello. Want to join our guild? Send tell to SpellRa.

    Deatharella is always willing to help others in any quest. Even the lower level people.


    King Obama making laws by himself?!


    Please click the link above to read an interesting article. The fact that people voted this Obama character back into office astounds me. Some say it's like he has a magic spell over half the nation. I believe in a sense that is correct. 1 in 10 Americans is on anti-depressants or anxiety medication. Those types of social control have dumbed Americans down to a very low intelligence level. In ancient times medications were associated with being witch-craft. (Pharmacia)

    People have been brain washed into thinking the government can and should provide for their every need. When in actuality the government should be very small and limited. But people being controlled by medications isn't a coincidence. It's all done by design. The saddest part of it, is that these poor people actually think it's for their own good. And that nothing is wrong.

    Obama and the liberals will stop at nothing it seems to disarm the American people. To throw out the very constitution that our founding fathers came up with. To cover up any mention of GOD and his laws from our culture. To set up for the beast to arise. Pray my friends!


    A prime example of why Americans need guns

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    I am so sick of liberals trying to pass gun control laws. They claim it's to make people safer but nothing could be further from the truth. Gun control laws would only disarm the good citizens. Criminals don't give a damn about any laws. So why would gun control be looked at as an option? I'll tell you why.

    I know liberals are stupid in many ways but they are not stupid when it comes to this issue. They know that gun control laws would not stop criminals and nut-jobs from shooting up places. They know that. Stopping those people is not their goal. Their agenda is all about disarming American citizens. Because an unarmed population is much easier to control.

    Owning guns make you a citizen, being unarmed makes you a subject. Liberals use incidents like the recent horrific shootings as excuses to push their anti gun agenda's. They try to capitalize on evil to weaken American citizens. Don't let it happen my friends. Make sure you own gun(s). It's essential.

    It's essential for Americans to own guns for the reason that is shown in the above link to the article. And it's essential for the reasons our founding fathers put together the 2nd amendment. To fight off a corrupt government if ever the need arose. Don't depend on the government because a government big and strong enough to give you everything is big and strong enough to take away everything.