A prime example of why Americans need guns

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I am so sick of liberals trying to pass gun control laws. They claim it's to make people safer but nothing could be further from the truth. Gun control laws would only disarm the good citizens. Criminals don't give a damn about any laws. So why would gun control be looked at as an option? I'll tell you why.

I know liberals are stupid in many ways but they are not stupid when it comes to this issue. They know that gun control laws would not stop criminals and nut-jobs from shooting up places. They know that. Stopping those people is not their goal. Their agenda is all about disarming American citizens. Because an unarmed population is much easier to control.

Owning guns make you a citizen, being unarmed makes you a subject. Liberals use incidents like the recent horrific shootings as excuses to push their anti gun agenda's. They try to capitalize on evil to weaken American citizens. Don't let it happen my friends. Make sure you own gun(s). It's essential.

It's essential for Americans to own guns for the reason that is shown in the above link to the article. And it's essential for the reasons our founding fathers put together the 2nd amendment. To fight off a corrupt government if ever the need arose. Don't depend on the government because a government big and strong enough to give you everything is big and strong enough to take away everything.

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