Is Waterboarding Really Torture?

This is a repost by one of our partner bloggers over at the Huckabeehound.

Okay, I'm sure you've seen some videos by now of a few different people being voluntarily waterboarded in order to show us all just how bad it really is.

.Wow.. Really? You are going to voluntarily subject yourself to TORTURE just to show us that it's torture?

What if people were questioning whether or not ripping your fingernails off was torture, or maybe slowly chopping your fingers and toes off - would they subject themselves to this too in order to prove that it "really is torture?"

The very fact that people are WILLINGLY subjecting themselves to waterboarding pretty much means that it is NOT torture at all.

Uncomfortable? Yes. Of course. But making someone uncomfortable is not torture, and it's not inhumane. It's getting important information out of people, and there is no permanent damage done by waterboarding or any other technique that was used by the military. And remember, these are suspected TERRORISTS who kill without remorse. And people are getting upset at making terrorists uncomfortable? What is this country coming to?

Waterboarding is not torture. period.
We here at TWAU blog completely agree with the HuckabeeHound on this one. Waterboarding is NOT torture. But it is an effective means to getting information from killers. And even if it was torture, the terrorists have a way to avoid it, spill your guts cowardly murderer! (wink)


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