King Obama making laws by himself?!


Please click the link above to read an interesting article. The fact that people voted this Obama character back into office astounds me. Some say it's like he has a magic spell over half the nation. I believe in a sense that is correct. 1 in 10 Americans is on anti-depressants or anxiety medication. Those types of social control have dumbed Americans down to a very low intelligence level. In ancient times medications were associated with being witch-craft. (Pharmacia)

People have been brain washed into thinking the government can and should provide for their every need. When in actuality the government should be very small and limited. But people being controlled by medications isn't a coincidence. It's all done by design. The saddest part of it, is that these poor people actually think it's for their own good. And that nothing is wrong.

Obama and the liberals will stop at nothing it seems to disarm the American people. To throw out the very constitution that our founding fathers came up with. To cover up any mention of GOD and his laws from our culture. To set up for the beast to arise. Pray my friends!

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