Rep. Andre Carson: Tea Party Wants to See Black Americans 'Hanging on a Tree'


What is up with all these racist black people. So bent on crying racism, that they actually show how racist they really are.

THE GOP and the Tea Party are not racist in any way, shape or form. And I'm getting tired of hearing idiots claim they are just because they oppose Obama. Obama is a terrible president, so of course they are going to point out all the wrongs he's doing. And trust me he is doing many things wrong.

Had Obama been a good president, God fearing and had good morals people would have loved to have him as the first black president. But instead he is an evil liberal who advocates sexual sin (homosexuality) and murder (abortion).

America needs change! And that change will come with an anybody but Obama vote in 2012.


With Pessimism Growing on Economy, More Americans Still Blame Bush Over Obama


Liberals can try to blame Bush all they want. It still doesn't change the fact that G.W. Bush was one of thee best presidents America has ever had. And that Obama is the absolute worst we have ever had.

They can't blame Bush for Obama's spending of 3 trillion dollars America didn't have to spend. They can't blame Bush for Obama's wicked policies of advocating sexual sin (homosexuality) and murder (abortion). Things Bush never supported.

They can't blame Bush for stating that America shouldn't be elevated above any other nation, that America should be brought down a peg or two. No my friends, that's all blame that can only be placed on Obama.


Lake reinstates teacher after Facebook comments about gays


We here at TWAU blog believe that a big part of Buell's reinstatement was because of the help by Liberty Counsel. Thank God for Liberty Counsel and people like Mr. J. Buell. Who stand up for Biblical principles and morals.

People should always be allowed to exercise their freedom of speech. Because the world we live in currently is marred by sin, and those who wade in these waters of sin are offended by what is right. The Bible touches on that (Isaiah 5:20 Woe unto them that call evil good, and good evil; that put darkness for light, and light for darkness; that put bitter for sweet, and sweet for bitter!)

Do not hate people who live homosexual lives. Love them, and pray for them. Teach them Gods ways, in the hopes they will repent and turn from sin. Never accept their sin though.

Thanks for reading, and please show your support for Jerry Buell by liking his facebook fan page.


Obama: Low rating shows unhappiness with Congress


Unhappiness with congress? No, I think it shows their unhappiness with you MR.Obama.
And I like how he gives himself more time to be judged on his performance, by saying "I expect to be judged in a year". Oh is that right MR.Obama? Well, guess what we are judging you now! not a year from now. And we say you suck as a president!

And we are not unhappy with congress! we are very unhappy with you! That's why we will be voting your sorry butt out of office! Whoever the (R) nominee is, is who everyone will vote for. It doesn't matter who it is. This time around it's an anybody but Obama vote.

Be sure to take the "Will you be voting for Obama" poll on our site. And as always comments are welcome.


Libyan rebels take most of Tripoli


With the fall of Saddam Hussein, and now this. It is apparent that the end times are near. Exactly how near is still uncertain. But this moves us a step closer to a one world nation. Which is spoke of in the book of Revelations.

We would like to have your thoughts on the subject. Comment below....


Perry Questioned on Evolution and Creationism in New Hampshire; Says Texas Teaches Both

The battle between supporters of creationism and evolution made its way onto the 2012 campaign trail Thursday as a young boy, prompted by his mother, asked Texas Gov. Rick Perry questions on the subject, leading Perry to suggest both are taught in Texas public schools.

"How old do I think the Earth is?" Perry said repeating the boy's question. "I have no idea - it's pretty old. It goes back a long way - I'm not sure anyone knows really completely know how old it is."

But Perry continued, saying the boy's mother was really trying to get a response about creationism and evolution. While Texas public schools don't officially teach creationism, some claim Perry has pushed a weakened evolution curriculum to open the door for creationism in schools.

"I know your mom is asking about evolution," he said. "It's a theory that's out there and it's got some gaps in it. In Texas, we teach creationism and evolution because I feel you're smart enough to figure out which one is right."



Intelligent Americans know that evolution is a lie. A made up story imagined by those who don't like the idea of being accountable to God. It's just sad that evolution is taught in public schools to please the liberal atheist/secular mislead.

It would be a true blessing to Get the whole imagined lie thrown out of school curriculum. And to have it start teaching truth. Which is taught in the Bible.

You can research more on evolution and creation by God by visiting this very informative web site. WWW. AnswersInGenesis.org

In the 2008 presidential race governor Mike Huckabee was asked about this very same topic. The video below shows how he responded.

In reference to the guy's question above.... Creation isn't a story. It's literal history. Please share your comments below.......


ACLU Sues Missouri School System for Censoring Gay Advocacy Websites


It's really sickening to read about this wicked organization known as the ACLU bringing these stupid law suits up against schools. We have forwarded this story to Liberty Counsel in the hopes they may provide the school with some legal defence. The American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU) are a very anti-God group, who have waged war on Christianity and Biblical morals. If you would like to help stop this wicked group from throwing it's money around and placing terrorist like threats upon our public schools then please donate to http://www.lc.org

It's tax deductible and God considers it to be a valid tithe. Also please write/call/Email your local leaders/senators/and governor's to let them know your tired of the ACLU having their evil hands in your kids schooling affairs.

The ACLU has a long history of terrorizing teachers, schools, and churches. Bringing frivolous law suits against anyone and everyone that has anything to do with God, Christ or Biblical principals/morals. You can help stop them, and secure your children's education. Donate to www.LC.org today!

Thank you


Mayor to rioters: 'Stop acting like idiots and fools!'


Idiot's who go out and riot and destroy stuff are typically parolee's and thugs. Worthless pieces of garbage who actually should be shot on site when caught doing this.

This mayor is one smart guy.

Governor to decide bill to raise cell phone fines


I have spoken on this topic before, but with this new article on it, I decided to touch on it again. This whole talking on the phone while driving ban is idiotic. People either can drive responsibly or they can't. Driving and talking on the phone is no different than driving while eating a hamburger. One of your hands is occupied feeding your mouth, while the other is steering. Just like while using your phone occupies one hand while the other is steering. Are they going to fine you for eating a burger next?

And they can't use the argument that they aren't talking to the hamburger, and that being engaged in a conversation is part of the distraction. Because someone may vary well be eating a hamburger and steering while talking to the person in the passenger seat. Am I right?!

Look folks, the bottom line here is, we are losing freedoms and rights very quickly in America. We need to safe guard the right we still have. Even the little things, like using a phone while driving.

They start out with petty things like the driving and talking thing, forcing you to wear seatbelts. Forcing you to have car insurance. Then later, it's bigger things forced upon us. Like I said before, all the auto wrecks that have happened, didn't happen because the person happened to be on a phone. It was going to happen anyway, because that person wasn't a competent driver.

Maybe in all those wrecks, they all were listening to rock music, or had someone speaking to them from the back seats. Maybe you should ban those things too? And to all the people out there who advocate this idiotic law, we have a hard enough time keeping our rights from being taken away by the liberals, without you handing them over on a silver platter. So please rethink your stance.

Comments welcome below.....


A goofy word made up by the wicked

Let's talk about a goofy word that really is a product of an idiots imagination. Words like homophobic, what does that word mean to you? Well we all know phobia's are different types of fear. Well no one on Gods green earth is afraid of homosexuals. So why would homosexuals and their advocates make up such a goofy word? They created it to counter opposition to their wicked sin.

I myself as a Christian, don't fear or hate people who live in this sin called homosexuality. I do however feel concern for their salvation. As most know Gods Word, the Bible teaches that clearly anyone who lives such a life will lose their place in Gods kingdom. To me that's something to be concerned about.

Robber gets whooped by 63 year old guy.

In my eyes, this guy is a hero. He defended his wife and took down a bad guy using only his wrestling skills he learned years ago. My hat goes off to this man. Excellent job sir!

A robber messed with the wrong man in Florida on Thursday night. 63-year-old, 5-foot-7 Fred Kemp used a foot sweep and a rear naked choke to disarm a robber who pointed a gun at Kemp and his wife.

You can click the title headline to view the article

As a side note, we here at TWAU blog suggest that if you can carry a concealed weapon, you do so. Because it's us against the criminals. Don't get caught in a bad situation with no protection.

This man did well, but it could have went bad for him.

Huckabee rocks Iowa


Evolution refuted

Hope you enjoy this video. It completely stomps the made up lie known as evolution.

The disinformed democrat

Ok, I wanted to touch on the topic of disinformed and in some cases misinformed and uninformed democrats. My grandma who is now passed away, (God rest her soul) was a self proclaimed democrat, as is my mother.

Liberal democrats have an evil method of keeping people voting for them, and that method is lies and scare tactics. The most used lie is that republicans are for the rich and that they seek to make the rich richer and the poor poorer. This couldn't be further from the truth.

My grandma and mother know absolutely nothing about politics or the policies of democrats, they also have no clue about what their agendas include. They claim to be democrat based only on the lies told by democrats.

And it's the same thing for most democrats in America. Good hearted American people who follow democrats based on the lies they tell. Now let me go over some simple facts....

Liberal democrats typically are people who hate Christianity, advocate sexual sin (homosexuality) and advocate murder (abortions). Sure they tend to seek bigger government, so they can continue to tax the rich who are usually made up of people who actually work for their money. Tax the working class, so they can give the free govt hand-outs to the lazy folks who don't work.

Granted not all people who accept government handouts are lazy, some are not capable of working, and those people deserve to get the help. But as for people who simply have decided they don't want to work. Get a life!

I hear countless people who are on welfare and govt aid, say "Instead of making cuts to our benefits (handouts) why can't they just cut the pay of those state workers"? And, I answer them by saying, probably because the state workers are actually earning their money.

I believe that many Americans have lost sight of what the American dream is, and what it entail's. It isn't about sitting home watching soap opera's all day and receiving a check from the government. It's about working hard for what you have. Working a job. Running a business. The rich didn't get rich by accepting government help each month. They earned what they have.

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