Much of the world just doesn't get it...

If you look around this fallen world we live in, it's easy to see it's a mess. Crime! Much evil! Bad parenting! And you see people actively trying to fix things. But do you ever notice that no matter how much they try to change the world for the better it never works? No matter how much they try to fix the things that are wrong it fails.

The main reason they fail is because many people don't actually understand right and wrong. They don't know the difference. Many people don't know or reject that GOD is our creator and that he owns us. We are his children and his property. The Bible (his WORD) is our blueprint on how to live correctly. But when people reject that and try to live according to their sinful hearts desires, they will ultimately end up in hell.

A fact that many people are not aware of is that:  We are all born as sinners. We are all born already headed to hell. The only thing that will keep us from going to hell is Jesus Christ. He is thee ONLY way to be saved from hell.  The idea that all religions have the same God is false.

So all the problems we see in this fallen world, will never be corrected because people don't understand how to correct it. Or they reject the only answer that could correct it. Living by God's laws and being saved by Jesus Christ.

Until the world figures that out, which will be never. Things will continue to spiral downward until Christ returns.

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