Katelyn Jenner

It's all over the news, you can't turn on the TV without seeing something about Bruce Jenner changing his appearance to look like a woman. The media wants to make him out to be brave and a hero of some kind. When in actuality Bruce isn't a hero and he isn't brave. He's scared and confused and obviously suffering some type of identity crisis.

The above video shows just one example of trauma that can cause people to be confused on their sexuality and identity. Some girls may think they want to be a boy if other boy's don't find them attractive or show interest in them. Molestation sometimes plays a part in this issue.

GOD's design is clear, he doesn't make mistakes. If you were born a male, then GOD wants you to be you. Homosexuality is an activity of sex with the same gender (A sin). Homosexuality is NOT an identity as the secular media of today would have you believe.

Please join us in prayer as we pray for Bruce, that he receives Jesus and has his eyes opened. As well as all others who are confused with their identity/sexuality.

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