Interesting FaceBook post I saw

I was looking at Facebook this morning and saw that a lady had posted something along the lines of people should just let people do what they want and be what they want as long as they aren't hurting anyone else. She said she didn't know what god people followed but her god would see it that way.

Well, after reading her comments, I decided to touch on that with a post of my own here on TWAU web site and to her inbox on FB.

People absolutely do have the right to decide how they want to live their lives, they are free to choose to follow GODS rules or to disobey them. However, option 2 comes with consequences. The next thing I wanted to touch on was she stated she had her own god. There is only one true GOD and he sets the standards of what's right and wrong. We don't just get to imagine up a god that fits our own idea's of what we think is right and wrong. That's creating a false god and it's called  IDOLATRY.

And the reason we Christians tell others about the gospel of Jesus Christ is because we are commanded to do so, and because we care for the eternal salvation of others. We fight against things like abortion and the homosexual agenda because those things are contrary to GOD's Word and design for life. We have kid's and want them to grow up in a culture that has laws that are in accordance to GOD's laws.

And we here at TWAU-BLOG will always strive for that future...
GOD BLESS you all, and thanks for reading...

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