The disinformed democrat

Ok, I wanted to touch on the topic of disinformed and in some cases misinformed and uninformed democrats. My grandma who is now passed away, (God rest her soul) was a self proclaimed democrat, as is my mother.

Liberal democrats have an evil method of keeping people voting for them, and that method is lies and scare tactics. The most used lie is that republicans are for the rich and that they seek to make the rich richer and the poor poorer. This couldn't be further from the truth.

My grandma and mother know absolutely nothing about politics or the policies of democrats, they also have no clue about what their agendas include. They claim to be democrat based only on the lies told by democrats.

And it's the same thing for most democrats in America. Good hearted American people who follow democrats based on the lies they tell. Now let me go over some simple facts....

Liberal democrats typically are people who hate Christianity, advocate sexual sin (homosexuality) and advocate murder (abortions). Sure they tend to seek bigger government, so they can continue to tax the rich who are usually made up of people who actually work for their money. Tax the working class, so they can give the free govt hand-outs to the lazy folks who don't work.

Granted not all people who accept government handouts are lazy, some are not capable of working, and those people deserve to get the help. But as for people who simply have decided they don't want to work. Get a life!

I hear countless people who are on welfare and govt aid, say "Instead of making cuts to our benefits (handouts) why can't they just cut the pay of those state workers"? And, I answer them by saying, probably because the state workers are actually earning their money.

I believe that many Americans have lost sight of what the American dream is, and what it entail's. It isn't about sitting home watching soap opera's all day and receiving a check from the government. It's about working hard for what you have. Working a job. Running a business. The rich didn't get rich by accepting government help each month. They earned what they have.

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