Obama is letting more of his friends out...

Impeach this SOB now!


Cop Challenges "I Can't Breathe" With His Own Shirt

Cop Challenges "I Can't Breathe" With His Own Shirt

Pretty simple eh?!  Obey the law, don't resist police. Don't attack police. Follow those simple guidelines and you'll breathe easy. The thugs out there like Brown, and the choke-hold fella they didn't follow those simple guidelines. They chose to resist and attack police. Look where it got them.



Has the world lost all common sense?

First we saw the high profile incident on the news about the giant thug Michael Brown getting shot by officer Wilson in Ferguson, MO. The court ruled it justified. And the retarded community of unemployed parolees went on a rampage and destroyed property and looted stores/robbery.

People who you would think would try to calm the situation only added to the tensions by race-baiting and trying to create more chaos. People like the president, and the attorney general. Who both happen to be race-baiters. It's really sad to see that the media would stoop as low as making things racial for the simple fact it makes their ratings higher.

Then we just saw the recent choke hold case involving another officer. The officer will not face charges in this case as well. There seems to be a loss of common sense flowing through the United States. Police are the authorities! You are required to follow their orders, if you resist them or attack them. You may get shot and die!  It does not matter whether you are armed or not.

The media knows this! The racist president and AG know this! The US population knows this!
So, what's all the fuss? Color played no part in either of these cases, yet the media and liberals want this to seem like it's all about race. And I'll tell you why they do.

Obama and like minded liberals are what's called one world global government elitists. They strive to create a one world global government, with no borders (Note: Liberals oppose securing borders). That's why you watched countless illegal immigrants flood into the US recently and no liberals wanted to lift a finger to stop it.

They are all about dividing our people, they know that when people are divided they will surely fall. With racial fighting and looting happening in the streets, Obama can declare martial law and stay in office. And the masses are pretty stupid unfortunately. So this will be pretty easy to accomplish.

As a people, we need to come together, and stop fighting. And start respecting police, and parents need to better train their kids. May GOD bless us, and have mercy on us.