Governor to decide bill to raise cell phone fines


I have spoken on this topic before, but with this new article on it, I decided to touch on it again. This whole talking on the phone while driving ban is idiotic. People either can drive responsibly or they can't. Driving and talking on the phone is no different than driving while eating a hamburger. One of your hands is occupied feeding your mouth, while the other is steering. Just like while using your phone occupies one hand while the other is steering. Are they going to fine you for eating a burger next?

And they can't use the argument that they aren't talking to the hamburger, and that being engaged in a conversation is part of the distraction. Because someone may vary well be eating a hamburger and steering while talking to the person in the passenger seat. Am I right?!

Look folks, the bottom line here is, we are losing freedoms and rights very quickly in America. We need to safe guard the right we still have. Even the little things, like using a phone while driving.

They start out with petty things like the driving and talking thing, forcing you to wear seatbelts. Forcing you to have car insurance. Then later, it's bigger things forced upon us. Like I said before, all the auto wrecks that have happened, didn't happen because the person happened to be on a phone. It was going to happen anyway, because that person wasn't a competent driver.

Maybe in all those wrecks, they all were listening to rock music, or had someone speaking to them from the back seats. Maybe you should ban those things too? And to all the people out there who advocate this idiotic law, we have a hard enough time keeping our rights from being taken away by the liberals, without you handing them over on a silver platter. So please rethink your stance.

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Anonymous said...

Good points. You might as well ban eating and driving. and drinking soda pop