"We Saved a Life Today"

December 14, 2011

Mary Susan Pine, a Liberty Counsel client and sidewalk counselor, is a picture of courage and moral strength. For the last twenty years, she has spent virtually every Saturday in front of an abortion clinic, most recently the Presidential Women's Center ("PWC") in West Palm Beach. Susan counsels women who are considering abortion and provides help, resources, and support for women who choose life.

Susan's dedication has made her a target of Eric Holder, Attorney General of the United States. On behalf of the United States, Holder sued Susan in federal court, seeking to fine her thousands of dollars in an obviously bogus political prosecution, designed solely to silence pro-lifers. Liberty Counsel has been vigorously defending Susan since the lawsuit was filed in August 2010.

But Susan will not be silenced. Recently, she spoke with a young couple, unmarried college students, who came to PWC to have an abortion. Susan taught them that each life is precious. When the dad said that the baby would interfere with his education, Susan told him to man up and take responsibility for the life he created.

A clinic escort and police officer hired by the clinic interrupted Susan's consensual conversation, as they often do. The escort physically took the mother into the abortuary. The mom started crying and her cries got louder as they disappeared inside the clinic.

Pine, and those with her, started to pray for the life of the child and the hearts of the parents. Shortly thereafter, the parents came back outside and said that Pine's words had persuaded them to save the baby. They went to a Pregnancy Resource Center and are now receiving the help they need to care for their baby.

Even while targeted and harassed by the federal government, Susan continues to stand for life and defend those who cannot defend themselves. Liberty Counsel is privileged and humbled to have helped her save a life.


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