Merry Christmas to all of our readers!

We here at TWAU BLOG just want to wish you and yours a very Merry CHRISTmas and a Happy New year! Be safe! And remember that God is number 1 in life!


NRA urges armed security for schools!

Click here for article on NRA

We here at TWAU blog team commend the NRA for continued support for our 2nd amendment rights! The wicked liberals capitalize on tragedies to further push their anti-gun agenda. I'de like you to CLICK HERE and look at this article. Texas has always been a very pro-gun state. And it's reaped rewards of safety in the process.

The answer isn't banning guns. It isn't banning some types of guns. The answer is arming the good citizens. Because then the nut jobs and the cowardly killers will think twice before attempting to murder others. Something the media likes to leave out in their reporting's is that most killers who shoot up places typically do it in gun free zones. Because they fear people who can defend themselves.

Dungeons and dragons online

I have been a player on DDO for about a year and a half now and I gotta tell ya, I'm hooked. It's a fun game. I play on the Khyber server. And in the photo you can see one of my created characters. His name is Louchious. He's a level 21 artificer. If your a DDO player please feel free to leave a comment below and let us know how you like the game.

I will soon be posting video's of my online playing. Perhaps some fellow players can be in some of my vids:)? In the photo I captured a rare and beautiful rainbow in the harbor. I was pretty amazed. lol


The recent shooting that killed many people including kids

Liberals are already screaming for tougher gun control laws. Pleading with Obama to enact tougher gun control. But facts don't lie. States with the most strict gun laws have the highest crime rates. States like Texas who foster the open carry gun law have very low crime. Because the bottom line is nut jobs and cowards that kill innocent people are very reluctant to try and shoot up a place that has armed citizens. They target gun free places and people.

So, the ignorant liberals would be screaming for more citizens to carry concealed weapons if they had any sense. But they don't. I fully expect Obama to try to use this tragic incident to further the liberal agenda of unarming Americans.

Lou Buren <><

Newtown, Conn., elementary school shooting

Our thoughts and prayers go out to the families of the victims of this senseless act of evil. The shooter was a coward and is most likely in hell at this very moment. The public school systems have shown us time and time again that they are not equipped to protect our children. We suggest home schooling. May God receive these children's souls and keep them forever in his Kingdom. We are so sorry to hear of this horrible tragedy.

TWAU Team <><


December 21st approaches

A while back we had the end of the world predicted by Big eared Harold Camping. He was wrong. Now we have the Mayan prediction that claims the end of the world is December 21st 2012. So they are saying the world will end before Christmas day! I hope not, because I already did my Christmas shopping.lol

All joking aside, people can take comfort in knowing that the Mayan calender is incorrect. And though Christ can return at any time, the Bible is clear that no one knows when he will return. His return will be the end of this wicked fallen world.

So, to all the people who are expecting the end of the world on the 21st. Forget it! "Ain't gonna happen"


Here is some gun control news for you

Police in Columbia, South Carolina, report that an unnamed woman was working the night shift alone at a convenience store when three armed men came in. The robbers began firing their guns in the air, apparently to scare her. It didn’t work. While they were shooting at the ceiling, she grabbed her own pistol and started shooting at them. She shot one of them in the chest, and all three fled in terror. Police caught the one with a chest wound and took him to the hospital. They believe she might have shot one of the others, as well. And here’s a final fact that gun control advocates would not want me to report: “The clerk was not harmed.”

Reported by: Mike Huckabee