The Holy Bible's truth

A woman on Facebook posted this illustration. And obviously it was created by pro-homosexuality people or person. Below the image I give my input on the image...

 The Bible is unable to be used to hurt anyone. And Christians do not angrily throw Bibles on people til they bleed. The truth however does hurt, but needs to be accepted and heard if people are to be saved. Homosexuality will cause one to spend eternity in hell. And that's not hurtful, that's just written truth.

To better understand the problem with homosexuality one must understand that GOD owns us. He alone decides what is right and wrong. He alone decides what is good and bad. God's Word The Holy Bible clearly teaches that homosexuality is a perverse sexual sin. It is a choice. And it's the wrong choice.

Why can't people love someone of the same gender?  (A) People can love someone of the same gender, I am a male and I love my son, my father, my brothers. It's when someone wants to have sex with the same gender that the sin/problem comes in. One thing to remember is that homosexuality is not an identity. It is only an activity.

This wicked fallen culture we live in has really pushed for and accepted this wicked sin in the last couple of years. Society as of late has tried to make homosexuals seem like a certain people group. They are not a different people group like minorities, or dwarfs. They are simply people who choose to live in sin. People who choose to act on their own lustful desires rather than follow GOD's design for marriage and relationships.

No matter what people think of the situation, the bottom line is GOD says it's sin. Therefore it's wrong.

The image above was clearly designed to counter any opposition to their sinful life-style. To paint an unrealistic picture that accommodates the wrong view-point.

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