Public schools becoming even more stupid than usual

Ok I'm sure you have all heard about the little 5 year old girl who was suspended for threatening another kid with her hello kitty bubble blowing gun. And then a couple days later, another little kid brandished a paper gun cut out from a piece of paper and got in trouble. Now this latest gun bust on yet another child. You can click here to read the ridiculous article on a school harassing another child.

When does the stupidity stop? But I wouldn't expect anything else from those people types who deny God and cling to wicked liberal idealism. Our message to these idiotic school officials:   Stop harassing these children and let them be kids! Guns are a great tool, and there is nothing wrong with kids pretending to play with guns. Stop trying to further push the liberal agenda by picking on kids! The public school systems have become a joke, we suggest home-schooling.

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Anonymous said...

you said it, they are getting dumber by the day those liberals.