WWE legend Jake "The Snake" Roberts has cancer

Former WWE wrestler Jake ‘The Snake’ Roberts has announced he has cancer.

Roberts, 58, will undergo emergency surgery on Tuesday to remove a tumor behind his knee.

Roberts is scheduled to be inducted into the WWE Hall of fame this year at Wrestlemania. When asked if he thought he would be able to make it there he replied "Nothing will stop me from being there".

We pray that Jake Roberts has a full recovery from this medical condition.


Black violence strikes from Baton Rouge to Brooklyn

Black violence strikes from Baton Rouge to Brooklyn

Liberal media outlets refuse to cover this kind of news. Because it's not PC enough for them. But it's real news. It's happening! An epidemic of violence from blacks is happening all over the nation! It's really sad that the lame-stream media is censoring this.


Are you ready for Christ's return?

If your not sure whether your ready or not for the return of Jesus let me ask you this question...
If one night you were sleeping and all of a sudden heard a trumpet sounding so loud that the whole world could hear it, what would you think? And if when you stepped outside to see what's going on, you saw Christ returning with a legion of angels how would you feel? Would you be happy?, sad,? scared?

If you would feel anything other than happy then you are not ready. But he is coming soon. Do you want to be ready? It's easy, Ask Jesus into your heart. Repent and renounce sin. Read GOD's Word. Live by his standards.

Fat Blasting Dumbbell Workout

This is a nice easy work out that most people can do to burn fat. Give it a try.

The Holy Bible's truth

A woman on Facebook posted this illustration. And obviously it was created by pro-homosexuality people or person. Below the image I give my input on the image...

 The Bible is unable to be used to hurt anyone. And Christians do not angrily throw Bibles on people til they bleed. The truth however does hurt, but needs to be accepted and heard if people are to be saved. Homosexuality will cause one to spend eternity in hell. And that's not hurtful, that's just written truth.

To better understand the problem with homosexuality one must understand that GOD owns us. He alone decides what is right and wrong. He alone decides what is good and bad. God's Word The Holy Bible clearly teaches that homosexuality is a perverse sexual sin. It is a choice. And it's the wrong choice.

Why can't people love someone of the same gender?  (A) People can love someone of the same gender, I am a male and I love my son, my father, my brothers. It's when someone wants to have sex with the same gender that the sin/problem comes in. One thing to remember is that homosexuality is not an identity. It is only an activity.

This wicked fallen culture we live in has really pushed for and accepted this wicked sin in the last couple of years. Society as of late has tried to make homosexuals seem like a certain people group. They are not a different people group like minorities, or dwarfs. They are simply people who choose to live in sin. People who choose to act on their own lustful desires rather than follow GOD's design for marriage and relationships.

No matter what people think of the situation, the bottom line is GOD says it's sin. Therefore it's wrong.

The image above was clearly designed to counter any opposition to their sinful life-style. To paint an unrealistic picture that accommodates the wrong view-point.


Truck driver goes to Heaven and back

Article   It's always great to hear about people seeing Heaven. It is real indeed!

It's always interesting to hear people's testimony on seeing Heaven. It happen's quite a bit. Click on the link to read the article.

Mike Huckabee to Iowa FFC event

Mike Huckabee to Iowa FFC event

Please click on the above link to read an article on governor Mike Huckabee.


Liberalism means crossing the line

GOD has put certain rules and laws in place for us to obey. Not because he wants us to miss out on fun things or because he's mean. Quite the opposite, GOD loves us so much that he put these laws in place to protect us. To keep us safe from bad things. We live in a fallen world, so more than ever we need his protection. And the rules he put in place are part of that protection.

One of GOD's rules is that people may only have sex when one man is married to one women for life. Imagine if people followed that rule, millions of babies wouldn't be being killed every day in abortion clinics. We wouldn't have people contracting all these sexually transmitted diseases from having sex with multiple partners.

Just a couple examples of how obeying GOD's laws keep us safe from harm and prevent bad things from happening. If only people knew the power of GOD's love. And how it actually empowers a person and gives you real freedom.

Beyonce's 2013 illuminati Subtly Satanic Super Bowl Halftime Show Breakdown

This video was put together by a fella with the screen name xwhatever33x off of YouTube.
More information on how Beyonce is affiliated with satanism. Her video's and shows are full
of wicked images and symbols. Do some research, you'll see. She's not the only celebrity who is
into satanism either. Check back with us soon, we'll have more.


Much of the world just doesn't get it...

If you look around this fallen world we live in, it's easy to see it's a mess. Crime! Much evil! Bad parenting! And you see people actively trying to fix things. But do you ever notice that no matter how much they try to change the world for the better it never works? No matter how much they try to fix the things that are wrong it fails.

The main reason they fail is because many people don't actually understand right and wrong. They don't know the difference. Many people don't know or reject that GOD is our creator and that he owns us. We are his children and his property. The Bible (his WORD) is our blueprint on how to live correctly. But when people reject that and try to live according to their sinful hearts desires, they will ultimately end up in hell.

A fact that many people are not aware of is that:  We are all born as sinners. We are all born already headed to hell. The only thing that will keep us from going to hell is Jesus Christ. He is thee ONLY way to be saved from hell.  The idea that all religions have the same God is false.

So all the problems we see in this fallen world, will never be corrected because people don't understand how to correct it. Or they reject the only answer that could correct it. Living by God's laws and being saved by Jesus Christ.

Until the world figures that out, which will be never. Things will continue to spiral downward until Christ returns.


70 million Americans taking mind-altering drugs

70 million Americans taking mind-altering drugs

The above link shows that I'm not the only one who has noticed that America by and large is on mind altering medications. No wonder people are sitting by idle letting liberals destroy our nation. People are doped up and hypnotized on anti-depressants and sleep aids. Not to mention weed and alcohol. Vicodin and other pain pills.

Aside from being on all these things, people are self medicating themselves. i.e. if 2 pills are good then 4 must be better. The majority of Americans shop for doctors who will prescribe them what they want. Prescription drug abuse is rampant in America. And doctors make it pretty easy to do.

My theory on this is that it's all by design. A form of social control. Keep the masses dumbed down and calm. Anti-depressants blanket people's feelings and emotions, they take away your ability to care about important issues. If you look at all the wrong going on in America right now and no one is up in arms about it, my theory is proven correct.


Preacher blames city’s black violence on slavery

Preacher blames city’s black violence on slavery

It's absolutely sickening to listen to blacks talk about slavery.  Slavery has been gone so long that no black person alive today could have been impacted by it. There is no oppression of blacks in this current time. However many blacks tend to hold onto that slavery card as a crutch or an excuse to not work, to get free handouts from the government.

What is hurting the black community is their own community. Failed parenting, failed school completion, and failure at holding down a job. Failure at maintaining responsibility. Many blacks end up in prison systems because of their upbringing. i.e. failed parenting.




This article touches on a topic I have long spoke about. Millions of people in America and around the world can walk into a doctors office and simply say I have been feeling a bit down lately and walk out of the doctors office with a life-long prescription of anti-depressants. If it's one thing we have learned about anti-depressants it's that they blanket people's emotions. They fog your mind and take away people's ability to care about things. Even things that would otherwise be very important to that person.

Lately a more disturbing trend has been taking place. Because people on anti-depressants typically have a hard time sleeping because of the drugs, doctors have been prescribing a so called sleep aid called Ambien. This is very dangerous because Ambien is a powerful hallucinogen.

So yes in a sense people are zombified in America. It's my belief that it's by design and is a form of social control. People won't care or react to enslavement or liberty being taken away when they are doped up on a medication that strips away your ability to care about important issues.

So forget about the bath salt's etc. The above information I talked about is the real danger. The real problem. I welcome any feedback.

Debate between Ken Ham and Bill Nye

We at TWAU-BLOG believe Ken Ham won this debate hands down.

What Was Our Founding Fathers' Worldview?

Push to impeach Obama makes major gain

Push to impeach Obama makes major gain

Nothing would say justice has been served better than Obama being impeached. He is a criminal outsider wrecking our nation from within. If you feel the same and want justice to be served, donate to www.LC.org who are also working to impeach this usurper.