Anger over Quran burning spreads in Afghanistan

KABUL, Afghanistan – Anger over the burning of the Muslim holy book at a Florida church fueled a second day of deadly violence half a world away in Afghanistan, where demonstrators set cars and shops ablaze Saturday in a riot that killed nine protesters, officials said.

The church's desecration of the Quran nearly two weeks ago has outraged millions of Muslims and others worldwide, fueling anti-American sentiment that is further straining ties between the Afghan government and the West.


Look, The whole quran burning thing is kinda stupid, But both parties on both ends are acting stupid. I mean, sure the quran is a book of lies, false doctrine etc. So if some church wants to burn it, hey whatever. Not saying I agree with it, because it serves no purpose.

Secondly, the muslims on the other side of the world are acting like complete idiots, because they are mad about something that's happening in another country. Retarded!
Get a life people! Islam is a false religion of hate and murder, nothing more.

Some people are just lame!

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