Obama's executive ordered amnesty

With the November elections resulting in the GOP retaining the House and gaining the Senate, Obama is now what you call a lame duck president. Meaning he really has no power anymore. He is currently trying to give amnesty to millions of illegal aliens that have come into our country illegally.

By trying to do this without congressional approval and by issuing executive orders to push his agenda, Obama is breaking even more laws. He's been a lawless president for some time now. Many people who voted him in as president did so thinking it would be nice to see a first black president.

It would have been nice if they also looked at his policies, belief's, and agenda... However, they simply saw black and wanted to see him elected. Now they are experiencing voter regret. And so they should be...

Obama has caused the economy to perform at a poor rate, he has created more lazy people by raising the amount of people on welfare and food stamps. Government hand outs. Weakening our military, Befriending enemy dictators and false religions. Advocating sexual sin and murder of babies. With all these atrocities I can only see one way to shut Obama down, impeachment!

The House and Senate congress can do this, and I hope they get right on it! This lawless outsider needs to be stopped now! And in 2016, Consider Mike Huckabee for president.


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