It's happening more and more.

Over the last few years we have been seeing something tragic happen right before our eyes. GOD is giving people over to their sins. Just like the Holy Bible said he would. CLICK HERE  for an article on something very sad. A pastor's son said he was gay and the whole church renounced GOD's Word on the subject and accepted his sexual sin. It's a disturbing trend that is happening all over. Needless to say that the church they attend isn't a church of Christ.

A person can't live a life contrary to GOD's ways and still be called a Christian. Just like a church can't accept homosexuality and be a church of Christ. That would be an oxymoron. GOD owns us and he makes the rules. We can choose to disobey them, but we don't get to choose to skip the consequences that will come. We will all stand before GOD and give an account of our lives. That is written.

Lou Buren <><

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