A real tool

You may or may not have heard of Alex Jones. He is affiliated with a web site called infowars.com. This guy speaks as if he's on the good people's side on many topics. Many conservatives believe him to be a spokesman for them against the tyrannical federal government. However, if you really watch and listen to this guy you'll notice he comes across as a quack-job. He's exactly what the leftists want people on the right to be viewed as. I believe this guy actually works for liberals and is trying to make common sense Christian conservatives look like quacks.

He makes real issues look like conspiracy theories. And the left want you to think just that. So my advice to you is ignore this Jones character. He's a big phony. But keep on defending your freedoms. The issues are real. But we don't need nut-jobs speaking on our behalf and purposely looking the fool.

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