America, the great American melting pot?

This cartoon brings back memories. I loved all the school-house Rock songs. But it brings up a topic I'd like your input on. With so many illegal immigrants in the US today, and their voting relatives living here as well. Doesn't that cause a bad trend of change to our nation? Most people who are not white tend to vote for non-white people simply because of their nationality.

I think we saw the first example of this with the electing of Obama. And it turned out horrible for our nation. 2012 looks brighter, with Romney poised to defeat Obama. But there is nothing to stop this from happening again. Every year more and more illegal aliens flood into our country because the democrats refuse to take action on securing our borders.

So, what I'm saying is the more America fills up with minorities. The more America will stray from what our founding fathers wanted, and from the constitution. Because minority voters will always seek to elect minority people. It'll be interesting to see how the change directs our course over the years to come. Please don't get me wrong, I'm not a racist person by any means. This is just an observation.

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