George Zimmerman

Zimmerman’s brother says medical records will prove that George Zimmerman was attacked by Trayvon Martin in a Florida neighborhood before the 17-year-old was shot to death by Zimmerman. A surveillance video released to ABC showed that Zimmerman appeared to have no wounds on his body after he killed the teenager. In an interview last night, Robert Zimmerman said medical records will prove otherwise. (CNN)

Lou Buren: My opinion is Zimmerman is guilty. I think he probably was attacked by Trayvon. But most likely because he was antagonized by Zimmerman. First of all, a neighborhood watch person isn't suppose to follow people. If they see something suspicious they are suppose to call police.

This Zimmerman fella, followed Trayvon and probably got in a verbal shouting altercation with him. The only way Zimmerman should have been justified in using a gun is if Trayvon also had a gun and had it drawn. I think tempers were high and Trayvon was shot. And in an attempt to avoid prosecution Zimmerman is claiming he feared for his life.

Few things that shouldn't have happened,(1) black male wearing a hoody should never be out late creeping around neighborhoods. (2) Neighborhood watch guy should have stayed in his house and called 911. Now it's in the authorities hands.

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