ACLU Sues Missouri School System for Censoring Gay Advocacy Websites


It's really sickening to read about this wicked organization known as the ACLU bringing these stupid law suits up against schools. We have forwarded this story to Liberty Counsel in the hopes they may provide the school with some legal defence. The American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU) are a very anti-God group, who have waged war on Christianity and Biblical morals. If you would like to help stop this wicked group from throwing it's money around and placing terrorist like threats upon our public schools then please donate to http://www.lc.org

It's tax deductible and God considers it to be a valid tithe. Also please write/call/Email your local leaders/senators/and governor's to let them know your tired of the ACLU having their evil hands in your kids schooling affairs.

The ACLU has a long history of terrorizing teachers, schools, and churches. Bringing frivolous law suits against anyone and everyone that has anything to do with God, Christ or Biblical principals/morals. You can help stop them, and secure your children's education. Donate to www.LC.org today!

Thank you

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