This article touches on a topic I have long spoke about. Millions of people in America and around the world can walk into a doctors office and simply say I have been feeling a bit down lately and walk out of the doctors office with a life-long prescription of anti-depressants. If it's one thing we have learned about anti-depressants it's that they blanket people's emotions. They fog your mind and take away people's ability to care about things. Even things that would otherwise be very important to that person.

Lately a more disturbing trend has been taking place. Because people on anti-depressants typically have a hard time sleeping because of the drugs, doctors have been prescribing a so called sleep aid called Ambien. This is very dangerous because Ambien is a powerful hallucinogen.

So yes in a sense people are zombified in America. It's my belief that it's by design and is a form of social control. People won't care or react to enslavement or liberty being taken away when they are doped up on a medication that strips away your ability to care about important issues.

So forget about the bath salt's etc. The above information I talked about is the real danger. The real problem. I welcome any feedback.

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