Obama: Low rating shows unhappiness with Congress


Unhappiness with congress? No, I think it shows their unhappiness with you MR.Obama.
And I like how he gives himself more time to be judged on his performance, by saying "I expect to be judged in a year". Oh is that right MR.Obama? Well, guess what we are judging you now! not a year from now. And we say you suck as a president!

And we are not unhappy with congress! we are very unhappy with you! That's why we will be voting your sorry butt out of office! Whoever the (R) nominee is, is who everyone will vote for. It doesn't matter who it is. This time around it's an anybody but Obama vote.

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Anonymous said...

Obama has been downgrading the country ever since he got into office. I'll definitely be happy to vote for whoever is running against him to remove him!