Obama's crocodile tears

I'm sure you all remember a while back when Obama was trying to look emotional after the tragic shooting of children and adults. Of course he felt nothing except some fuel for gun control. There were no tears, so I don't know what he was wiping away from his eyes. It was a bad performance to say the least.

Obama and like minded liberals don't give a damn about how many people died. They care about one thing when it comes to shootings, and that's disarming the good citizens of this nation. Now Obama is threatening executive orders to ban guns. He doesn't have that kind of authority but in his possible final term that won't stop him from attempting it.

I suggest gun owners become members of the NRA and support them with whatever you can as far as donations. They do seem to always have their hand out, but they do fight for second amendment rights. Buy as many guns and as much ammo as you possibly can. America has changed and continues to change and I hate to say it, but it's changing for the worse.

Obama and those like him will continue to push socialism into our culture, they will continue to push pro-homosexuality sin into our culture. And they will relentlessly pursue taking away guns from the good citizens. The question is will you allow this? Or will you take a stand and take some action?

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