The November elections

The November elections are very important because it's going to render Obama powerless by making him a lame-duck. I fully believe in 2016 the GOP will retain the House, and gain the Senate and White-house. Some of the evil's inflicted by the liberals can and will be reset back to normal.

Most importantly the era of the black man controlling offices of the united states will be over. No more Holder or Obama. No more seeing the likes of Al Sharpton on TV spreading his hate of the white man. Just like anything else in life the blacks screw everything up. It was no different when he had the chance to run America.

You watch these pants sagging thugs out in Ferguson Missouri destroying property and looting business's and you really start to realize that as a people group they are disgusting. Unintelligent, and out of control. It's no wonder why prisons are so full of them.

It's time for the white man to take control of the situation. And put blacky back in his place at the back of the bus.

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