Obama's attack on America

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Obama's policies have caused a huge influx of illegal aliens to pour into our nation through the borders that have never been secured. The article above named some of the diseases that we must now deal with because of this tragic occurrence caused by Obama. But what about the diseases it doesn't name? These illegal kids and adults could be carrying anything from HIV to the Ebola virus.

And if it's this easy to get into our nation by the borders, do you really think the terrorists haven't thought to come in the exact same way??

I mean, hell Obama doesn't seem to give a damn. But then again why would he? He's not even an American. He's not one of us. He's an evil liberal one world government activist. And this is just another one of his moves to down-grade America into the ranks of other lowly 3rd world countries. And to bring other people's into America because when he does this it plants the idea that borders don't exist. And people slowly become comfortable with the idea of a one world global government.

He's not a stupid person, he's just very wicked. He knows exactly what he's doing. And the blind goats out there blindly follow his evil.

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