The latest anti-bullying craze

Lately we have all seen an increase in anti-bullying tv commercials. Celebrities talking about bullying etc. So what's with the huge anti-bullying craze? Where's it all coming from? Well, I'm going to answer that for you.

First off let me just say that I do agree that bullying is wrong. It's bad. But this anti-bullying craze that we've all been noticing as of late is nothing more than another liberal ploy to further their wicked agenda. What do I mean by that you might be asking? What types of things do liberals typically advocate? The perverse sin of homosexuality for one. They also advocate abortions which is murder by way of surgical methods.

So say a teenager is living a homosexual life and someone tells him/her that it's the wrong way to be living. Liberals would probably define the persons actions as bullying. When in fact it's a move to help the teen. That's why we see this huge anti-bullying craze going on out there. They aren't worried at all about the kid getting shoved around in the school halls, or the bigger kid taking the smaller kids lunch money. This is all about (HEY, DON'T BULLY THE HOMOSEXUALS OR NON-CHRISTIAN RELIGIONS)

Let me say a few things that can serve as a healthy public service message to all: It is not ok to live a gay lifestyle. It is detrimental to ones salvation. What does that mean? Study the Bible it means no Heaven for those who die unrepentant from living a gay lifestyle. As far as over-weight people go. It's wrong to make fun of them, but I'm sick of tv commercials saying it's ok to be fat, be who you are. Being over-weight is terribly unhealthy. And could shorten a persons life. A healthy diet and exercise is suggested.

I just wanted to touch on the latest topic: The anti-bullying craze that has come about by the liberals. They don't care about bullying in general. Only if you in their minds bully their wicked items in their agenda. In fact, liberals are some of the biggest bully's out there! Constantly bullying Christians.

BY: Lou Buren

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