Helping the homeless

I'm sure you have all heard that it's good to give to the needy etc. And it is. But let me tell you something you might find a bit out of character for me. I'm actually not very nice to some people who ask for money/change on the streets.  Example:  I was going through the Jack in the Box drive-thru before work and as I pulled up to the speaker to order a black man in his 20's to 30's runs up and stands right next to the speaker. He has a grin on his face and motions for me to roll down my window. So I do roll it down and then I ask him with a stern voice:  "What are you so happy about? Your not getting SH*T from me". He just shrugged his shoulders and ran off.

My point is there is a difference between people who are homeless or needy because of circumstances out of their control, and then there are guys like the one I turned away. Just a bum by choice. Lazy, makes bad decisions. I have an eye for the ones that are lazy and are just stupid. So they get my not so nice attitude.

One of my younger brothers unintentionally opened my eyes to something this year, he will remain nameless to protect his identity. He has lead a sheltered life, always has been taken care of by momma.  (In his 30's)

He meets a girl he's been chatting online with on some phone app called Zello. Well he meets her once or twice in person then she tells him she can't stay where shes staying any longer so she has to stay with him.

He's not had much interaction with girls over the years so he's all for it, only problem is he lives with our uncle who said NO, she can't stay here, we don't know her! My brother didn't know her either really but his hormones were active to the max!

So she takes to the streets, and my brother followers her to live on the streets in some strange desperate love trance. My point of telling you all this, is that it shows that people can become homeless by choice and just not admit it. Just by making stupid decisions like my brother did. By the way he's off the streets now and doing well.

I give to those I believe are truly needy and can't help their circumstances, but if I think otherwise, they aren't getting doodly squat.

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